E-Jo Copycat

A month ago, E-Jo, superhero of jewel-tone colour mixing that she is, put together this gorgeous ensemble.

As I have some similar pieces, I tried a copycat. I think I like her version better. Her brown skirt and tights seem to fit with the teal and honeysuckle more naturally than all my black does, don’t you think?

Jacket: Rubber Ducky (thrifted, remixed)
Necklace: mall anchor store
Shell: Alfani (remixed
Skirt: RW&Co
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Clarks Artisan (remixed)

Here’s a close-up of the tights – can you see the coral-ish tone of the stripe?  (I am a genius with the camera.)

Forgive my brevity today. As previously noted, it’s end-of-term and I am bagged. 

Weekend conference attendees, will you be reporting in, soon? 
How’d it go? Who’d you see? What’d you wear?

22 thoughts on “E-Jo Copycat

  1. Thanks, Rad. And I'm well aware of how lucky we are to finish in April instead of May. I could really use a longer winter break between terms, though. . . Also, ahh Summer plans! Mine currently include: house-buying (I hope), project finishing, next-project starting, conferencing, aching to receive grant application news, and a little time on and around lakes with beloved friends. Oh! And I want to get the FR his own puppy – but we need to get a house, first.What're you planning for summer? Is your conferencing done now, or will there be more before fall?

  2. Another vote for this outfit as kick-ass and very you. Way to rock the color combination / E-Jo inspiration. Plus vertically striped tights on your already long legs? Yowza.

  3. The combo of colors is fantastic! I need to pick something bright to wear tomorrow because it started snowing again here which is kind of soul crushing. haha

  4. First of all- rockin' the jewel tones. And the subtle stripes on the tights are elongating and elegant. But most importantly, major jealousy waves about end of term. SO JEL! I think the black goes with the jewel tones pretty well here. I may have to be similarly inspired. At some point.What are your summer plans? More cabin-visiting, project finishing, and hopefully some relaxing? Some travel?

  5. I know. But between the conference and this cold, I'm too bagged to do a more thorough summary. Probably we should talk later this week/ weekend.

  6. I love this outfit. I didn't love my all-brown bottom half in my outfit but I'm liking the striped black tights here. Conference was fine, hanging out with Rinty was awesome, and now I have a cold so, overall, not bad. I wore a bunch of stuff I've worn on the blog — though my blue velvet blazer was my outerwear all the way through so it got a lot of play.

  7. Nice copy-cat outfit! I like that you've even included stripes, another E-Jo wardrobe staple. I agree with Cynthia that this outfit is very you. It's amazing that you two ladies took similar pieces, but still made them into outfits so completely your own.

  8. Sweet tights – love the stripey detail! My round of conferences this year starts in October so I'm grounded for a bit. Although a few colleagues of mine went to RSA this past weekend and saw Robocop (he's doing a PhD at UCLA and gave a paper at the conference) which has me wishing that celebrities would show up at my October conferences…xoxo ~ Courtneyhttp://sartorialsidelines.blogspot.com

  9. I like this look and I liked E-Jo's version as well. Excellent colour mixing! With the slushy rain we're having in my neck of the woods today, I'm feeling pretty bagged myself. Here's hoping April showers will bring May energy.

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