Fakin’ It; or Copy-cattin’ Anne

So today I wore a glorious new dress that Anne showcased on The Cohabitating Closet the other day, leading me to rush out to Target to buy it. It’s a little outside of my typical summer dress wheelhouse: it’s polka-dotted; it’s not made of cotton jersey; it’s more wearable to dressy occasions (ie. I’m pretty sure I’ll wear it at some of the wedding festivities to come).
Dress: Target
Flats: Joe
Blue necklace: F21
This is Target dress number two that I’ve bought because Anne had them in the last couple of weeks (the other dress will show up here shortly). Clearly, I’m well on target for my single-white-female-ing plan. I feel like the shape of the dress comes through better in the picture below — sorry for its crazy darkness. Mostly I just wanted to show off the hibiscus flower that’s pretty spectacular.
Where does the faking it part of the title come in? I threw this dress on today because I continue to feel like death warmed over thanks to a chest cold I picked up while at a conference last weekend (which went well — busy, but good) and which incubated nicely on the flight home. Between things like my annual review meeting with my department chair, having a senior colleague observe my class, and dealing with a plagiarizing student this week, this week has been a bit of a blur. A spring-y dress with cheerful accents was the only way to envision getting through today. It did the trick so far — getting me home early where I can have therapeutic cuddles with the mini-FR on the couch.

How do you dress to trick your body into forgetting it’s sick?

24 thoughts on “Fakin’ It; or Copy-cattin’ Anne

  1. Plagiarists are definitely unpleasant to deal with. Thankfully, this one didn't try to deny it or make a fuss — she just accepted the 0 on the assignment and moved on — which, really, is the best way to deal with this if you're the student as it makes the instructor disproportionately relieved and inclined to be generous!

  2. Thanks — especially coming from the queen of adorable Anthropologie dresses! The sun certainly helps — though it was pretty muggy in my classrooms so the artificial fabric was sometimes a touch sweat-inducing. Normally, I just cave in when I'm sick — dressing in the closest approximations of pajamas I can get away with but after a week of this I decided to try a different tactic!

  3. All three things ended up going well: my chair and I got the important stuff out of the way quickly and then moved on to talking about mystery novels, my students performed well for me during the observation, and the plagiarist copped to it quickly, without tears, and matter-of-factly. So, all in all, these events were fine but it was the lead up to them that made them seem insurmountable.

  4. Love it! What a great way to bring it when going gets annoying. You have sympathies- reviews are rough (although your super star status probably helps), and plagiarizing students are the absolute worst. Especially when they stone wall. ARGH!How did the observation go?

  5. You look fantastic! What a cute dress. I haven't thought about dressing to fake it when I'm sick but that is a good idea. You look springy and fresh so I imagine being in the sun helped. I miss the sun. Pittsburgh springs are very overcast and dreary.

  6. This dress looks beautiful on you and the turquoise accents are perfect. An outfit like this would definitely lift my spirits after a trying week on campus. I teach online and in exasperation scolded a student this week that this was a WRITING class and not a "cut & paste" class, so I hear you on the plagiarism though i believe this freshmen probably honestly did not realize that her page and a half 'timeline' was a bit much for what the paper called for. Hope this next week goes better.

  7. I am pretty sure I need both turquoise shoes and yellow ones to make it through summer.Nyquil rules. Here you have to show ID to buy it — you have to be 18 — which is how you know it's the good shit.

  8. Thanks! It is great to just throw on a dress & accessories and be done — especially when sick. I feel like that's partly what makes this dress a step up from my usual summer dresses: the print & floatiness of it makes it look pretty put together almost instantly. And I think, with some gold strappy sandals, it'll look awesome for my sister's rehearsal dinner.

  9. Dude. Thanks. Well, the mini-FR managed an accident in the house so I'd say he's dropping the ball. On the other hand, it might have been his little way of telling me to suck it up and stop being sick. Actually, all three of those events turned out to be significantly less awful than they could have been. So really, there was a lot of anticipatory anxiety and rather anti-climactic moments. It is bright, green & (relatively) gorgeous — it's freakin' hot though. Which doesn't bode well since it's only the beginning of April. Apparently, summer this year has been set to hell-esque.

  10. Turquoise shoes are pretty rad, I gotta say. I'm still working on the yellow shoes that you established the necessity for. Also, Nyquil. Brilliant idea.

  11. Seriously. Fortunately this particular Target rush led to a dress that was on sale — helping mitigate the financial damage of this impulse.

  12. I think it must be going around there — I'm pretty sure I got it from the friend I was staying with. I'm hopeful that a weekend of sitting on the couch, grading, will help it run its course.

  13. OMG OMG OMG. I love how you've styled this! And isn't it great to just throw on a dress and a necklace and be done with it? That's one of my favorite combos when I'm either sick or just don't feel like putting anything together.I hope you start feeling better! I'm nervous about flying this week after being really really sick last weekend. Ugh.

  14. Dude. Best sickie outfit ever. I loved that dress on Anne, and I am loving it on you, too. Here's hoping the Mini-FR does his therapy-dog job ce soir. Also, your week sounds craptacular. But it looks freaking bright, green, and gorgeous there, so at least you have that!

  15. That's it. I need turquoise shoes.The dress is great on you! Single White Female-ing apparently has benefits. How do I fool myself into forgetting I'm sick? Nyquil, mostly.

  16. Sounds like quite a week! That's a great dress. If there was a Target here, I would probably rush out and buy it as well. I especially like it paired with the blue flats and necklace.

  17. I'm sure you're well aware, but your legs look amazing in that dress! Actually, they look amazing in general, but the dress and fantastic pop of bright blue shoes is just showing them off so well!

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