End of Term: Yellow

In a rush of just-got-paid-shopping last week (where I bought the copy-cat dress), I picked up this yellow skirt from Old Navy that I have been coveting for a while. I don’t typically wear a lot of yellow but there’s something sort of wonderful about the color. Particularly at this time of year when it’s spring-like (and, where I live, summer-like) but both you and your students are trapped in the worst part of the term: term papers, final exams and the grading of both.
Top & skirt: Old Navy
Flats: Joe
Silver chain necklace: LOFT Outlet
As A-Dub’s noted a little while ago, this is a time of year when the boundaries between student and teacher can seem blurry as we’re both a little loopy with busy-ness (case in point: one class today veered off into a discussion of Beckett and auto-erotic asphyxiation. Who says Modernism isn’t fun?). And while A-Dub’s responds by upping the profesh level, today I went the route of making them pay attention to me by wearing a super bright color.

Any other possible strategies for keeping student attention at this time of year? Not to mention, keeping your own attention?

17 thoughts on “End of Term: Yellow

  1. You're totally using my only other method: bright colours. Also, this is one of my new favourite ensembles on you. That skirt is great, and way to mix it up with the wide stripes.

  2. I love my yellow skirt and have worn it over and over and over. And, yes, we are at an awful point in our semester too. I feel frantic and feeling that way doesn't help me get the job done.

  3. What a cheerful outfit! I love it! I don't wear yellow either. I don't yellow very often but I think a wonderful yellow skirk would be a great addition to my wardrobe. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I actually have a yellow skirt, and it's so much fun to wear. As for the shopping envy, no worries. I will scratch that itch soon enough.How could modernism not be fun, what with all the death, trauma, depression…

  5. Well, I guess you got the navy polka dot scarf and I got the skirt… Apparently the shopping gods don't want things to go too well. I too would appreciate treats. Though my students probably better not bank on me doing this. I let them make jokes about auto-erotic asphyxiation — they get that instead of brownies. Also, like D Med, I'm impressed by anyone who manages to bring food to every class.

  6. True. It was kind of totally on topic. But still a little weird. Also we talked about prostates. For someone who's generally kind of a prude, my classes occasionally get a little racy. I require bold at the moment for exactly this reason my students need it: I need to force myself to pay attention.

  7. Dude, I knew I didn't have to convince YOU about that modernism is fun! Sorry about creating shopping envy — though, really, you inspired the need for a yellow skirt with all your talk about yellow flats…

  8. Modernism is totally fun!Marvelous skirt. That's a great way to bring in yellow (i.e. away from the face, where it can make many stylish lasses look rather asphyxiated). Plus it's so summery and swingy! You're making me want to shop.

  9. My grad school professor only taught the one class, and it was only once a week, so it wasn't as much food as it sounds like. He wasn't organized, just a genuinely nice guy. And my undergrad professor's wife made the brownies – it was pretty amazing, since she was in med school. But then I bake to avoid school and deadlines too, so I guess it makes sense.And you make your own haggis? Wow. I'm a little afraid to try the meat version, but vegetarian is intriguing.

  10. I can't believe your professors brought food to *every* class. I make vegetarian haggis when I teach Robbie Burns on Burns Day in my lit survey course and I bring a medieval feast once a term for my medieval courses to accompany a lecture on medieval food. But both of these endeavours are onerous and my colleagues, who are somewhat bemused, think I am insane to do it. They are not far wrong. Your profs are way nicer, or way more organised, than I.

  11. How is Beckett and auto-erotic asphyxiation "veering off"? I would love to veer off into that discussion. And I love this bold outfit. I was so exhausted by the end of this term that I could barely dress myself and I'm not altogether sure what I was wearing. I did have a student remark on how much she loved my shoe collection, so I was wearing shoes.

  12. I am so coveting that skirt. I wish my ON had that any time I've been there recently, but I'll just have to envy yours. I like it paired with the E-Jo striped top, and purple flats are a great compliment!I know I always appreciated it when my teachers would bring us treats (which is easier in small classes, I know). In college, one professor brought us home-baked brownies every class. And in grad school, one teacher brought in Irish soda bread and tons of candy every class. Actually, I notice I'm more productive at work when people feed us too.

  13. Love the yellow skirt. This was never a good time of year for me academically – pretty hard to focus on writing papers when the weather is warming and the sun is shining!

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