Cuts Like a Knife

It may summer-warm in IPF South, but IPF North’s still balancing on the knife-edge between winter and spring. Well, we were balancing until today, when the blade turned. Sadly, the ongoing marking frenzy and its accompanying fuzzy-brain fatigue prevents me from completing this stabby analogy. Let’s just say that below-zero temperatures and snow flurries in April cut deep.

Today, I’m treating my multiple weather and end-of-term-related spiritual and intellectual wounds with a good wearing of the auto-eroticism jeans. The drive to campus this morning was freaking awesome.

Finally, I’m considering having the following piece by Detroit-based artist Niagara framed for my office wall to warn off slackers who want to argue about their grades:

 I know. ‘Bad idea.
What bad ideas are you tempted to pursue in times of frenzy, stress, and/or fatigue?  
(It’ll be our little secret.)

30 thoughts on “Cuts Like a Knife

  1. I rather think this is a good idea, but I've been known to get appropriateness terribly wrong.Bad ideas? Gummy candy, one-way plane tickets to tropical destinations, jumpsuits. Just kidding about that last one.

  2. Really?! Are you guys actually thinking of buying? Also, you take care of yourselves. I am making the same rule for the StyleNation as I made for the A-Dubs-Hubs: No Dying. None whatsoever.

  3. Oh wow, I want this for my office…..anything to help tame the random attacks of stupid that my students and colleagues throw my way.I say do it!Autumn here is supposed to be fresh mornings and cool days with brilliant sun but it's rained here since Thursday. Ugh. I'm not ready for this!

  4. P.S. My bad idea this weekend was looking at homes in Brooklyn that Blokey and I could afford. Like whole townhomes and brownstones. It wasn't bad to look at these beautiful historic homes in ill-repair, but biking out to neighborhoods where no gentrification has touched was probably ill-advised. Oops.

  5. As someone in the midst of grading and far, far away from end of term, this poster looks great. Also, the outfit. And I want me some Autoerotic jeans, and I wish I never showed my silly face to Style Nation so I could write about such awesome artifacts. Stay B.A., A-Dubs.

  6. Ahhh, Irigaray! She of the "When These Lips Speak Together" may be more than a little responsible for teen-Dubs's sexual awakening. So, what did y'all talk about?

  7. If I can come up with the cash (i.e., not spend it on other distractingly shiny items), I'm totally getting "this place is lousy with feds." My other bad ideas involve either much too much (to eat, to drink, to buy, to do) or much too little (to sleep, to drink, to eat, to do).I also buy purses and shoes and get (even more) sarcastic (than usual).

  8. Seriously? It's still sort of winter there?? Does IPF North not recognize that it is the MIDDLE OF APRIL? Clearly this is not the part of the post that "makes it feel so right."

  9. Oh I think it's a fab idea! I'd hang one in my office too but the chair of our department doesn't care for my sign that says, "Don't make me use my admissions rep voice!" So I settle for an Ann Taintor like snark flip book with old adverts and funky sayings to match (1970s, woman with hair up in curlers, and green face mask with caption reading, "Treat me like the goddess I am.") (Ann Taintor: by the way, in honor of IPF South, I went to Old Navy today to look for a bright and cheerful yellow skirt. No luck but I did find some black capris that will look awesome with my sexy red heels. I did get a flowy spring dress too, but it too is black with hints of color thrown about. No bright and happy colors for me today. Ah well.

  10. Oh, secretly I would love to post this on my office door. Sounds like we are having the same weather in my area this weekend. It's actually better for all the grading I have to do.

  11. Plausible, bad idea that I turn over in my mind at times of stress: lucrative private sector employment with a dubiously ethical pharmaceutical or agricultural concern.

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