Black Cardigans Anonymous

My name is Dorky and I love black cardigans.
If Coco Chanel counsels that we should remove one item of jewellery before we leave the house, lest we seem overdressed, Dorky Medievalist counsels that we should slip into a black cardigan before we leave the house, lest we seem underdressed.
(What?  It’s not weird that I speak of myself in the third person.  It is, after all, only a persona.)

Black cardigans are the foundation and the signature of many of my outfits.  
Here is a tour of a few that I am currently rocking:

The Indispensable
This has a matching shell and skirt, which I wore for the second day of my interview for my current job.  The model might be wearing it better than I but would you trust her to teach you Middle English or make you a sandwich? 

( Hint: your answer should be “No.”)
Edgy Modernist in my department has the same twin set.  I would be lying if I said this didn’t make me feel just a little bit more awesome.
Black Cardigan: Comrags
Black Shell: Comrags

The Casual Acquaintance
Perfect three-quarter sleeves, cotton jersey and casual snaps.  
Snap indeed.  Black cardigan, you complete me.

Black Cardigan:  Cotton Ginny (from A-Dubs)
Graphic Tee: We walk

The Feminino
This was the first thing I ever bought from J. Crew, now in Canada.  
It pilled immediately after the first wearing; I’m underwhelmed, Jenna, underwhelmed.
Black Cardigan: J. Crew
Brown Tank: Jacob

The Twin Cherries
And I’m not talking about my boobs.  You didn’t know I was also a hipster, did you? 

Black Cardigan: Rock Steady
Grey-and-Black T-shirt: Gap

The Old Friend
This is a cashmere blend and cable-y.  
It is neither style-y nor shapely but someone always remarks on how great this sweater is.  
They are right.
Black Cardigan: Park Vogel
Top: Calvin Klein

The New Friend

A colleague of mine gave me this and she always notes how much she likes how I wear it when I wear it.
Black cardigans can make you friends.
Black Cardigan: Banana Republic, swapped
Turtleneck: Park Vogel
The Dark Horse
Or not-as-dark horse.  Baby steps, StyleNation, baby steps.
Grey Cardigan: Club Monaco
Pink Sweater: Banana Republic
Are you so freakishly loyal to a single item of clothing that you keep buying versions of it over and over again?  
Black cardigans are awesome, right?

19 thoughts on “Black Cardigans Anonymous

  1. Okay, here's my call outs for your outfits (my best in order): The Casual Acquaintance, The Dark Horse, and The New Friend. LOVE them! I don't feel so bad now having my collection of red shoes. I guess we all have our collection of something. hrm…looking at it again, I think I have to switch The New Friend for The Casaul Acquaintance. It's the shirt under the New Friend that just really rocks it for me.

  2. I love cardigans. You clearly need all of these, and very likely more. The New Friend is superb.I need to re-up my black cardigan stockpile in the coming years. I was also thinking of trying out a navy one. Ooooohhhh, rebel rebel.

  3. I adore cardigans, and own them in every colour *but* black, which is too harsh for my skin tone (am not-so-secretly envying those who can wear black well). But a navy cardigan? There are no words to describe its pleasures.

  4. Not counting the old, ratty one I wear around the house, I have seven black cardigans. One casual merino zipfront, one dressy merino buttonfront, one heavy cotton, one lightweight cotton, one lightweight nylon/rayon for summer and travel, one fancy, impractical angora thing I bought in Paris, and an oversized boxy linen-cotton one I love and am saving for when oversized boxy cardigans come back in style. Since I wear a black cardigan to work at least once a week, regardless of season, I don't think this is in the least bit excessive! Moreover, when a friend asked me for help "professionalizing" her teaching wardrobe, I helped her buy her first black cardigan. Now she gets a new one every fall. I felt like a drug dealer — the first one's free, kid.

  5. Obvy, ALL of the black cardigans are lovely and absolutely necessary. But The Dark Horse is also freaking awesome. It's like a funkified top from a choir robe. Again, in a totally awesome way. Also, yes! YES! Does this mean you're back from the trenches and we can have extended online talks about clothes, again? (Say "yes." Say it!)

  6. Isn't a "long sleeveless jacket" just a vest? Fashion editors are always trying to put one over on us. Black cardigans will never be out. Pencil skirts, or versions thereof, are what I most often wear with my black cardis. Obviously we should be the fashion editors.And Comrags is absolutely lovely but prohibitively expensive. And not available in my town. Also pouting.

  7. Couldn't agree with you more! I have at least 4 black cardigans that I can think of off the top of my head. Though, if not evident by my posts, I'm never fully dressed without a cardigan.

  8. I am especially digging the indispensable (why can't we have awesome domestically produced quality clothing like Comrags in the States? Pouting), Twin Cherries, and the New Friend. New Friend was clearly made for you, friend. My one wool black cardi now has cat-created holes in the wrist area. Note to self- stock up before Fall. I will be a black cardigan extravaganza. I think I am a fan of the pencil skirt. What better to match this than a black cardigan?I recently saw the fashion editor of the Guardian saying that the "long sleeveless jacket" was in, and the grubby cardi was out. I am happy to ignore such blasphemy.

  9. ah, I feel much better about my three now – I had thought I was on the verge of overconsumption. 1 plain black cashmere, with silk ribbon facing and flat pearl buttons; 1 cashmere with ruffles and no closure; 1 cotton/ nylon v-neck that really should be replaced.

  10. I have at least 6 black cardigans, possibly more. One for every occasion. I have many cardigans, and printed tops. I can't seem to stop myself…

  11. If the mall was open today, I would go to it. And then buy a black cardigan.Current black-cardi-count: 5, plus three others that I bought in other colours because I thought I had too many black cardigans and then never wore because I kind of resented them for being some colour other than black.PS: a-dubs is a master black-cardi-buyer. I still think longingly of one she lent me in IPF North. I never should have washed and returned it (or, more accurately, had my mother do it).

  12. I think I have four: long jersey one, Merino wool one, shortsleeve summer one, and black cotton one with ruffle. But I might be missing one in my count. And that does not tell you how many little black jackets I have. Now, if you start adding up little red cardigans and little green cardigans and little periwinkle blue cardigans and such, you would start to see how I have a cardigan problem. In fact, Target has some cute new printed cardigans that I saw this week and it is taking severe willpower to keep me from going over there and buying a batch of three. Or four. They're only $20 — it's like buying lattes! And the thing is if I bought them? They'd get worn. I wear a cardigan pretty much every day.

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