Conference Bootage

What up, StyleNation? I had planned a whole big thing on conference ensembles today, but time got away from me. So I’m doing/wearing this instead with the boots around which I will be building all of this weekend’s conference ensembles:

Cardigan: M.A.K. (gifted from D-Med, remixed)
T-shirt: Tahari (via Winners)
Gold-tone necklace: mall anchor store
Skirt: Mexx (remixed)
Belt: I forget
Boots: Aldo (remixed)

This skirt became MUCH more wearable after I sewed the button placard shut starting at the last button at the knee and continuing to just around the crotchal region. Prior to this point, it gaped. Also, I’m not usually a fan of the high-neck t-shirt, but this one called out to me and promised not to make my boobs look massive. It appears, thus far, to be honourable and trustworthy. Well, except for the part where it creates the illusion of flatness.

In other news, here’s a tiny glimpse of what’s going on headsuit-wise of late. Except for the single, just-visible triangle of bleach blond on one side, it’s all a darker brown that, in my humble opinion, looks  better than the previous goldish blond against my occasionally too-red face. But you’ll have to take my word on this point:

Conference travel brings with it the challenge of the capsule semi-professional wardrobe. I’ve also recently determined that my conference wardrobes must also be comfortable. Like, REALLY comfortable, not just teaching-ensemble comfortable. I’ll let you know how this pans out this time.

I’m hoping to bring ONLY these boots this weekend because big suitcases SUCK to haul all over the damn place, and the conference I’m attending requires this attendee to travel by plane, bus, and train just to get to the hotel. That said, I may also bring a wee pair of flats just in case. I’ve yet to find a pair of flats that walks me around in comfort for days on end, however. (But I’m taking suggestions – as I believe Cynthia was doing earlier this week over at Be Fabulous Daily. Maybe I’ll just pop over and see what she learned. . . Feel free to ring in here if you didn’t get a chance to suggest things to Cynthia.

25 thoughts on “Conference Bootage

  1. Hey A-Dubs! I am back in the land of blog reading and have a thought on shoes. So I just bought a pair of Kenneth Cole Reaction pumps. Not flats, but wedges. I wore them for a campus interview that involved a campus tour through sleet. They are massively comfortable…

  2. Thanks Sheila. The Hubs informed me that I looked like an army field agent before I added the cardi. I wasn't feeling it, though. I mean, what army field agents zip around in skirts? 😉

  3. Thanks D-Med. I have issues about prices of flats that clearly need to be addressed. Once I've taken care of these problems, I shall be able to consider the Bloch ballerinas.

  4. My suggestions for flats are both pricey and hard-to-find in the internet shoe wasteland that is Canada (pace Gravity Pope), but I love my Bloch ballerines and my Camper flats. My Campers are virtually indestructible and were bought with the express purpose of conference-going in mind; Kalamazoo requires a lot of hilly walking and Leeds requires a lot of dashing across highways and cutting through fields (seriously) but I have never been hobbled by my Campers.

  5. I am finding my Born flats mad comfy but haven't yet done a multi-day test drive. Your headsuit looks delish, and I'd like to see the whole thing if at all possible. Do you have a really big coffee cup?Coral on you = made of awesome. I also really like the tee, though I was not aware of your disdain for the high-neck branch of that family. True, your rack merits display, but I rather like how high-neck and crew-neck tees layer under cardigans, as you've shown so nicely here.

  6. I'm pretty sure I'm a conference virgin and I'll be attending my first in June. I haven't a freaking clue what to wear so I will be waiting on bated breath on what you have to say. I like the idea of wearing just boots…alas in June I might want to chuck them out the window as wonderful as they are.

  7. I love that bright coral cardi with this boot ensemble. Such a good colour. The headsuit (hee) is looking fab, A-Dubs – very cutting edge. Am in total agreement with packing light – I hate dealing with suitcases. Bah!

  8. I'm getting the brown. It's sort of cognac-y in real life. I don't know, I'm going to a small workshop-like conference on a specialized topic, and I will seriously be the only woman there if the roster is to be believed. I feel like dressing in the finest Wahlbergian mode is called for.

  9. OK, those boots look great. Are you getting them in brown or black? Also, no skirts for 10 days? For you? Who are you, and what have you done with the style-blog Cynthia?

  10. Dude. I thought we were owning up about how that brand is awesome, cushiony, comes in a bunch of widths, and exclusively old lady?Also, I love yours and my Naturalizer flats. But my current pair don't give my monstrously high arches enough love for an entire day of trekking around. And the inserts that fit in my boots are too big for my Naturalizers.

  11. I think that really comfortable clothes makes any work-related travel more enjoyable. I purchased Clark book pumps for a work trip recently, and they were extremely comfortable. Good luck with your packing!

  12. Sometimes I only pack a pair of boots for a conference too…they seem to work with everything and I only ever want to bring one very small bag with me. Ugh. I really hate conference packing actually. As soon as I get to the hotel I always wish I had brought different things. It sucks.xoxo ~ Courtney

  13. I just took three pairs of natty but not too formal pants to get hemmed to the perfect length for my travel to the land of cold northern seas in May…I decided I am going to buy the ankle boot version of my absolute favorite boots (now 40% off at Zappos) and wear those, and pants, for the entire trip. Which will be great, because I'll be meeting my sister and I bet she will be wearing the exact same uber comfortable boots (Clarks Mia Wild, if you are looking). Now I just have to pick tops for my skirt-free 10 day capsule.

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