The Actually Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Phew. After a long few weeks away, I’m back. My final papers are graded. My grades just need one more quick go-over and then I’ll submit them. My mom came, was visited with, repainted my bedroom & new bedside tables, purchased her mother-of-the-bride ensemble, and departed. Classes finished. It got unbearably hot, cooled down slightly again, and then rocketed back up. So, as a result, blogs didn’t get commented on (though they’ve been viewed at spare moments — you all are it.) and outfit pictures haven’t been taken in a while. This is why today’s photos are in two parts.
Part the First
Pros: captures the outfit in its entirety.
Cons: was taken so zoomed out that, to crop out extraneous stuff (ie. my head), I had to zoom it so far in on my computer that the color got pretty bleached out.
Dress: Joe
Cardi: Gap outlet
Shoes: Patent Birkenstocks

Part the Second
Pros: captures the color of the cardigan slightly better
Cons: somewhat unfortunate angle; so zoomed in that I didn’t need to do any cropping whatsoever.

This outfit strikes me as particularly A-Dubs-ish for some reason — though I don’t think I’m copycatting anything in particular.

I’m taking tomorrow and Tuesday off of work to read trashy/ nerdy fiction and catch up on my TV. But then it’s back to the proverbial grindstone — including a plagiarism tribunal. Yay? More importantly, I’ve got a bridesmaid dress post coming up shortly…

How’s the last three weeks been for you?

16 thoughts on “The Actually Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  1. Oh, these definitely aren't my first pair, but it's been about 10 years since I've had a new pair. They should be here Friday, so I'm pretty stoked.

  2. Actually I think the hem on this dress is perfect — above the knee, but not scandalously so. I actually meant the bridesmaid dress but now that the shoes are on the way, I'm going to wait before deciding if it needs further shortening (currently it hits the bottom of my knee which feels about an inch too long on me).

  3. Excellent! I hope you like them as much as I do! Just a warning if you haven't had Birks before, you need to do some serious breaking them in for the first little while. For the first couple of wears, they feel really really stiff. What I've done is wore them around the house, slipper-style, for a couple of days and then they were fine. The main thing is not to plan a day of wandering around outside for many hours as your feet will die.

  4. I will support you in your desire for a bit more hem, but I really think it looks good the length it is. I am always a fan of pretty much right at the knee, rather than much higher. More able to go to work (or to coffeeshops where there might be students.)

  5. To keep up with our SWF thing, I just ordered the Birks in black patent. Piperlime had them on sale, and I got an extra 10% off. I can't pass up a discount. Or being E-Jo-like. I'll have to wear them with something striped, in your honor.

  6. Woohoo! You're back to the interwebs. Maybe it's the matching color of the two cardigans that reminds me of you. Bridesmaidenly shoes were purchased last night via the internet — but once I get them tomorrow, I'll be all over the pictures. Also, I was totally preparing to be called a wien for the many and various forms of nerdishness on display in this post. Clearly, you might have lost your edge.

  7. Thanks! The gathering has a tendency to billow in gusts of wind, making me look pregnant, which I'm not enamored with but, other that, this dress is basically perfection.

  8. WooHOO! You're done. You made it. Congrats! I love that dress. Wendi DM's right: the gathering in the "bustal" (awesome word) region is good stuff. Also, I have a Zara cardi in what appears to be that exact colour. Obviously you have excellent taste. Looking forward to the bridesmaidenly fashions.

  9. Oh yeah, definitely get a fun color! I've had pairs in green and teal sitting in my Zappo's shopping cart for a few months now. I should probably just go ahead and treat myself to a pair. I mean, I'll never be able to buy anything fun once I have that mortgage, right? I've never seen United States of Tara, but I'll have to check that out! I wonder if I can find it on Netflix…

  10. So true — though I'm hardly alone in the busy-ness! I definitely like that there's more arch support with the Birkenstocks than flip flops — especially as I'm a high-arched girl. And the patent cuts some of the crunchy granola vibe that traditionally surrounds them — though, really, I've seen many people rocking many different versions of Birkenstocks!

  11. Blergh. Packing. Good luck with that — though you're right, getting moved in your condo will be pretty great! I think it is a very A-Dubs color so that might well be it. It was super comfortable — though really it's too hot here already for cardigans so I was pretty roasted in it. But it was new and a gorgeous color so how could I resist?? As for the Birkenstocks, this is my second pair as I wore my previous pair into the ground — past the point of repair. I really really like them. And after seeing a recent episode of United States of Tara (which is awesome, if you're not already watching it) where Toni Collette was wearing a pair in red patent, I'm kind of obsessing about getting a pair in a fun color.

  12. Thanks! I've probably got to take the dress in to get re-hemmed a little shorter but I think I'm going to take pictures as it is now — and hope people can imagine it with an inch less fabric!

  13. Busy times! I love the Birkenstocks – I picked up a pair yesterday at a giant Birkenstock sale. It's been many years and they are oh so much more comfortable than flip flops! Enjoy your days off 🙂

  14. My last few weeks have been super busy too! Though with fun things, like vacation and packing (okay, packing isn't fun, but getting all moved in will be). Glad to see you back, and I hope you enjoy your days off this week!I feel like the cardigan is an A-Dubs like color, so maybe that's why it looks like an A-Dubs outfit? I like this, it looks put together but also super comfortable. How do you like those Birkenstocks? I've been thinking about getting a pair in that style for a few seasons now.

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