Belated Conference Report, Part 1

What is up, StyleNation? You are looking GOOD today. How DO you do it every time?
Let’s get right down to the posting, shall we? 

1. First, an Important Announcement: 

Congratulations to our illustrious Guest Lecturer  
Kelly Bean, Rogue Academic and now Mother of Two Gorgeous Kids! 
Visit Kelly in Beantown to check out the cherubic new Baby T. 
We love you, KB, and wish we could be there with you!

2. Next, a preamble:

In less exciting news, I’ve been holding out on the posting, having convinced myself that I need to take headsuit photos and a complete set of conference outfits pic’s before blogging, again. I’ve decided, however, that this is an unrealistic goal. Instead, things will have to get done in stages.

It is busy here. In the last two weeks I’ve:

* attended a conference (SO good – plus there was some wine drinking with a key contingent)
* visited all too briefly with Rinty the Crusher who lives too far away from me, which is stupid
* hosted my parental units and their dog for five days
* prepped for and attended a disciplinary meeting for a student plagiarist
* hired and started training two research assistants
* plowed through a good portion of The Project That Will Not End (end is in sight – hurrah!)
* looked at about seventy billion houses and put an offer on one (results pending)
* applied to another conference

Currently, there’s one huge and two smaller deadlines fast approaching, but I’m determined to get some blog-reading and posting done before I go back into the breach.

3. And now, the outfit post:

So, the plan to build all conference ensembles around my brown riding boots worked well. As did (IMHO) my effort to be comfortable and semi-professional every day of the conference. Here is Conference Outfit, Day One (a non-presentation day):


Tunic: Cha Cha Vente (via Winners)
Necklace: art show somewhere in southern Ontario
Leggings: Groggy (remixed ad nauseum on this blog)
Riding Boots: Aldo

Because the conference was on a university campus, not at a hotel, we all wore and/or carted around coats all day. For once, I managed to anticipate this important detail and planned all outfits to incorporate this spring coat. I wore this coat everyday, most of the time, because it was chilly indoors and out.

I forget what we call this style of jacket. Swing? Bracelet-length? Mostly I think of it as a necklace highlighter:

Jacket: (I forget but will update when I get home tonight)
I really wanted to style everything around this vintage double-breasted velvet trench, but it’s not a practical option for travelling. What if it gets even more crushed? It’s irreplaceable. So I include it here as the fantasy option. In reality, I wore the above-noted green cotton twill number.  
Trench: thrifted, then switched out gold brass buttons for these faux pewter ones
In closing, I offer the following awesome picture of the Fuzzy Roommate savaging his sock monkey on his new bed cover. My mother loves fabric stores; she shops for quilting materials. I enjoy the stores, too, but barely have time to blow my nose, so when I go to the stores with her, I try to avoid buying fabric for projects that I will never have time to undertake. But a pillow cover is an fast and totally easy thing to make – and who could resist this leopard print?
“Leopard print.” Do you see what I did there?
Conference Report, Part II to follow. 
In the mean time, tell us, all you professionals out there:
what do you do with your coat at professional events?
Wear it? Scrunch it into your bag? Hang it and hope no one swipes it?

24 thoughts on “Belated Conference Report, Part 1

  1. Yeah, the amount of paperwork and documentation involved in buying a place is ridiculous.  Of course, the lack thereof is what caused the US all of its' mortgage troubles, so I kind of understand.  Fella and I are most excited to close so that we can stop having to send other people our bank statements.And I totally forgot to measure Jude's bed last night!  I'll get on that – he'd love a housewarming bed cover 🙂 

  2. The mini-FR's smooth neutral tones would indeed look awesome against that leopard print.  And he would indeed crack down on them.  They're no invisible people, but they would do the trick.  

  3. KB! You are on the interwebs! And you're welcome. It's the least we can do. Also, I'm dropping something – not the green coats – in the mail for you this aft. 

  4. Gah! More paperwork? That sucketh. It's nice that you get something substantial in the end. Also, wooHOO! Soon you'll be a homeowner!Sorry to hear it's been crappola there. I expect the beautiful weather we've had of late to turn very, very soon. 

  5. Jude's right – he would look really good on such a bed cover. Feel free to give me his bed measurements and I might be able to rustle up something;)

  6. Awww, thanks for the love! Now please send me both coats and that tunic, allowing me the fantasy that it would all look as good on me as it does you! This is great conference attire, the kind that always gave me sartorial hope for our profession. FR's new bed is adorable, as is he.

  7. Jude would like me to drop his name here, if anyone feels like making him a leopard print bed cover.  It'd go nicely with his black and tan coat. 

  8. Wow, keep us (me) posted on the house offer!  I hope it all works out, but I'll warn you about the endless sea of mortgage-related paperwork that you'll soon find yourself stuck in (though on that front, Fella and I close in 2 weeks, so there is an end in sight!).I love your pretty green spring coat!  I would work that into as many ensembles as possible.  In fact, such a coat would make me less sad about our recent cold, crappy weather here.

  9. What a stellar conference outfit.  And I think the jacket is the perfect finishing touch- it gives it a "cooler than a suit" crisp vibe.  Also, I believe a swing coat is one with a wide A line, so this may qualify.   The crushed velvet is also amazing.Good luck on the project that won't end. We'll lift a virtual glass to you when it's over!

  10. "GORGEous" = new best word. I'm pleased to have had some small part in its invention. Also, thanks! Leggings are stupidly comfortable, so I often wonder if they're at all profesh. I mean, should I really be THAT comfortable AND dressed for work? 'Good to know you approve. Also, I know, right? If you want, I could make a bed-cover for the Mini-FR. I've got some fabric left, and the leopard print would really highlight his smooth neutral tones. Possibly he would also try to crack down on the leopards, since they're almost as big as him. 

  11. You HAVE been busy! Congratulations on your successes – it's nice to see all your hard work paying off.In exceptionally important other news, what were those naughty Elizabethans doing with the foul and fauna? DO tell!

  12. Damn – you've been busy! I've had a really good month academically: a conference proposal got accepted, I applied to teach a junior seminar next year of my own design and it got accepted, and I have an article on…drum roll…bestiality in early modern England coming out ASAP.  xoxo ~ Courtney  

  13. Both those coats are GORGEous.  I typically wear my coat and die of over-heating.  Also, have I mentioned how amazing the tunic/ leggings combo looks on you?  Because it totally is.  The Fuzzy Roommate!  On his own leopard print bed!  

  14. There is much to love about this post: great coats, a cute dog, an awesome dress, and leopard print. I was recently at a professional event. I hung my coat, and hoped for the best. Nobody took it, which is a shame. I've been looking for an excuse to find the perfect new trench! 

  15.  Be still my heart!  That velvet trench is gorgeous!  I understand why you went with the other one, though.  I hang my coat on the back of my chair or hang it up.  If it gets stolen, I get to go shopping.  GAAD be damned!

  16. That velvet coat! As soon as I saw it I went, "Grooulwieepgeeirrss!," which was my trying to say "Gorgeous!" while simultaneously drooling all over my self at its amazingness.

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