Summer and Floaty Skirts

In an effort to avoid the early summer lethargy that’s all too easy to fall into after the craziness of the end of term, I’m trying to keep dressing in a semi-professional manner — whether I’m going to the office, the coffee shop or working at home. So far this has produced mixed, though mostly positive results (ie. sometimes I’m dressed up while busy not-working). I’m hoping to get a couple of things off my plate before I head to Montreal in a couple of weeks for my sister’s wedding so it’s full steam ahead here at IPF South.
The other day I picked up a floaty, mid-length skirt — like those that have been popping up all over the blogosphere in the last couple of months. I was initially skeptical about how this length would look on me. I’m not a full convert yet but I’m enjoying the extra length and floatiness so far.
Top & Skirt: Old Navy
Gold flats (which look like canoes for some reason in these photos): Nine West
I tend to avoid overly whimsical styles — I like them on others but resist them for myself — so I like the graphic print on this one.

The mini-FR, sun worshipper that he is, is enjoying the hot and sunny weather we’ve been having. Here he is, patrolling the yard while I took photos. He is nothing if not vigilant.

How was your weekend Style Nation? I saw Bridesmaids — it was awesome (and reinforced my love for Jon Hamm) and very apropos given the next couple of weeks.

11 thoughts on “Summer and Floaty Skirts

  1. Agreed on the Montreal potential overlap front. And measurements are noted. I fired a warning shot to my new friends about Bridesmaids but so far, no takers. They don't know I'll be smuggling beers and/or wine-in-a-can. On a scale of 1 to 10, how sad would it be to see that movie by myself? 

  2. Lovely floaty skirt!  It looks so summery and the weather looks amazing.I want to see Bridesmaids, too!  I hope that you have as equally funny and memorable experience as a bridesmaid yourself.

  3. Yum.  Tasty adult beverages.  Pretty good replacement, if you ask me.  There's something about the floatiness of this skirt that makes it easier for me to wrap my head around, I think, than if the skirt was heavier or more substantial.  

  4. Thanks!  I was really tempted by a lovely yellow, larger-scaled pattern but as I already bought one new yellow skirt this summer, I figured I didn't need another.  Your greyhound would also be able to outrun him easily which would distract him — he's typically the fastest dog at the dog park!

  5. Dude.  If we overlap in Montreal, I'll totally see it again with you.  It was a movie that I very much enjoyed — but which could only have been improved by being watched at the J Square with smuggled beers.  I agree it would be awesome with brown or black — though the thought of wearing that much dark color is making me break out in a sweat.His pillow is 11 inches by 15.5.  Teensy, no?  Also, in desperate need of a new cover as he and a buddy did a number on the cover over the weekend — though helpfully keeping most of their damage to the seam which even I can fix.

  6. Dude. This skirt length and floaty style look great on you. I think it's a win. In other news, I regret deeply that I will not see Bridesmaids with you (for the first time, at least). I'm trying to decide if I'm ready to reveal my predilection for silly movies to my new-city posse. This post may have helped me with this decision. Also, that skirt is lovely with the pink top. I think it would equally awesome with brown or black. Finally, how lovely that the Mini-FR is always on guard. I can't believe he loves the sun. Send me his pillow measurements!

  7. I didn't get to see Bridesmaids, but my weekend was pretty good otherwise. It was full of socializing and tasty adult beverages, so I can't complain.I have a hard time dressing even remotely nice in the summer when I'm not in my office, but floaty skirts and dresses do indeed make it easy to look like I'm trying. I really like the longer skirt on you, and the print is really cute!

  8. Floaty skirts are always an excellent option!I tried to get T.R.S. to go and see Bridesmaids, and we almost did, but we saw Cave of Forgotten Dreams instead. The reasoning being, if there's any film you need to see on the big screen it's that one. But next week, Bridesmaids!

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