Quantity, not Quality

StyleNation, What. Is. Up? I hope it’s sunny and awesome where you are, at least. Here at In Professorial Fashion, Northern Division, it’s been crap for days.


Academic things at IPF North continue apace, with today marking the first of the two smaller deadlines noted in my last post. That paper proposal needs one more read-through to cut 30 words, then it’s off. As a reward for this good work, I’m granting myself a lunch-time blogging session.

After this sweet interlude with you, StyleNation, I must resume working through the To Do list, which has been augmented significantly by a positive response to the grant application I submitted in January. I’m not complaining, of course – this is the first time this particular granting agency has shown me any love. But this means the summer’s work will involve much more research travel, so The Project That Will Not End MUST end asap. Moreover, ALL pending deadlines MUST be prepped for before July gets here and starts really kicking my buttocks.

In other news, the A-Dubs-Hubs and I bought a house, which we take possession of August 1st, and move into in early September. Excited as I am to (finally) become a homeowner, academics in the crowd will note that the September move-in date sucketh as it corresponds with the commencement of the new term. Such is the life of an academic, I’m told: anything non-academic can start to seem like it’s getting in the way of one’s life’s work. But life must extend beyond academia, and this is one step for me in that direction! Hurrah!

Outfit(s) Post:

Clothing-wise, I’ve not been enjoying the shoulder season, and my sartorial choices reflect this lack of engagement. I thus include a series of recent outfits each of which has one lovely element, and many others that I think suck.

#1: Double Denim (meh)

Shirt: Smart Set
Necklace: craft show (remixed)
Lacey gold cuff: cousin’s shop (remixed)
Trouser jeans: Joe Fresh (remixed)
Nude wedges: Nine West (remixed)

Outside of yogawear and pyjamas, it doesn’t get much more comfortable than a slightly-too-big, soft denim shirt untucked over worked in trouser jeans, with platform shoes made of buttery-soft leather and cork. Really, the denim shirt needs to be lighter, and the bottom half here needs to be slimmer. Also, there’s a chance neither ensemble is particularly profesh.

Comfort factor aside, the only winning elements of this ensemble, for me, are the shoes. As previously noted, they are wicked comfortable. Like they’re made of butter and awesomeness. Welcome back, sweet nude platform wedges!

#2: More Pants (yawn)

Striped jersey T, Coral Cardigan, and Necklace: (all remixed from here)
Cotton-linen blend gray trousers: Melanie Lyne
Invisible pointy-toed flats: Fugitive de Francesco Rossi (remixed)

Aside from some work with an iron, the fix here is, I think, a bigger shoe. But I just couldn’t face buckles or heels that day. Side note: those pants are so comfortable they should be illegal.

#3: Black Stuff, No Student Meetings

Polyester jersey dress: Chapter One (via Winners)
Polka dot cotton cardigan: Topshop (purchased while visiting D-Med in England ages ago)
Cotton cami: H&M
Silver cuff: The Bay (remixed)
Summer-weight leggings: ?? (I cut out the tag. It was scratchy)
Black ballet flats: I forget. I’ll update when I get home.

I don’t mind this outfit as is. But the shoes from the next outfit would make it a bit more grown-up, don’t you think?

#4: Black Stuff, Student Meetings

Black cotton dress: Mexx
Printed leather belt: Winners
Shoes: Fly London Yayas 

Obvy, the best part of this ensemble is the shoe part. These sweet babies are replacing my cork-heeled Clarks wedges, and they’re buttery soft and wicked comfortable (especially since they stopped pinching off circulation to my baby toes – this took 4 wearings).

As is generally the case for me when it comes to tailored dresses, the top of this dress fits perfectly, but the bottom is too big in all areas except the part that crosses my hips. Even when I iron it, the dress hangs a bit like a bag, pulls awkwardly at the hips, and the stupid belt loops are way too big. I keep thinking the right accessories will make it better. ‘Thoughts? ‘Suggestions? Perhaps it’s time to let it go?

18 thoughts on “Quantity, not Quality

  1. I have looked at Shakti–a friend of mine used to use them, because she is an Orthodox Jew and they will also add things like sleeves to dresses.  I had forgotten about them, because my friend moved to Montreal and stopped talking about them.  But now, Shakti delivers to Canada, she is excited and I (who could have been using them all along) remembered about them.  Sadly, I like the Shabby Apple dresses better.  But I may try Shakti as well….

  2. I love the looks – okay, maybe there's a bit too much denim going on but everything looks great as always. I agree with Audi – cut oof the belt loops so you can put the belt where you want it. It's a fantastic outfit.Go you, house owner!! Will we get to see pics of the house? Then again…September is a crazy time of year.

  3. Double congrats! As for the dress, I guess the first thing I'd do is pull out a seam ripper and remove the belt loops entirely. That way you can play with the placement of your belts and perhaps manufacture a better fit by moving the belt up or down. It's not like the belt loops are really helping keep the belt in place if they're that big. And maybe try a wider, elastic belt? That way you can scrunch the excess fabric at the back of the dress and the belt will hold it in place. Should help the dress to hang better.

  4. Thanks, AFtK. And yes, I've begun to notice that very thing. Also, ha! They are a tad Gaga, aren't they? Sweet!And finally, ready-made clothes are clearly the stupidest things ever. Have you ever checked out Shakti? D-Med told me they take your measurements, then make dresses to order. That could be pricier, of course; but it would also be great, no?

  5. Soooooo relieved for you that term is over, Rad! WooHOO! And thanks – for your suggestions and for the congrats. Your wicked publication record makes it pretty clear who's the real grown-up between the two of!Finally, ha! I'd forgotten about the North/South Marking/Grading distinction! But you're right: if the move must happen during the teaching term, September's probably the best possible time.

  6. The working together in less than two weeks is INDEED the awesomest. I like the save-the-top plan for that last dress and would never have come up with it on my own. Once again, I'm saved by the interwebs.

  7. Thanks, Allison. Also, I keep rediscovering that cardigan. Unless it's grounded with lots of neutrals, it tends to take me into clown clothes territory, so I keep putting it away. 'Glad to know it's working here.

  8. Congratulations on the house and the grant.  Have you ever noticed how most excellent life steps do, indeed, magnify the "to do" list?  I love the shoes in the last picture.  To me, they are as close to Lady Gaga as shoes can get and still be totally reasonable in daily wear.  (That was a compliment, btw.)As for dresses, oh, you speak the drama of my life.  I just took measurements to order a shabby apple dress and yes if it fits up top, it will pull at the hips and hang like a bag through the waist.  I am thinking of buying a size up and hitting a tailor, but that does not help with this dress that you already own.

  9. First off- many congrats on your grant.  Woohoo!  I am dreading starting an application for one myself this summer, but I. MUST.  I was even told to do so in my annual evaluation (and evidently application for me is more important than the getting).  Secondly, congrats on the house.  Will we be able to see it during the beginning of semester glory?  Even though it sucks, the beginning of the semester isn't as busy with grading (ahem, marking as you Cannucks call it), so I have faith that you'll do it with flying colors.  Buying a house and getting a grant are definitely on my "to-do" list.  A-Dubs, you're what I want to be when I grow up.First outfit is cute and casual.  I would wear it to work but not for meeting with students.  I see the linen trouser jeans with the buttery soft wedges (I desire a pair myself, as my wedges are neither buttery nor soft).  I would recommend the third outfit without leggings when it gets warmer out.  I am in awe of the last pair of shoes.  I actually thought that the dress looks quite nice on you.  As for the wrinkling concerns, all woven skirts and dresses do that, and it doesn't look sloppy for my vantage point.  It's finally end of term here in TCC East.  Rad, over and out.

  10. These are awesome.  You know what's even more awesome?  In two weeks today, we will be in the same city, working together.  This makes getting through the piles of stuff I need to do before then slightly terrifying — but with an awesome incentive.  Also, y'know, the 2 1/2 glorious (academic) work-free weeks in Montreal and the cottage that will follow.  But to your outfits…  I love that double denim outfit — a phrase I never thought I'd say.  That Top Shop cardi is glorious.  I actually think the shoes from outfit #4 might have been slightly too much look with #3.  I also see no problem with that dress on you so it's hard to diagnose.  But if you find it to be a problem — no matter how imaginary that problem is — it's probably time to let it go.  Is there a way to save the perfectly fitted top portion?

  11. Hey wow! Outfits! Lots of shoe love here and that polka dot cardigan is the bestest. Also, congrats on buying a house. That is indeed exciting! Nice to see you back on the interwebs 🙂

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