Three for One

Like A-Dubs earlier this week, I’ve got a bunch of outfits for you today. Unlike A-Dub’s outfits, however, mine are decidedly more basic. I’ve tried to be head down, nose to the grindstone the last couple of weeks as I want to be able to take a couple of weeks completely off when I’m in Montreal for my sister’s wedding shortly. Plus, as a colleague/friend recently reminded me, I’m about 8 months away from having to hand in my “halfway to tenure” material which means that, if I want to have heard anything resembling decisions on stuff like articles or book proposals, I need get stuff sent out relatively shortly. Delightful. On top of that, the temperatures here are moving into the high 90s/ low 100s so accessories are decidedly out as are shoes that don’t leave 90% of my feet bare.
So here we go…
Outfit #1

Dress: Gap
T-shirt: Target
House flip-flops: Old Navy

I think this outfit was much better in real life than it is in this picture. Plus it was super comfy as this jersey dress is very soft and stretchy.
Outfit #2

Coral faux wrap top: Addition Elle
Charmeuse tank & shorts: Target
The sun bleaches out the colors here but I really like the combination of these two colors. I’m loving coral this summer — I’m also astonished by how versatile it is — something I wouldn’t have expected.
Outfit #3

Dress: Old Navy
Sandals: Birkenstocks
Here’s a dress that I bought this last winter and that I totally forgot about. I love the print of it. It’s a little too big — particularly up top — but I think I might be able to fix that by shortening the straps a little bit. Also, I took this picture later in the day than the earlier two and clearly this is the magic hour, light wise. In addition, my tripod doesn’t get too hot to touch if it’s outside for more than two minutes at this point.

9 thoughts on “Three for One

  1. The last dress is great; can you get the top cinched in if it's too big? I have to ask: How are your Old Navy clothes holding up? This morning I was saddened to see, as I was walking out the door for work, that my t-shirt from Old Navy (only a month old, worn maybe 10 times) is unraveling at the cuffs of the sleeves. I've had several items purchased from Old Navy in the last year that don't last a month. It's like I'm buying crappily made Wal-Mart clothes. I'm so mad. I love Old Navy but I don't want to spend another cent there if my clothes aren't going to last at least the season.

  2. Apparently dusk is my time. Midday sun is as bright and pale as I am. Also, that purple dress was bought on that wonderful Vegas jaunt of two (!!) years ago. The layering is only possible because that under layer is wonderfully thin. I have one in white and it's basically sheer. Also, I love how coral goes with pretty much every color. Which is TOTALLY unexpected with such a bright color.

  3. What you're witnessing is me forcing myself to acclimatize (see what I did there?) to Fahrenheit. Plus 100 degrees sounds even more awful than 37-38. Also, ohmigod, your styling suggestions for that dress are perfect — and such a Janey outfit somehow. If only I had a jean jacket… But I should get one just for that ensemble.

  4. The air quality isn't bad here — a benefit of living in a relatively small town far from anything good — but it'll get muggy and gross soon enough. I love that dress too — and will love it even more when I've shortened the straps a smidge.

  5. I know, right? Low 100s is ridiculous. Basic outfits are definitely great — but I do miss accessories. Planning my various & sundry Montreal outfits will help with that loss. That dress DOES work well with our sandals. I also felt it was such an Anne moment when I rediscovered it. You're always finding awesome stuff in your closet!

  6. Yeesh. You're not kidding about finding the magical light. That third photo – like the dress it features – is awesome. Also, I am impressed by your ability to layer, even in extreme heat. Jersey dresses are one of the best parts of summer. And I totally get how great the purple dress is in real life, despite the bright, bright sunlight that's changing its colour. 

  7. I feel like I should make a sympathetic comment about the heat, but I don't understand American temperatures, so I'm not sure what's appropriate here.  What I DO know is that dress 3 is awesome, and I wish I was wearing it with a jean jacket and chunky gold hoops.  (And probably some tights and a scarf, because it has been stupidly cold up here.)

  8. Low 100's?  Yikes!  That makes our 85 degree weather seem downright cool and comfy.  Or not.I really like that third dress!  It looks great on you, and goes so well with our sandals 🙂  And there's nothing wrong with basic outfits, that's pretty much all I wear in the summer.

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