More Pant-type Outfits

I’ve got no crazy dreams to report, unfortunately, but I’ve got a couple of pantal-esque outfits to present.
Outfit #1: In which I embrace leggings
Dress: Joe
Tank & Leggings: Target
Sandals: Birkenstocks

I’ve been slow to get on the legging train. I felt pretty confident that they wouldn’t work on me — that they’d cut my legs off in weird ways, making me look stumpy, etc… Now, I’m not sure they’re absolutely the best look on me or anything, but I’m pretty converted now as they’re super comfy and allow me to wear this dress in public. My mom, when she visited at the beginning of May, brought me a bunch of stuff from Joe (the Canadian department store brand), including this dress and the shirt in the outfit below. The dress is frankly a little too small for me both up top and down below but I love the pattern and it’s easily fixable with a cami, and tights or leggings. Tights are an impossibility right now but capri length leggings do the trick admirably.

Outfit #2: In which I cannot wear sandals for another day

Top: Joe
Shorts: Target
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
This outfit was one that, without proper shoes, probably bordered on way too casual to wear into the office. Plus, it was nice to be able wear proper shoes for the day. I got these ages ago, right before I hurt my ankle earlier this term so this is the first wear they’ve had. I’m really pleased with them. I love a wedge and these have a rubber sole (which, seriously, why don’t all shoes have these??) which is ideal for someone like me who lacks basic grace and balance.

15 thoughts on “More Pant-type Outfits

  1. Oh, A-Dubs, never forget that I am the palest.  The nude shoes for the wedding are actually darker than I am.  Not only am I going to make you look tan, but the important thing to remember is that I live in a sunny climate…

  2. Good to see you back on the interwebs, K.Bean!  I'm remember now that you were also a latecomer to leggings — glad to see we're on the same page!  And that dress is totally unworkable without them.  I mean, look at that first picture…  I'm traveling on Tuesday and you best believe that my outfit will have leggings as some portion of it.  

  3. Good luck with the search for the nude shoe.  I stumbled across these at TJ Maxx because I agree that it's hard to find ones without a super high heel.  The leggings were in the women's clothing section with the Mossimo stuff.  There wasn't much of a selection in mine but they seem to come in fairly regularly.

  4. To be fair, I asked my Mom to bring stuff down — she didn't do it on her own!  And Mom-food is an awesome substitute!! The shoes are super comfortable since the top are a kind of stretchy, slightly rubberized material.  I continue to surprised and impressed by Jessica Simpson shoes.  

  5. Dude. Kelly Bean stole my comment. Except for being a latecomer to leggings. I got back on that train asap due to extreme 90s nostalgia. But seriously, you are working the leggings, and I am glad you're on board. Also, those wedges are sa-weet. Finally, I occasionally forget how extremely alabaster you are. I wonder if you're going to make me look tan when we convene this coming week?

  6. As a fellow latecomer to leggings, I heartily endorse your choice. These look great on you and totally make that dress work. Also: leggings are the best travel gear ever. EVER.Wedges rule, and these are no exception. Get up here so we can go shoe shopping, because I need to follow in your (well-shod) footsteps are score some beige wedges. 

  7. The shoes are fantastic!! I'm looking for a good nude shoe but I cannot find any that isn't a 4 inch heel! Where in Target did you find the leggings? I need to get another pair. Then again, our Target sucks.

  8. Way to go on embracing the leggings! They're a winner! Nice shoes – I have a similar pair that I really like. Easy to wear and comfortable 🙂

  9. Ooh, those are some fun shoes!  And you're right, they really dress that outfit up.  I love the top from Joe!  And how cool is it that your mom is importing Joe clothes for you?  My mom just brings me food from Ohio, since we don't have any cool clothing chains (my parents are en route here as we speak, no doubt with bags of goodies).Also, leggings look really good on you!  

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