The Fool on the Hill

I went to a conference a few weeks ago that was on a beautiful university campus located on the side of a mountain.
Well, a hill, but a very steep hill. With a swiftly-flowing river at the bottom of it.
I wore this:
Black Shirt: J. Crew
Black Checked Skirt: All Saints
Camel Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Photo Bomber: Vampire Cat








Paper Topic: collection of fifteenth-century East Anglian female saints’ lives (Sort of makes you wish you knew me IRL, doesn’t it?)

I blame the conference organisers for not mentioning that a pencil skirt and heels, while wholly appropriate for disseminating research in a public forum, is not appropriate wear for the mountainous terrain of the campus.  I nearly broke a lot of parts of myself going uphill in this Killer Outfit.  And then again, going downhill toward the swiftly-flowing river.

What do you do when your outfit might actually kill you?  

28 thoughts on “The Fool on the Hill

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  3. Dude. You totally look killer in this killer ensemble. But for me those shoes be killer for any conference. You are like a superhero of heel-walking. A limousine would be wasted on you, despite your apparent preference for limo shoes.  

  4. I have heard tales of the dance.  I wish I could stretch my conference funds farther.  Perhaps I should write a grant and include one of the projected results as a dance-off victory.  🙂

  5. Me too!  Kalamazoo has a number of early modern panels.  And they have a dance.  Just sayin.  (I believe there has been some smack talking about a dance-off of some kind in our future …)

  6. You know, the only person who might like that topic even more than me is SFE.  🙂  I wish I did know you IRL!  Maybe someday I will attend that same conference as an early modern interloper….

  7. When I was in high school I broke my ankle in two places when I slipped off a curb; it is now held together with four pins.  My surgeon could not figure out how I managed to break both bones at the same time.  I'm sort of a medical miracle.

  8. LOL great post – um, it's usually shoes that do me in. Or my feet, or gravity. We're not sure. I have found that the higher the heel or platform, the slower I walk and more carefully. But  if I put on my flats, Birks, or sneakers, I'm falling down all over the place. I swear, once I think the concrete actually sank 3 feet: I stepped off the sidewalk into space and fell flat on my face, twisting my ankle, skinning my knee and just bruising up all over the place. I couldn't get up! This kind of thing happens all the time. It's really weird.

  9. Oh, no one asks about my research, qua research.  But sometimes I have a primary source sticking out of my bag, and then they want to tell me all of their opinions on my topic.  And they have opinions or a story or something.  Sometimes it is nice.  Sometimes I wish I got to be more of an authority.

  10. Full disclosure: I drove to this conference but I have taken cabs on days when I give a paper to make sure that I maintain the fabulous.  And no one every asks me about my research in a checkout line anywhere ever.  Sometimes I wish they would.

  11. Full disclosure: I had a pair of sneakers in my briefcase after the first day of the conference.  A large bag with a pair of emergency flats should be something I bring to every conference.  Everywhere, really.

  12. Allow me to echo Rad with the wolf whistles and Chalkdust and Boots with the desire to have drinks, STAT.  I study the contemporary US and so I feel like I have no real ivory tower to my ivory tower.  But your work sounds 1) interesting and 2) suitably removed from conversations that you might get in at the checkout line.I adore the outfit.  I adore it.  Could you take a cab?  (See, sometimes I figure you have to cough up some money to look fabulous.

  13. I hate being it hat position!  Now I mostly err on the side of casual with flats and less-fitted stuff if I don't know where I'll be.  Also I can eat more and sprint around.  🙂

  14. Definitely a killer outfit. Sometimes when I wear belts I feel like they are trying to kill me, so I just take them off. But I can see how that might not work so well with shoes.

  15. This outfit is indeed killer, in all kinds of ways.  There's a product called "Just for her fast flats" that Dr. Scholl's makes, and the tiny flats just fold into your bag once you're done with the hill climbing.  Damn, I need to invest in a killer pencil skirt.  I am wolf whistling (in a respectful way) at the computer monitor.  Hope the presentation rocked as much as your wardrobe.

  16. If that's where I think it is, I went to a conference there a few years ago, and I nearly died climbing the hill too!  Otherwise I guess there's a lot of treacherously located universities.  Also that paper sounds really interesting.

  17. Even if you did almost break parts of yourself this is a pretty awesome outfit for a conference! I went to one in Exeter last year which was also on top of a rather giant hill/mountain and tried to wear heels…big mistake. But I looked good.xoxo ~ Courtney

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