Switching Gears

It ended!
The Project That Will Not End (sort of, for now) has ended. 
It is (for the time being) on someone else’s desk!

In celebration, I’m committing myself in earnest to The New Project until my 7-day summer holiday begins this Wednesday. Such is the life and times of a (relatively) newly minted academic.

I am, however, scheduling time for some extended reading of the last month or two of your blogs, StyleNation. I cannot wait to see what you’ve been wearing!

In the mean time, here’s what I’ve worn since summer finally arrived in IPF North. (I am still in meetings of various kinds 3-5 times a week in pursuit of The New Project.)

#1. Green Skirt, Hot-Hot Day

I love this colour of green. Maybe you guessed this fact already, given that this is the colour of my wedding dress. I wore this ensemble (not the wedding one) for a meeting on the other side of campus late last week. The black turned out to be the right choice as it didn’t show my extreme sweatiness after that slog. The green was touch and go, embarrassing sweat-mark-wise. Fortunately, the slip I threw on before dashing out of my house that morning took the brunt of the load.

Anne Klein black embellished sleeveless T: new to blog (via Winners)
Kelly Green cotton twill skirt: new to blog (via Winners)
Black leather belt: Nine West
Eject white leather peep-toe slingbacks: new to blog (deeply discounted in last summer’s sales)

I talked myself out of this top two separate times before I finally picked it up. The feathery parts are a bit fru-fru and silly; but I’ve decided one can never have too many boat neck black sleeveless tops.  Because black is awesome (obviously), and because it’s nice not to worry about cleavage allowance during meetings.

#2. Matchy-matchy, Muggy Day

This is what I’ve got on today. It’s hot and sticky, but I had a meeting with a new research assistant, so I was going for floaty (read: air circulation under the clothes), not clingy, but still on the profesh side.

Forever Fashion embellished mauve sleeveless T: new (via Winners)
Esprit cotton drop-waist pleated flower skirt: remixed
Silver-link metal belt: thrifted, remixed
Nine West nude platform wedges: remixed

All this sweating is heightening my anticipation of cottage week. If all goes as planned, I will be cottage-bobbing with E-Jo, Rinty the Crusher, and another key player or two by late Wednesday afternoon. Probably we’ll look something like this (some faces obscured to protect the innocent;)

Sweet buckets of relief! I cannot wait to not be sweating alone in my office. 
We will think of you fondly, StyleNation.
What, if anything, are you doing for holidays this summer?

20 thoughts on “Switching Gears

  1. Ah Raquelita, you know all the hip internet terms! Whether the top is defined as washable or not, it's going into the laundry in a delicates bag on a delicate cycle. I refuse to pay to dryclean t-shirts.

  2. Now I'm taking notes! In future, I shall contact people ahead of time and demand good times, too.And thanks, AFtK. I'll keep my end of the bargain if and when anything comes of the project.

  3. I'm told Winners is akin to T.J. Marshall's in the U.S. It's a discount outlet chain where, when the stars align, one can find name-brand/designer things at deeply discounted prices. I get all of my Mat&Nat bags and wallets there.

  4. Super duper crazy about the black and green ensemble! That's the best stylish-while-staying-cool look I've seen in a long time. Totally coveting the top. And holiday? Don't I wish. Such is the consultant's life. Sigh.

  5. Congratulations on finally finishing a project that’s been expanding your repertoire of curse words for months (well the curse words thats just me probably). Loving the kelly green. J.

  6. Congrats on getting the Project that Will Never End to actually end (or at least to move on to another stage)!  Remember your promise to reveal your name to me, so that I can read it.  I quite like the green outfit.  I am actively taking notes, since I am expecting to have to dress for work 5 days a week in the fall, after having spent most of the summer in yoga pants.  (At this very moment, my yoga pants are even wrong side out.)I have very limited holiday plans this summer.  I need to both come as close to possible at finishing dissertation chapter drafts and move.  But I think that once I have moved, I will go home to see my parents.  Largely, this means that I will cook for days, to stock their chest freezer.  My mom works full time and is a full time care giver for my dad, who can no longer drive or really be left alone.  For many years of their marriage, my mom worked from home and set a meal preparation standard that she cannot maintain under current living conditions.  At the same time, food is one of the main focal points of my dad's days.  So I load up their freezer a couple of times a year, with little quiches, eggplant parm, and soups.  So basically, my holidays: work, moving, and elder parent care.  BUT my folks live abotu 2 hours from the city with Academic Gay Boyfriend and my sister.  So I am going to go in for a couple of overnights and demand to be shown a good time.

  7. Congrats on finishing the project that will not end! Your summer ensembles are delightful, and I certainly know the importance of cleavage management! Have fun cottage bobbing 🙂

  8. Congratulations on being done (for now) with that project!  I dig the feathery embellishments on that top.  Is it machine washable?  I'm also fangirling on the color palette of your matchy matchy outfit.  

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