Dispatches from London, 2011 edition

Due to a bout of air travel-induced catarrh, I am working from my garret today instead of at the archive.
It’s a room with a view of sorts. 
I’m wearing my nightie, a black cardigan and my new shoes.

Won’t these look amazing with opaque black tights in the fall?

17 thoughts on “Dispatches from London, 2011 edition

  1. Your husband is right.  I am dying for a pair of Fiorentini + Baker Eternity boots in black but I cannot bring myself to spend the cash, even though I've wanted them forever and I also finished a PhD (Yay you!  And me!).  I say, get them so I can live vicariously through you.  But a more modest prized–and you deserve a prize–would be my new sandals.  They are Folk, handmade in Portugal, and are on sale right now and come in a variety of colours including the most beautiful orange/coral, a flinty grey, black and this cognac suede.  If you are still in Europe they will be easier to find, I think.  No dilemma.  Go shopping. 

  2. I totally made a sort of inner gasp/'hyah!'-type jealousy noise when I saw those shoes. They are amazing. I'm trying not to buy new clothes for a number of reasons, but at the same time, my husband reasonably tells me that I deserve something big (I have a Ph.D. now, donchaknow), so…DILEMMA. 

  3. Flats.  Well, a very tiny, half-inch wedge.  Perfection!  And I miss London too, even when I'm here because it has so much of what there isn't when I go back that I can't do everything I want to do when I'm here.  

  4. First, I am so jealous that you are in London. I went to London back in 1986 but I don't remember it very much. I want to go back.Second, those shoes are awesome. I love the pattern!

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