Getting Back in the Game

Dudes. I’m back. All of a sudden it’s over a month since I last posted. Mostly this is because I’ve been away — wedding prepping and attending (of which there will be a separate post soon) and cottage bobbing. But I’ve returned to the world of work and regular outfit photographs. I’m behind on commenting but I’ve been reading all your blogs over the last month and you guys are bringing it which has been inspiring. I’m firmly into 100/38 degree days and working in a coffeeshop mode so it’s been really easy to fall into schlub wear. But, in the desire to overcome my holiday inertia, I need to up my sartorial game.
Here are two attempts to kickstart things:
Top: Joe
Skirt and faux-snakeskin flats: Old Navy

This top is a conundrum. I love the idea of it but am afraid that it fails in the execution. Namely, it mostly looks sloppy rather than cool and architectural. It doesn’t help that heather gray is a dumb fabric to wear in super heat for sweat-related reasons. Also, from this angle, it’s a total boob deflater — and while I’ve got some to spare, I’m not entirely sure that’s what I’m really looking for in a top.

Dress and tank: Target
Wedges: Aerosoles

This is the dress I bought months ago after seeing Anne wearing it. Somehow, though, I haven’t blogged it as A-Dubs recently brought to my attention after I wore it when I spent a (delightful) day with her in Toronto. The dress is great and — most importantly — was not stained by the full glass of red wine I spilled on it while at the cottage.

And, finally, because he hasn’t featured for awhile and because he needs to confirm to his adoring fans that he’s recovered from some recent health issues, here’s the mini FR — copying Jude and Kameko with the bum shot.

How has everyone’s week gone? And is everyone else in denial that it’s July 15?

20 thoughts on “Getting Back in the Game

  1. Thanks!  I know what you mean about the white shirts!  Though dark colors work pretty well too…The Aerosoles are pretty comfy — the only thing that makes them not entirely comfortable to wear all day is they've got a relatively serious heel on them so by the end of the day my feet are pretty tired of that.

  2. That is too bad we didn't overlap — though I was there really briefly.  Some other time!  I'm in Montreal relatively regularly.  I'm so happy with this yellow skirt — it's so cheerful.  

  3. Ok, so why is it that I've NEVER thought to wear that shirt under either a cardi or a blazer in the 2+ years I've had it?  I think that would totally work.  So I've got a plan for 4 months from now clearly.  

  4. I thought you might enjoy that!He's totally back to his regular self.  It's amazing how quickly you respond to antibiotics when you only weigh 10 pounds.  

  5. I'm so glad you're back! I have a couple of shirts like the first where it looks great in store and then at home I'm all, hmmm what happened? And of course, I'm getting the 100/38 degree weather too. Oh the color difference. Makes me want to wear white shirts through October.I really dig your Aerosole shoes those are really cute! And they look comfortable to wear all day.

  6. I wish our time in TO had overlapped!  I would love to meet you irl!That yellow skirt is fantastic and it more than makes up for the failure of the top.  Glad mini-FR is feeling better!

  7. I think your super-power, and Anne's, is Target dresses.  Seriously, you (and the girls) look amazing in that dress, and I don't usually like the wrap top + cami look but you are rocking it.  Dude.  Maybe the Boob Deflator will be better with a cardi with three-quarter sleeves?  I'm thinking in a brilliant teal, which history demonstrates you can totally carry.  You know, when the weather isn't blistering.  What is that like, btw?  Warm weather, I mean.

  8. Ha! "Boob deflator." Also, what you and Anne said about the gray top. Still loving the yellow skirtage, the striped non-boob-deflating dress, and both pairs of those awesome shoes. Finally, sweet Mini-FR! How lovely to know you're up and around, again!

  9. I'm glad to be back!  I had a great time while I was away but there's something to be said for being back at home and on a schedule.  Also, a snuggly little dog helps.  I love the grey/ yellow combo too but don't wear it near enough.

  10. Thanks!  I love this yellow skirt.  I particularly like that it's got a slight green tinge to it (which doesn't really show in the picture) — keeps it from being too primary colored.  

  11. I'm just waiting for a good/ clear picture of me from the wedding.  This is the problem of not taking any pictures yourself: waiting for other people's.  I agree that slightly more tailoring would help that top significantly.  Probably if I'd gone down a size that might have helped (which is weird as I typically Joe clothes to be on the small, rather than large, side).  Anyhow, I'm keeping it because I love it, body flattering be damned!

  12. You're back!  I've been wondering when that wedding post is coming, so I'll be on the look-out 🙂  And yay for the dog shout-out!  Glad to hear mini-FR is doing okay!I wouldn't say I'm in denial about it being mid-July already, since I don't get any kind of seasonal break, but really, where has this year gone??I have a few tops that do the same thing – they seem great in theory, but in practice, eh, not so much.  I feel like tops like that need a little more shape, and they'd be totally fine.  Though I do like how you've paired it with that awesome yellow skirt.  And that dress!  If I may say so, it really highlights the chestal arena.

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