Summer Dressing

Hmmph. It’s been one hell of a summer, hasn’t it?

Perhaps most horrifying are the droves of people dying of starvation in Somalia (if you’ve resources to spare and haven’t done so already, please consider donating). Then there’s that right-wing anti-Islamist sack of sh*t who killed 93 people in Norway (is anyone else peeved that he and his stupid manifesto are getting so much media attention? I’ve yet to hear a single newscast lead off with extended coverage of the victims).

Update: Interrobangs Anonymous’s Katie gave us this link. CBC’s Rex Murphy foregrounds the plight of Norway’s grieving population.

And while we’re on the subject of stupid, pointless deaths, I am really going to miss Amy Winehouse (Oh Amy. You were one beautiful, talented mess!).

With all these seriously awful things happening, and after we’ve given them due consideration (taking action where we can), it’s sweet to enjoy some hilarity and clothes talk.

Clothes talk: remember that thrifted sundress from last summer?

I finally wore it with a coral cardigan. Prepare yourself: I am mixing it up pose-wise in this shot (click the link above to see more of the dress):

MAK coral cardigan: remixed
Thrifted cotton sundress: remixed
Portia gold leather and cork wedges: new (via Shoe Heaven)  
Fantastic leg tan: unfortunate sunless tanner incident

I know. The pose-related excitement is almost overwhelming for me, too.

In other news, how much are we loving the coral with all the other colours here? I could probably use accessories to take me out of the June Cleaver realm, but there are so few people around the department these days that I’m having a hard time bringing my sartorial A game. Also, these are my new favourite shoes.  

NSFW: afternoon wedding

The Hubs’s friend got married on Friday. We attended his breezy outdoor afternoon wedding and stayed for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres on the sunny, breezy patio-by-the-park. After trying on a series of dresses stashed in the back of my closet and declaring them either (a) too formal, or (b) too much in need of horribly squeezy, sweaty under-armour, I opted for this combination instead:

Le Chateau ruched and lined cotton (not jersey) top: remixed
Jacob lined cotton pencil skirt: remixed
Dangly and sparkly earrings, sparkly cuff: remixed (worn with the pale pink wedding dress)
Naturalizer silver sandals: remixed (see link above)

Then I added my silver clutch and the wrap I bought for my mother, but that she didn’t want, so I kept it and she can eat her heart out:

Dezario silver clutch: new to blog (via Shoe Heaven, ages ago)
Fuschia pashmina: who knows? I never keep the tags I cut off scarves (via Winners)

This appeared to hit the right note. And it was great to play hooky for an afternoon from my quiet office. 

What are you remixing this summer, StyleNation?

Also, what’s your position on afternoon weddings and sartorial formality? 

21 thoughts on “Summer Dressing

  1. You nailed it for the afternoon wedding…the bag and shoes are fab with this!As for afternoon weddings, personally, I hate them. What better way to hijack your guests' ENTIRE DAY? And they make no sense. They're often too early for dinner or cocktails, but too late for lunch. And the sun is at the worst place for photos. And they are neither dressy nor casual. Maybe it's the Greek in me…we always have weddings in the 5:00 – 6:30 timeframe, which seems to work well for everything…photos, time to get ready, cocktails, lighting, all of it.

  2. The wedding combo you came up with is beautiful and the coral sweater with the dress is lovely too.  I attended an afternoon wedding over the 4th of July.  Incredibly hot–but I went with a sleeveless sheath in a light cotton and MATCHING kitten heels.  Similar color as what you wore.Would that dressing beautifully COULD solve the problems of this world.

  3. Loving all these outfits — especially the pop of hot pink with your wedding outfit.  Your mom CAN eat her heart out.  I agree about the civility of the afternoon wedding.  Though given the nightmarish heat of where I live, it's hard to even envision enjoying an afternoon outdoor event without bursting into flame.

  4. Rex Murphy's eloquence on the subject is some of the best coverage I've heard on the subject: those gold sandals are positively delicious.

  5. Thanks Dude. Also, nope. The set's a summer's end 70%-off sale purchase from Jysk, an even cheaper version of Ikea that we feature here in IPF North. And it came all folded up so there was no problem sliding that sucker into my teensy car. Obvy, you are going too upscale with your outdoor furniture shopping.

  6. Hmm. This is the second time you've referenced your intense appreciation for cardigans. It may be time for a catalogue of same, no? I'd love to see your collection!

  7. Not especially, but it's a side effect of the change. Even showing this much of my head on the internets is giving me hives though. Gah.Also, after roasting for much of July, the last five days have been delightfully cool. We're promised another bout of weather in the 40s (100s), however, so I'm wearing the cardis while they're not weapons of torture.

  8. An important point, WDM, about hot weather and weddings. If the wedding we attended had been even 2 days before, we would definitely have been singing a different tune. It was hot as Hades. Don't you just hate weight-related clothing issues? It's a good thing, for example, that I didn't alter or toss my clothes last summer as everything's squeezier this year. And none of my pants will allow me to sit down. I try to eat more vegetables and move around more, but mostly I just wear skirts and dresses with a little more give and trust The Force to even things out. Thus far, The Force has failed me, but I'm pretty sure I just need to become a better Jedi.

  9. Yes, the StyleNation gives excellent advice. And glad you're on board with the shoes and headsuit. I kind of love the idea of wedding attendees wearing shorts and tees. Also, geeks rule.

  10. Dude, awesome outfits.  Also awesome haircut (I haven't seen you IRL in sooo long).  More importantly, is that the outdoor dining set from President's Choice?  I am jealous.  I bought that set, tried to fit it in my car, couldn't and then returned it.  Sort of a triumph for shopping bulimia but not so much for outdoor dining.As for the weddings, I'm usually too drunk at all weddings I attend to remember at what time of day they occurred.  And I usually just wear black.

  11. Yes, it has been one hell of a summer. I do love the new and daring pose, and think the summer wedding ensemble is great. I've been wearing the same printed skirt every 3 days this summer. It goes with everything. Or so I've told myself.

  12. I'm a fan of the new and daring pose…and that coral cardigan. I think I might have a slight cardigan addiction problem because I think one can never have to many.xoxo ~ Courtney

  13. Is your pose shake-up meant to showcase your sweet bob?  Because it looks awesome in that shot.I love the coral cardigan with pretty much everything you pair it with, and I'm a little envious that you can actually wear a cardigan now without totally overheating.  I miss my cardigans.And great afternoon wedding outfit!  Especially the shoes!  I'm on the hunt for a similar pair of silver sandals for the wedding I'm in this fall (and they're by no means old lady – I love Naturalizer!)

  14. Remixing…I'm still trying to figure out what that actually means. I'm sure it's something super easy; but right now my brain is fried. If it means, what am I wearing over and over again I'd have to say the same pair of jeans and t-shirts because I hit a rough patch and have gained 15 pounds. I got rid of all of my larger sized clothes in triumph when I hit my lowest weight and so now nothing fits. Not even the t-shirts. The jeans are the only thing. So embarrassing.I think afternoon weddings would be nice if the weather was nice. Down here in the deep south no one has an afternoon wedding because it's just too dang hot. I was in an afternoon wedding in May back in 2002. It was downright horrible. The poor bride even got sick from the heat. Now if the wedding was held in January (we have gorgeous weather in January) I would be all for it! Especially because we could go tasteful but not super sophisticated. Sundresses instead of formal wear. Evening weddings…Anyway, Love both of your outfits, especially the silver strappy sandals from Neutralizer. I have a similar pair in black and love them. But silver – neato!

  15. My mind is blown by your pose shake-up.  How can I possibly finish these edits now?!?I love the color of the top that you wore to the wedding and your silver accents!  The only afternoon wedding I've attended was my own, and I was dressed to the nines.  🙂

  16. The coral cardigan is, as we expected, brilliant.  As are the gold shoes and the headsuit.  As for afternoon weddings, I've only attended one, it was at the courthouse featuring 2 of my geek friends from work, and I think I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

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