Heat Related Apathy

I hate to be a broken record (actually, not really. I repeat myself constantly. It’s totally charming) but, gah, this heat. I’m pretty sure that, scientifically speaking, three straight months of 100 degree weather melts your brain, making it impossible to work the energy to perform even the most basic tasks. This is not helped by the neutral rut that most of my clothes seem to be in. Not, obviously, there’s nothing wrong with a wardrobe heavily based on neutrals but, as I’m firmly on Team Color, this, coupled with the heat, makes it difficult to dress myself every morning. So, undermining my own shopping ban (which has been an abject failure this July. The fact that no one I know is in town this month and the resulting social boredom this has produced has strongly contributed to this failure), I did some shopping to see about perking things up a bit.
Here are two outfits based around the spoils of that trip:
Top: Old Navy
Shorts: Target
Flats: Joe

The purchase of this shirt — while not exactly a bright color — was inspired by two Anthro shirts that I love, owned by A-Dubs and my youngest sister, respectively. This was, unsurprisingly, cheaper. I like the ruffle and the purple-y pink color; plus, it’s made out of super soft cotton which is pleasing. It decidedly perked up a trip to the dentist and a trip out to the vet.

Top and skirt: Old Navy
Sandals: Birkenstock
Man, this post really highlights the most picturesque parts of my house. The black stuff on the tank is lace so it’s not as solid black in person. This skirt, which I bought earlier in the summer, has become a rather unexpected workhorse. I was sceptical about this length on me and, while I’m still not entirely sold, it’s so easy and breezy that I can’t stop wearing it. I think my hippie vet liked it when she saw me YET AGAIN today. (Not to worry, mini FR is fine — just a touch high maintenance right now).
Anyone got any big weekend plans? How about awesome, awesome work-accomplishing plans like me?

17 thoughts on “Heat Related Apathy

  1. I know, people I know need to return or I'm going to go broke.  The mini-FR had a giant bump on his forehead which was either a bacterial thing caused by his earlier hospital visit or a bug bite.  Long story short, a chunk of skin fell off (which, seriously, SUPER gross) and he's got a bump of new skin growing in.

  2. Oh E-Jo! Thanks for admitting that social boredom leads to shopping for you, too. Now we can have, like, a support group, or whatever. Also, your Target finds continue really great. I'm loving the pale pink/lavender number next to your alabaster skin. I acknowledge that it's not a lot of colour, but I'm glad you see how good this particular neutral is for you. Probably you should report in about the Mini-FR. I worry, you know. 

  3. I hate the heat too. I've worn the same linen capris the last three days (washed in between…they're not going to survive the summer!). I've got color but it seems to  be all clothes for cooler climes. I will admit that the best part of my job right now is being able to work inside between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. But as I've been off work the  last three days for a mini-vacay, I feel like I've done nothing but sweat, sweat, and sweat some more.

  4. Yeah,  I hear you–if I never had to wear anything but an oversize white cotton tee shirt and an airy cotton skirt this summer, I'd be fine.  I'm lucky to be working from home.  I like your happy turquoise shoes!

  5. There's something about the end of July, isn't there?  The novelty of the heat is gone (though, really, that's been gone for MONTHS here) and it's just wearing. Yeah, outfit #2 is very "Anne." 

  6. Like Cynthia, I find ON and Target to be roughly the same, quality wise — though Target might be a little bit better.  I don't put anything in the dryer which I suspect probably also helps.  The place I actually find most frustrating, quality wise, is the Gap.  Things there are just expensive enough that I resent how quickly their stuff pills.  When the same thing happens at ON or Target, it doesn't bother me as much as they were cheaper to begin with.  

  7. Yeah, that's exactly the apathy I've been feeling lately.  It's no even that hot here (it's in the 80's and humid, which is annoying, but not 100 degree weather) by comparison.  And I did so much shopping when I didn't know anyone here.  Like, an insane amount of shopping.I feel like I could be wearing that second outfit.  Because I more or less have.  And I love the new top in the first outfit!I'm doing pretty much nothing this weekend, which I'm looking forward to.

  8. I generally think ON and Target are right about at the same quality point.  In each case your risk of getting an item that falls apart quickly and/or behaves badly when washed are about 20%.

  9. I've got a manuscript and a grant proposal that have to be finished within the next six days.  Those are my exciting plans.  Also:  this heat, it offends my soul.

  10. Maybe when I start shopping again, I will have to give Old Navy another chance.  Everything that I bought from there for a period of a couple of years fell apart within a few washes, but you are inspiring me to give it one last shot to win me back.  

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