How do we feel about white pants?

Too naked?

Usually, I don’t wear ’em. I’m too messy/clumsy, and also, I worry I about my buns showing through if I wear the obligatory nude thong underneath.

Then it became August, I lost the will to shave my legs, and I found these in my “do something to alter, change, repair, or otherwise preserve” bag. Suddenly, it didn’t seem so important to dye them green or grey before throwing them on. Instead, I casualed things up for today’s meeting with research assistants:

Bass t-shirt: new to blog ($5 at Vegas outlet mall; acquired during Crazy Vegas Trip ’09 with janey em, D-Med, E-Jo, Kelly Bean, Rinty the Crusher, Designer Shoe Whore, and other Key Players)
Bead Necklace: new to blog, via my cousin’s spa in Tiny-Town, ON
Mango white cargos: new to blog (via Mango; acquired in Barcelona during Graduate Senorita Tour ’07 with Rinty the Crusher, Kelly Bean, and D-Med)
Portia gold leather and cork wedges: remixed (via Shoe Heaven)

See what I mean about the nakedness? Does it not seem if you look closely, you might learn how (or if) I prefer to wax?

I sat during the meeting. 

p.s. ‘Sorry for not commenting as much of late. I’m totally reading your blogs. Really, I am. 
(And you are looking GOOD.)
Stay fabulous. A-Dubs, out. 

20 thoughts on “How do we feel about white pants?

  1. I still totally love these pants, just as much as I did when you first bought them! White wide-leg pants: too cool. Every pair of white pants I've ever owned have been irrevocably stained by the third outing, and though I dearly love the wide-legs I have yet to figure out how to wear them. These babies accentuate your sass and leg length, not your crotchal grooming habits.For the record, I will second (third?) the nude thong or boyshort recommendation. To me, white gotch under white pants / skirt is too visible. For me it's not an issue of pretending not to wear underwear but rather an issue of not drawing further attention to the crotchal / buttal zone.Also, HI! I'm still reading, if not commenting. Or blogging. I am trying to find the time to get back to that. I think I left it in my white wide-leg pants.

  2. Ha! This is a big problem with white pants. Frankly, I've got the same problem with light coloured tops. And don't even get me started on armpit/deodorant issues with the white blouses!

  3. Yep. There are big puffy pockets, so probably they'd distract from the baring of the part between the buttocks. If I were wearing nude unders instead of white ones. Also, I've only just rediscovered these babies. I'd convinced myself I would wear them more if they were died grey or dark green, so I put them in the above-noted bag. But the things in that bag have been there for years because I am too lazy to actually get to the renovations they require. 

  4. Here's the thing. I don't really get why it's a bad thing for unders to show through white pants. I sort of like that my white unders show as it proves I am actually wearing them. Why must I pretend that I am not wearing underwear? This is sort of leading into my rant about panty lines. But I don't have the energy to continue right now. Probably I'll get into it later. 

  5. Woo, a bit too sheer for me. But you are younger and hipper than I am and carry it off well in these photos. I kind of like the idea above of white boyshorts underneath. Then there is NO DOUBT what is being viewed is NOT flesh or (lack of) Brazilian.While spilling iced coffee or red wine may sound like a catastrophe, spilling plain water might turn white pants into an Academics Gone Wild video speedy-quick.In other news, love the sandals and that turquoise color is fabulous with your skin tone! Hm, maybe turquoise boyshorts are the answer…

  6. Dude.  These look AWE.some.  Are there pockets in the buttockal region?  If so, no one's going to see anything.Seriously, I can't get over that you hardly wear these.  They are fab.  

  7. I think any sort of nude underpinnings will do the trick — I actually think you definitely don't want to do white as those tend to show through light white things.  I prefer a nude boy short or fullback with my white pants — though mine have a heavier fabric. 

  8. Well, I sort of made up the part about wearing a nude thong. But Rinty the Crusher told me I should wear one with the white pantage. I mostly wear fullbacks as I am a prude and worry about public nudity. Also, I gave up red wine in summer. It opens up the white pantal option (somewhat). But I only ever get one – or even just a half – day's wear before the inevitable occurs. 

  9. Why is a nude thong obligatory?  I'd go for white boy shorts with these pants to combat that nudie feeling.  But you know me, I do not do the thong.  Or white pants actually, for red-wine related reasons. This outfit is awesome with the gold shoes.  

  10. I miss reading her blog, too, Terri. I've not had a chance to check in with her on the phone since the birth of Baby T. Perhaps I'll try her this weekend and report back. I'm zipping over to your blog now to check out your white slacks!

  11. Hehe. I feel certain that you can pull white pants off. Just grab 'em at the ankles and yank. Also, I know, right? Others look crisp and cool in les pantalons blanche, but I mostly worry about bun exposure. 

  12. I think they look great on you. They scream – in a good way – summer, casual, cool (as in not hot). From your pictures, I can't tell if they are really light or not. But if you don't feel comfortable in them, maybe it's time that they found a new home and you got some new heavier in fabric white pants. But I love the cargo look contrasting to the classy aqua top. Very cute!

  13. My mother had about 50 pairs of white pants.  When she learned I owned not a single pair, she couldn't believe it.  What did I wear, if not white pants?  Judging from the state of my khakis, I probably couldn't walk across the room without getting a stain on them.  Yours don't look especially revealing, just cool–especially with the aqua top.  Oh, wait–I did have a pair of white pants once.  I spilled red wine on them the first (and only) time I had them on..

  14. First, how is Kelly Bean doing?  I miss reading her blog.  These are really, really cute pants, but they are more sheer than the pair of white slacks I thrifted earlier this summer and wore once or twice in May.  It was one of those things I was willing to TRY as a member of the blogophere.

  15. I would like to say I could pull white pants off (oh, and you totally do by the way) but I just don't think it's in my wheel house. Although these do like the perfect summer pant…xoxo ~ Courtney

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