It’s been a while

You know what’s the worst? A chest cold in the midst of 60+ days of 100 degree weather. It’s made it delightfully difficult to get anything reasonable done, right when the August fears are kicking in. Gah. So, anyhow, I’m keeping this brief today. This is something I wore weeks ago now — the shirt is part of my Old Navy haul from late last month.
Top: Old Navy
Tank & shorts: Target
Sandals: Birkenstocks

I’m loving the color of this shirt. And though it looks slightly wonky in these pictures, I think, once wrangled, it’ll be a great piece for me.

How’s everyone else managing these closing days of summer?

20 thoughts on “It’s been a while

  1. Ha! Then you would hate the counter-top in one of my new bathrooms even more than I do. To make it even more 80s-soaked, a prior owner appears to have added a layer of that spray paint that's supposed to make things look like rock-face. Hunter-green rock face. Then there's the hunter green faux-tile sponge painting behind and around the mirror. It's like the 80s threw up in there. Also, get on the teal train, D-Med.  

  2. Nice work, ON shopper. 'Sorry you're ill in the ill weather. That sounds positively hellish. Feel better soon. Also, when exactly do your classes begin? I am still in deep, deep denial about summer's conclusion. Can you not afford to join me here? 

  3. Dude.  You win.  Because it's not just flu.  It's flu plus toddler plus baby.  I just have a recalcitrant wiener dog.  Who is a wien.  Glad to see you back on the interwebs!

  4. Ugh, the fact that classes start in 10 days is a.palling.  Though, I must confess, I actually find myself more excited, than nervous at this point about my classes.  Right now, they're full of hopeful possibility.  In 11 short days, the grim reality will have set in!Plus — I'm pretty sure you're awesome in the classroom!

  5. It does help when there are very, very few other local options…  I think one thing that helps keep teal from looking too 80s is if it more blue, than green.  Green-y teal is one step away from hunter green — my most hated color, fyi.  

  6. I actually contemplated going a size up in the shirt for more exaggerated drapiness, all the better for belting, but decided against it.  I haven't tried it out on this one yet but I think it could look swell.Good point!  And, realistically, I'm still looking at good 6-8 weeks of 90+ weather so it'll still feel like summer for a while here.  I haven't tried the vapo rub on the feet thing yet — but I might have to… for science!

  7. Yeah, definitely a neckline offender, sans underpinning, but I think I've conceded that, on me, basically, everything needs to be worn with an under layer.  

  8. I think this chest cold thing has been making it's way around the US. I've had it twice. The heat makes me feel horrible and the humidity makes me feel both good (think humidifier) and horrible at the same time. How is that possible?Outfit is fantastic. I love that top! It's a great color and the fit is cute.

  9. Augh, sorry about your cold in the waning days of "break."  That blue shirt does look smashing on you, though.  I must admit to being a bit of a nervous nelly myself about school starting up again.  I can't believe I'm 12 days away from meeting my new students.  (Breathe in, breathe out).

  10. It's exactly what it sounds like. Before you go to bed, put vapo rub on the bottoms of your feet and cover with socks. I don't know why it works, but it usually clears me up.

  11. Sorry about the chest cold!  August is when we commemorate The Great Fear every year, but instead of attacking manor houses we frantically try to finish publication projects and write lectures and suppress our desires to roll our eyes at convocations.  

  12. Once again, putting paid to the rumour that Old Navy is your superpower.  This top is great; style and colour look awesome on you.  This and your bridesmaid dress are having me re-think teal as a colour not just belonging to the 80s.  I can't speak about how I am handling the closing days of summer or I will fall apart.  Seriously.

  13. I love the color of this shirt!  I bet it'd look swell belted or tucked in (perhaps to a skirt?) too.Closing days of summer?  For those of us outside of academia, there's still like 5 weeks of summer left!  I suppose that's one good-ish thing about not being on that schedule – no August jitters here.  Hope your chest cold clears up soon so you can enjoy the rest of your summer!  Have you tried the vapo-rub-on-your-feet trick yet?

  14. Ugh.  Chest colds can bite me.  Also:  I bought that top, but returned it as a neckline offender.  Love the color and it looks cute layered, maybe I should have given it more of a chance.  Hmm.

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