Getting this Show Back on the Road

We interrupt IPF‘s unscheduled month-long hiatus in order to get this show back on the road. In the interest of starting slowly and retaining what sanity is available to academics at this ridiculous time of year, I bring you the following non-teaching-day ensemble:

 Just kidding.  

That’s what I wore to walk the dog this morning.  It’s the hellish part of Start-of-Term, so I plan to hide out in my office all day today. The coffee and lunch lines are too long, and there are too many lost students milling around in the hallways. I’ll just hunker down here with my thermos and lunch bag. And I’ll wear this to do so (This is the on-campus version of the above – in strange light that adds cool texture where it does not actually exist):

And in real light: 

DKNY tunic (with pockets!): new to blog
Mall anchor store tank dress: do we care? It’s a stretchy white undergarment.
Moonstone pendant: my cousin’s spa/shop in Tiny Town, Canada
Black microfibre leggings: remixed a LOT 
Fly London Yayas: remixed

How’ve you been, StyleNation? 
And how’s September treating you thus far?

34 thoughts on “Getting this Show Back on the Road

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  2. September has been full of sleeveless, summery dresses in the classroom.  Funny how they feel too "exposed" in the spring, but with a summer tan, they feel comfortably covered up.  Dreading taking out trousers . . .

  3. Nice (on the bad country singalongs). Also, about the breaking up: it's good to recognize when a bad relationship is just not going to get any better. Who gets to keep the warm days and cool sleep-friendly nights? Who gets the super-annoying plethora of wasps?

  4. September and I are totally breaking up.  I can only take so much.  Despite a really awesome and somewhat unexpected visit from my sister, I feel more scrambly than normal — especially given that I'm teaching two courses that I've taught a lot.  The only thing that's getting me through are the "singing loudly along to bad country music" sessions that have been happening in my car in the last couple of days.

  5. Ha! Total agreement with the fuckage. And yes. I can do that. When I finish writing lectures at a million o'clock this eve, I shall have a minute or two of actual fun time deciding how best to showcase the Yas. Thanks for asking!

  6. Will do, Courtney. I'm sorry about soul-crushingness. The job market sucks. A. LOT. Take good care of you. I grant you permission to reward yourself with every application sent out and every response received – regardless of the tenor of said response.

  7. Awesome to "see" you, too, Rad! And seriously? The national conference is on labor day weekend? That sucketh hard. Good to know you're getting into the swing of things. I live in hope of hitting some sort of groove shortly.Also, Thanks!

  8. Thanks Anne. And dogs are never embarrassed by us; it's one of their best qualities. They just think we're awesome. Also, yoga pants-and-T are perfectly reasonable dog-walking attire. On days off, I walk the dog in much, much worse things. Finally, sorry you're bored this month. Even though I am kind of jealous, I understand – theoretically, at least – that it's not great to be bored at work.

  9. I'm so glad you're back! I've missed you guys. I love the tunic too. Tunics are pretty awesome.I had my first week of academic advising. The first two days were really interesting and I loved helping the students. By the third day I felt like a train wreck and it got worse after there. Not sure I'm digging the whole working with students thing. I actually had one kid tell me that college sucked because college was hard. um…

  10. Wow, way to be like some hyperbolic value times more stylish than me while walking the dog.  If I'm not already dressed for work, I'm usually rocking the same yoga pants and tee that I wore to bed the night before.  Gah, my dogs are probably so embarrassed by me.I love the tunic!  I hope we'll see lots of iterations of it here, since it looks super versatile.I feel bad saying this around all you academics, but uh, my September has been super tame at work.  Like, to a boring degree.  Thankfully I had a trip home last week to break things up, which is always nice.

  11. I love how you transition from walking the dog to bravign the first of the term. September always feels like the start of a new year to me. Busy busy. Good luck with the start of the term 🙂

  12. September is handing my ass to me. Way, way, way too much to do and it's all mingled with the soul crushing experience of being on the job market this year which is causing me to have a whole series of fun little melt downs. Ugh. Wake me up when it's Halloween.xoxo ~ Courtney

  13. September blows radioactive goats.  There.  I said it.  I have three grant proposals due by Oct. 5.  And the department's first full-scale undergrad class to ride herd on.

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