Back in the Saddle

Ummm… seriously, has it been over a month since I’ve posted?  Yikes.  Also, is September really two thirds over?  Really?  The last six weeks have been crazy busy with the start of term, a short notice but excellent visit from my sister during which I indoctrinated her into the Party Down club, and the delight that is an increased array of departmental service roles (I’ve totally been reading your blogs though.  I just haven’t had a chance to keep up with commenting).  
While my sister was here, I was introduced to the wonder that is Nordstrom Rack.  It is awesome.  For our Canadian readers, it’s like Winners but all drawn from Nordstrom so lots of good deals on high end brands.  My sister got a $300 blazer for $30.  This could be dangerous.
Coral cardigan: Nordstrom Rack
White tank: Target
Brown pencil skirt: NY & Co.
Gold flats: Nine West
Silver pendant: H&M
It was there that I found this awesome cardigan.  I love coral and, given that we’re only starting to get into temperatures below 100/ 40, its short sleeves make it much more wearable for me.  I wasn’t on the drapey cardigan bandwagon last year but I think I might be converted.  It’s going to look awesome belted and it hangs really nicely.  
How are you doing, Style Nation?  I’ve got to say that, while I’d like September to be touch less crazy, I’m kind of digging being back in professorial garb after a summer of, mostly, schlubbiness.

20 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. Thanks!  I might actually find mixed metallics similarly difficult to imagine wearing with all sorts of things.  Even though they'd be basically just as remixable.  The rug was only $100 at Home Depot of all places so this allows me to be FAR less neurotic about the possibility of its destruction.

  2. This is a great, professional outfit.  Have I mentioned before how awesome you are with the metallic-gold-as-neutral phenom?  Because it is totally working.  I have a pair of bronze and gold t-strap shoes that I have worn only once because I don't know what to wear them with.  Obviously everything.That rug is beautiful but the Vampire Cat would destroy it.  I am not allowed to have nice things.  That cats can pee on.  It's kind of making me anxious just imagining it.

  3. Dude. Believe. Also, gah! That rug is great – but does the Mini-FR take wizzes on it, or just try to eat it? Here at IPF North, the FR occasionally tries to eat my shaggy bathmat. It is alarming. And weird. 

  4. Dude, you better not be getting my hopes up with this fairly definitive sounding language.  The new photo location is required of my teaching schedule this term — I don't get home until 7:30-8 and it's too dark to take outdoor pictures and it's too bright out when I leave.  You do get to see my new-ish rug which the mini-FR is trying to convince me is the same as grass — just indoors and cream.

  5. I'm 90 minutes away from the nearest one too so that's probably a good thing — though I also suspect that, like TJ Maxx/ Winners/ what have you, the ability to do frequent visits to check out what's new is actually more likely to net you good deals than the once-every-couple-months drop-in.  Either way — I came out spending less than $30, so I'm fine with that!

  6. Huzzah! You're totally right about that cardigan – it's really, really great. Also, you look awesome. I'm loving the new photo location. Helps me imagine where all the action takes place. You know, until I get there in January when I come to the Texas conference. (That's totally happening, BTW, so prepare yourself.)

  7. Thanks!  I'm actually surprised coral works as well for me as it does.  It's a color I really associate with my grandma whose blonde but we're both really fair skinned and I guess that's what does it!

  8. One thing that helped elevate my NR experience was that the one I was at was pretty empty.  I can imagine that if it's busy that it could be a bit much — though I hate any busy store, really…Glad to see you back on the interwebs!

  9. That outfit rocks, E-Jo.  I especially like the brown pencil skirt + coral combo. Like Anne, I also get overwhemled at NR. And I always seem to be going into the one near me with a backpack on because I'm researching or going to meetings nearby.  Clothes racks + too many shoppers + short nerdy girl with backpack = awkward.

  10. I like the idea of Nordstrom Rack, but I always get overwhelmed there. The only thing I've ever gotten there was shoes, since apparently I can manage in a huge shoe section.Nice to see you rejoining Style Nation 🙂

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