Grainy Blues

So this outfit is from last week, when we were still in the midst of a glorious string of days in the 80s/90/ high 20s/ low 30s, which explains my ability to wear sleeves.  Somehow, even though it’s almost October, we’re back into the 100s which means sleeves are out the window and it’s impossible to take pictures when I get home as I’m such a sticky, humid mess.

But, weather complaining aside, I loved this outfit and only wish the pictures did it justice.  These are, in fact, the (probably) final shots (for the blog, at least) from my old point-n-shoot.  I got a fancy new camera for my birthday and it’s dying to be taken out for some outfit shots, not just pictures of my dog.

Blue cardi: Gap OutletDress: Old NavyNecklace: AnthroYe olde familiar gold flats: Nine West

It was a delightful outfit, perfect for getting some work done in the office and meeting with the new department chair to set up my committee for my half way to tenure review (eep).  I figured that, when going to an important meeting, what’s better than wearing a slightly distracting and sparkly necklace?
What’s it like in the world of fall?  Could you send some of it here?  Especially your rain — we need it pretty desperately!

14 thoughts on “Grainy Blues

  1. The blue is gorgeous and I just love the way all the lines of this come together. The necklace is great; thanks for including the closeup.I've got some rain I can send you. No problem.

  2. Well, with our historic drought, we've got plenty of dry leaves but I'd definitely take an acorn!  It was super comfortable and the kind of outfit that I liked so much that every once and a while I'd look down, forgetting what I was wearing, and be pleasantly surprised!

  3. Meeting was fine.  As for the outfit, I really like the bright blue against the khaki and white — it "pops" nicely, I think.  My birthday's just over a week away still… 

  4. Every day I reach for the ye old familiars, then think maybe I should wear different shoes, then put them on 'cause they're awesome and so multi-purpose.  The meeting did go well — though it was a very low stakes early meeting in the process so fortunately it would have been difficult to make it go poorly.  I've got my fingers crossed for you!

  5. I suspect that sometimes it's easy to overdo the sobriety of our attire for meetings.  Probably a pop of color here or there works to our advantage in that you look put together but also like you have a personality.  Though the necklace was also necessary as, otherwise, this would have been WAY too much cleavage for the occasion!I've updated to include a photo of the necklace.  

  6. This was actually somewhat weird in that it was both an important meeting and totally informal.  If I had dressed up in  atypically formal attire, it would have been strange for the scenario.  It's not an outfit I necessarily would have worn if the meeting had included more than my chair or if it had been more official than a "so, who'd you like on your committee" 5 minute conversation.  I'd be happy to have you accept a job down here!  

  7. I could send a dried leaf or two, perhaps an acorn that would put you in the mood.  I LIKE this outfit.  It's visually interesting and I'll bet it felt great too.

  8. Gah! I hope the meeting didn't freak you out too much. Because you'll be totally fine, of course. Also, I love the colours and how this all fits together. And I'm with Wendim: need a closer view of the awesome necklace. p.s. Hang on, it's not your birthday yet. Right? Right??

  9. I love ye old familiar flats with this dress and cardi pairing.  I hope that the meeting went well.  I'm totes jealous that I'm slogging through another year that I won't get any tenure credit for.  But maybe one day I'll be living the dream. 

  10. I wore something similar to an interview (staff, academic advisor) – black dress pants, flats, and a cardi over a nice cami. I got the job. It was put together but a little boring probably. But that's okay.I like the color combinations here. It's still light to reflect the unlike Fall weather you're having but it's not screaming summer-time. Can we get a close up of that bling?

  11. They usually say for important meetings that you're supposed to wear something sorta boring; I think you did better! And it is a lovely outfit on you, E-Jo. And I CANNOT imagine living in a place in which its 100 degrees F right now. But that is not to say I wouldn't happily accept a job in such a place.

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