Running the Numbers

It’s like I settled in to write lectures on September 8th, and here I am almost four weeks later, still writing. September in academia is a whirlwind around a crap storm.

Here on the other side, in the sweet early days of October, less than twenty-four hours away from my first giant pile of marking, a routine has begun to emerge. Once again, it all seems manageable instead of overwhelming.

I’m teaching two courses this term, one of which is an upper-year group of twenty-five students who are absolutely fantastic. The majority of the group appears to do all the readings (a miracle unto itself), then they talk to each other and to me, and they say smart, insightful things. They make it easy to get out of bed twice a week. I. Am. Grateful.

In other news, the countdown’s on for E-Jo’s birthday. Can you feel the excitement? My (preliminary) gift to her is the following set of autumn-ish images of a non-teaching-day ensemble. The leaves are falling, but it’s still warm enough for bare arms in the middle of the day:

DKNY studded jean jacket: Winners (remixed)
Juicy floral ruffled silk dress (purchased in XL & worn as tunic): Winners (new to blog)
Slim black pointe knit pants/leggings: Smart Set (new to blog)
Fly London Yayas: remixed
New location for outfit shots: side of my new garage
(matches my new house – more on this later)

And here’s one of the dress, minus the jacket, showcased via the Wonder WomanClassic with Hip Tilt” pose:

Red sparkly bracelet: mall anchor store (new to blog)
Pulsar watch: was my grandfather’s (remixed)
Obligatory shoe close-up, as requested (see comments section):
Care to share, All? 
‘High points? Low points in the blurry ninth month just past? 

16 thoughts on “Running the Numbers

  1. Oops, meant to respond to this earlier.  It's huge!  (25 students).  That's part of the problem.  But hey, 6 weeks done, so at least the semester is moving forward.  Onwards and upwards, and all that.

  2. Dude, I know. I'll figure a way and forum to post photos soon. I can't seem to stop planning and fiddling around with reno projects long enough to show anyone the house we bought. Not even my parental units have seen anything photographic as yet. This is theirs (and your) punishment for not living closer to me. Also, I'm ignoring your blasphemy. But I, too, maintain a deep and abiding dread of November.

  3. Thanks Rad! And I'm glad to know September didn't put your feet to the flames. Is your grad class a big one, or is it small enough that you can whip them into shape in short order?

  4. It's nice, isn't it, when our students make things better instead of worse? I'm glad to know you've got some good groups this year. Also, I've been following your blog (apologies for not commenting lately). You make overwhelmed look calm, in control, and freaking fantastic!

  5. Thanks, Raquelita. And I'm glad to know October's feeling somewhat better vibe-wise, if not in terms of workload. I, too, am presenting at a conference in about a month and somehow felt it would be great to present new material. How I regret that plan!

  6. So sorry to hear about the sinus pain, Anne. That is awful. I've been enjoying your concert and travel recaps in other forums – and living vicariously through your interesting and varied existence. Also, thanks! I probably should have done a necklace, too, but it was September and a bracelet was really all I could handle, organizationally!

  7. Dude, welcome back.  Also, I hope you realize that shots of the side of your garage are not going to come anywhere close to cutting it, as to my need to see pictures of your house…Thanks, as well, for the autumnal images.  It's helping address my need for fall.  And, I know this is blasphemy, but I actually like the busyness of September as we haven't yet reached the soul-crushing heights of November grading.  I'll take September over November every time. 

  8. How is it October already?  My September wasn't that bad (a bit hot) as we have a slew of holidays that break it up.  My students are mostly pretty good, although my grad students need to shape up a bit. You're killing it as usual, sartorially. Beautiful dress!

  9. I got completely swamped in September and spent most of the month in a super high stress state, frantically trying to stay on top of things. Thank God it's October and things are starting to settle down a bit. My students are all wonderful this year though so that's making a difference.xoxo ~ Courtney

  10. September kicked my ass. Repeatedly. October promises to be busy and frenetic, as midterms are rolling in and need to be marked, lectures still have to be written, and I'm presenting at a conference at the end of the month. I am getting some positive vibes from the month, though, and hopefully it won't make me want to cry uncle the way last month did.I love the ya-yas and the jacket!

  11. I love the dress as tunic! You look so cute. I too am floored that we are already into October. September was overwhelming and busy. I sent off two manuscripts and am hoping for a swift and favorable turnaround (both of which are long shots). But regardless, the highlight is definitely somehow getting them off my desk despite my teaching and service loads this term.

  12. September WAS a blurry month!  I can't believe it's October already.  My high points were a trip home and 2 concerts.  Low point was definitely a nasty sinus infection, which doesn't seem to want to go away.Love this dress!  And I like how you've pulled the red out of that print with the bracelet.

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