Leaving on a Jet Plane

Man, this fall seems to be slowing us right down here at In Professorial Fashion.  Postings, on my part, have been few and far between because I leave tomorrow for a conference trip to France, followed by a couple of days in Berlin, visiting my youngest sister who’s there organizing a conference for urologists.  Leaving for a somewhat extended break, mid-semester, is one of the perks of the way my teaching schedule works out this term.  However, unsurprisingly, it means that I need to get on top of both conference things, and things related to my absence (pre-trip grading, arranging guest lecturers and mid-terms, etc…).

Nonetheless, I have managed to take a couple of outfit pictures in the last week or so that have gone unblogged.

Coral tank: Addition-Elle
Chartreuse tank: Target
Brown skirt: Gap
Brown suede flats: Joe
70s style, macrame necklace: RW&Co., ages ago
I posted a version of this outfit over the summer with shorts (or at least I think I did; I can’t seem to find the post however…), rather than the skirt, but I love the combination of coral and chartreuse.  And with that much color up-top, the rest really needs to be neutral.  I don’t think I’ve blogged this necklace before, which is crazy as it’s one of my favorites.  I’ll try to wear it again soon and actually take a detail shot.  I’m teaching until 7 pm this term and it’s really hard to take more than a couple of basic shots when I get home.  
Black cardi: Gap
Purple tank: Target
Olive pencil skirt: Lane Bryant
Faux-snakeskin flats: Old Navy
Silver necklace that never photographs true to color: LOFT Outlet 
This skirt purchase was inspired by Jessica over at Surely Sonsy.  She’s been rocking some awesome pencil skirts, reminding me how fantastic and versatile they can be.  This one’s a ponte knit so it’s really comfy.  I also bought it in charcoal grey so expect to see some version of that soon.
Bright blue cardi & black tee: Gap
Brown pencil skirt: NY & Co.
Gold flats: Nine West
Silver pendant: H&M
As you can see with these last two outfits, I’m totally trying to make cooler weather happen here.  With very little success.  Nonetheless, this bright blue cardi is totally a workhorse for me, unexpectedly.  I love how it jazzes it up an otherwise fairly unexciting combo.  
I’ll try to take some outfit photos in exotic European locales but I make no promises.  Hope you all have a good week or so!

10 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jet Plane

  1. I love the pencil skirts on you!  This post makes me want to dig my pencil skirts out of whatever box they might be hiding in.  Or just be lazy and go buy a new one.Hope you have a fun trip, and please post pictures when you get back so we can all travel vicariously through you!

  2. You know who else wears pencil skirts?  The French.  You are totally going to kick it on the conference circuit.  Probably someone will also want to dance the Apache with you, where you should definitely kick it.  Safe journey, Serious Scholar!

  3. I am loving a pencil skirt right now — I've got two packed for conference wear. They go a good way towards the appearance of shapeliness. I'm also rediscovering my love of that silver H&M pendant (which I may have bought with you at a jaunt to the Steeltown mall — actually the same mall that housed the RW&Co where I bought the first necklace). Perhaps I need to connect my re-appreciation of these necklaces with my 30th birthday-related nostalgia for Steeltown hijinks (also prompted by recent re-listens to "Dirt Mall").

  4. You are indeed rocking the pencil skirtage this term. And thanks for the link to Surely Sonsy – I'm heading over there asap!I'm seriously loving all these ensembles, btw. You are so perfectly accessorized and shapely of late.Finally, dude. Have a wicked trip. I cannot wait to hear/see the news upon your return!

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