Coming Home

Hi all!  I’m back, States-side, after a lovely excursion to France and Germany.  It was a packed 10 days, full of baguettes, nutella crepes, wine, schnitzel and giant beers.  So, in other words, pretty awesome.  I even managed to keep my spending to only-slightly excessive, going on a bit of scarf-buying binge.  But now I’m back in the world of reality, made all too real by the stack of mid-terms I had waiting for me on my return.

When I was in Berlin, my sister was there, helping organize a conference for 3000+ urologists so I got to tag along to the banquet dinner.  My sister kindly took my single outfit picture from the trip.

Sweater: Gap Outlet
Ruffle-y top: Joe
Charcoal pencil skirt: Lane Bryant
Tights: Target, I believe
Gold Flats: Nine West 

I wasn’t really expecting to go to this, so I had limited options for dressiness.  However, it gave me a chance to wear my new pencil skirt which I hadn’t worn during my conference because it was so freezing in the conference room that I wore pants the whole time.  

Black t-shirt: Gap outlet
Gray pencil skirt: Lane Bryant
Multi-colored circle scarf: Vero Moda (part of my German haul)
Blue suede shoes, obscured by mini-FR blur: Jessica Simpson 

This was my outfit for yesterday’s return to the classroom.  There’s a lot going on with the scarf so I thought a neutral backdrop was probably necessary — and allowed the scarf to be the star.  Be prepared for a number of similarly scarf-centric outfits from me in the next little while to showcase my purchases!

Detail shot of scarf and shoes.
Now for a couple of pictures from the trip itself…
Baguette, Boursin, Macarons: dinner of champions.  (Not pictured: the bottle of Cote du Rhones that accompanied this) 
An Alp
My sister and I on the train to Potsdam (I’m wearing another new, German scarf)

How’ve you guys been?  

14 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. Also, scarves are the perfect thing to buy while traveling: infinitely keep-able, tremendously useful, and incredibly easy to pack. You = genius. Me = taking notes.

  2. Sorry to hear that.  If it makes you feel any better, I was greeted on my return with a stack of mid-terms that had to be graded in a day, not one but two classes being observed by colleagues, and a 1 1/2 hr. meeting on the department's diversity climate.  

  3. I know!  The conference in France made it all possible.  Based on a relatively short stay, I have to say I really love Berlin as well.  It seems like such a livable city.

  4. I really liked Berlin — I would very happily return.  I would imagine that the contrast between the divided and reunited city would be quite interesting.

  5. Dude!  Glad to be back!  One more German scarf (actually it's the same as the one A-Jo is wearing) and a French one to go!  The mini-FR was, indeed, happy to have me home — though the little rotter didn't recognize me at first!  Jerk.

  6. Oh Berlin!! I am so jealous! I was there in 1986. We went twice and I just loved that city. I really want to see it now after the wall has come down and the halved cities are combined and beautiful. While we lived in Germany my mom and I had huge scarf collections!

  7. Dude! So good to see you back in cyberspace! Your trip looks and sounds fantastic, and the first two German scarves are gorgeous. I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing more. In other news, I agree with Anne on the pencil skirt wearing: this is a look that you rock. Also, I cannot look enough at the blurry Mini-FR. I'm scrolling up to look (and LOVE) again. He must be really excited you're home, the wee cute guy.

  8. Welcome back E-Jo! Looks like you had a great trip! And full of all kinds of tasty eats no less.I'm still loving the pencil skirt look on you. And what fantastic scarf finds!

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