The Final Push

I just realized that this week is the first of the final third of the term.  Yikes.  Also, how has this term gone by so quickly?  I get a bunch of assignments in today that really kickstart the unending pattern of grading, returning assignments, receiving more that characterizes the end of term.  It’s also the part of the term where students who’ve previously treated things lackadaisically begin to realize that they’ve been doing so and want to try and wheedle extensions out of me.  I’m kind of a hard ass on the topic of extensions, though, right now, I’m kind of feeling their pain a bit as I could use an extension or two myself.  At least the weather is finally cooling down…

Coral tank: Addition-Elle
White tank: Target
Black & grey striped pencil skirt: Old Navy
Scarf: German find (better detail shot here)
Gold flats: Nine West

These outfits are from before the temperature began to drop. As part of “Operation: Wear nothing but Pencil Skirts,” this skirt is a recent addition.  It’s made of really stretchy jersey so it’s actually somewhat difficult to walk in, at least until it stretches out a bit (it’s kind of like a jersey covered elastic band).  It’s also quite a bit longer than I might like — I’ve got it really hiked up here (wearing it at my waist puts it several inches below my knees) — and so I’m deciding whether I want to get it hemmed or leave it with a somewhat flexible length.

Tank & Jeans: Old Navy
Flats: as above
B&W bracelet: Gift from my sister’s trip to Morocco
Pink bracelet: World Market

This was from a non-teaching day.  And, confession time, I’m pretty sure these are actually jeggings.  However, they’re flared and made of denim, rather than denim-printed spandex so I’m ok with this.  They’re super comfy and replace, for the time being, my jeans of a heavier denim.  I also enjoy how the mini-FR is all blur, all the time in his most recent appearances.  This is probably a fairly accurate representation of him.

My Halloween plans include teaching this evening, and bribing my students with candy.  As I’m a bit of a Halloween grinch, this works for me.  Any of you got big plans?

14 thoughts on “The Final Push

  1. Fuchsia is a fabulous color for you, so is the cut of that tank. I went back to school this semester – art school. I'm not necessarily begging my prof for an extension, but a little leniency because I suck at drawing and I need a B to keep my scholarship. I'm working it though, I am working it. Right now I have an 81 but it makes me nervous as all get out.

  2. I thought the skirt seemed sort of familiar!  I get home from teaching around 7:15 so I only had my front porch light on for about an hour — which did leave me with way too much extra candy.  Basically, I left, at 8:30, that the only people still coming were teenagers who either didn't really have costumes on or their costumes were clearly meant to catch the eyes of other teenagers.  At this point, I figured maybe they should just buy their own candy.  Sorry to hear about your crappy week!  Hope things are picking up in the week's home stretch.

  3. I have to admit I don't really get peoples' love for Halloween but, then, I have a deep abiding and sincere love for Christmas that a lot of people don't share (and that goes against so many important parts of my deeply cynical personality) so I totally recognize a love for a holiday!I feel like this is the perfect response to jeggings!

  4. If I had boots that I liked, I might be tempted by the non-flared variety of jeggings but, for the time being, flared it is.  I like the fuschia with the dark denim as well.  It's nice to be back in denim weather.  I'll try to do another, longer picture of the skirt soon — when I'll also do a closer detail shot of that scarf which I love wholeheartedly.  I love it so much that I made a surly German salesclerk denude a mannequin to get it.  My suck fest still goes on for another 5 weeks (4, basically at this point in the week).  We've got a lovely 14 week term.  

  5. Now, I might be able to get behind the day drinking but that sadly isn't much of a thing here!  The flared jeggings were at Old Navy and I totally love them so far.  I'm pretty lazy about tailoring so I suspect I'll never get around to do this — though at the same time, I'm not overly enamored of hiking the skirt up every time I wear it.  I've got another skirt that I've had forever that's got the same issue that I hardly ever wear because it's too long on me (in an unflattering way) so I should really learn my lesson here…

  6. Wait, flared jeggings?  I think that'd be the only way I'd ever sport some jeggings.  Interesting find.  And wow, a striped pencil skirt?  I like how the rugby-sized stripe lends a bit of a casual vibe to what is usually a more formal piece.  That gives you a lot of versatility.  And personally, I think I'd keep the length as it is so you have that flexibility, but really I'm just kind of lazy about getting things tailored.I'm somewhat of a Halloween grinch too.  I think it's fun, but I suck at costuming.  And it's become a multi-day event, including lots of day drinking, here, and that's definitely not my style.

  7. Ha! I knew you'd join the jeggings parade eventually. And what a find – flared jeggings made of actual super-stretchy denim? Sign me up – especially if I can find ones that look as awesome as yours. Also, I'm seriously, seriously enjoying the fuschia and dark denim going on in this outfit. Seriously. (I am all about the serious of late.)Also (x2), can we see the longer non-hiked-up version of the wicked striped pencil skirt? I don't want to ring in on the hemming issue without getting all the information. That said, it's pretty spectacular in the length shown above. I bet it makes your butt look freaking fantastic. Probably you want to do a buttock shot to demonstrate this fact. Finally, November sucketh, mostly because of the grading piles that runneth over. But I can't believe your suck fest ends in just three weeks. If I were there, you'd be getting a pounding as I have five weeks remaining in this term, and because I'm just awesome that way. Finally (for realz this time), can we have a close-up of this German scarf? I love all the angles we've gotten to date, but I feel the need for an extreme zoom on this beauty.  

  8. I taught late this afternoon and my students got candy (good candy as well as me throwing tripe (aka gummy worms) at them to demonstrate a point). I love Halloween, but didn't have time to do much this year other than put on an orange skirt.You are rockin' the color here, and I would have never guessed those are jeggings!

  9. We are skirt twins b/c I got that same black and grey pencil skirt recently.  My Halloween plan includes leaving my front porch lights OFF, eating some pepper soup, and then reading more of A Suitable Boy.  I'm not a Halloween grinch normally but a) it's been a crappy week and b) a crappy week plus me with a giant bowl of candy is a Bad Thing.

  10. You are rocking the color and making me want a pencil skirt!Plans chez nous: trick or treating with the kids, wrestling my sugar-enraged daughter and overtired baby into bed once we get home, eating candy while drinking scotch. Now that your weather is cooling (dude, it freaking _snowed_ up here this weekend), perhaps scotch can grant you the illusion of an extension?

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