A Bunch of Beige and a Butt Shot

I interrupt IPF‘s regularly scheduled program of marking (or “grading,” as our American friends like to call it) papers to bring you the following update:

It is cold here, so I’ve moved inside for photos. Currently, however, I live in an as-yet-not-fully-furnished house (one of the many exciting and sort of overwhelming effects of buying a home after nearly 20 years of apartment living). In addition, the A-Dubs-Hubs and I work a collective one zillion hours a week, so we’ve not quite finished painting walls better colours than the one showcased below.

In fact, I wouldn’t post this teaching-day outfit at all if (a) the usually-camera-shy Fuzzy Roommate hadn’t photo-bombed, and (b) I hadn’t decided that this would be the last wearing of these boots for the season. I have worn these boots A LOT this term. It is time to take a break so they can feel special, again.


Cotton & silk blend turtleneck: Melanie Lyne (new to blog)
Leather belt: Nine West (new to blog)
Skirt: Take it Easy! (purchased in England with D-Med ages ago, remixed)
Boots: Miss Mooz (remixed)
Butt shot by FR: modelled for E-Jo











And here, because I have it, and because I am skillfully using my glasses as a prop for your entertainment, is another photo in which very little is going on, backdrop-wise:

I’m conference bound this weekend after which I will try to post a sartorial report.
(Once again, I shall be building all conference outfits around a single pair of boots.
Probably you are marvelling at my risk-takiness.)
What’s going on with you this weekend, StyleNation?

17 thoughts on “A Bunch of Beige and a Butt Shot

  1. Not better yet, but almost there. Parental cold-fighting only brings relief from childcare duties if you demand it, which I did on Sunday. In other words, no, generally not.

  2. Sheila!!!! I have missed you, too, and will watch for you on Disqus. Also, obviously we all have exquisite taste in footwear. I love what you do with your red Miss Mooz, and Kasmira constantly wows me with her green ones.

  3. Thanks Anne! The FR's starting to settle in. But it's been tough for him as he can now see squirrels (and the odd neighbourhood cat) taunting him from the backyard, and dogs being walked by on his street all day. After an entire lifetime (for him) of living in apartments well above street level, this kind of constant stimulation has been overwhelming for him (and us) to date!

  4. So? How are things going, nugget-focussing-wise? Also, I will try to get the conference report up later this week or early next. In the mean time, good luck with the marking hell.

  5. Woo! 'Can't wait to see the new flats in action. And I agree on both the stupidity of our geographical separation and the predictions as to the success or lack thereof of our dogs' friendship if we lived much closer. Also, I note for the record that you are ignoring all calls for a back-view of your striped black pencil skirt.

  6. I know, D-Med. I wished you were there all weekend! Happily, my I stayed with my bro and sis-in-law for a couple of nights and thus had my crazy six-year-old niece to distract from my longing for you. Also, you are killing me with your Amazon references.

  7. KB, are you better yet? Does parental cold-fighting come with relief from childcare duties for you? (Most of the parents I know suggest not – but I live in hope for all!)Also, love the lovely grandmotherly language. And thanks.

  8. Great outfit. The belting accentuates both your lovely figure (that'd be my Grandma's phrase) and your fabulous skirt. Those boots will always be special, no matter where they are in the sartorial lineup.Weekend: getting over this stupid cold. 

  9. Dude, if you are going to the conference I think you're going to you are practically going to be in IPF East!  I wish I could meet you there for some poutine and beer.I love that skirt.  I remember trying it on and resembling a dwarf; clearly you are some kind of Amazon.  An awesome-looking Amazon (with boobs).

  10. Awww, the FR is giving the whole world a sphincter smooch!  Why, why don't our dogs live closer together??  (And, you know, us.)   We could totally force them to be friends — though I'm pretty sure that the FR would kind of hate the busybodiness of the mini-FR who would totally try to boss him around constantly.  The mini-FR can only be friends with dogs who concede, immediately, all authority to him.  He's kind of a jerk.  I'm sad to see the end of these boots for the time being — but understand the plan.  I just bought a bunch of flats online to prevent me from over-wearing my gold flats.  Also, I quite like this whole outfit.  

  11. I will miss those boots…but am very interested to see the full conference wardrobe constructed around a pair of boots. I was conferencing last weekend as well (and enjoyed a few nice visits with the always amazing and fun Raquelita) and enter marking hell later this afternoon when my students submit their papers. And I have another conference in a few weeks. But I am throwing a belated Halloween/Guy Fawkes Day party this weekend and so I am mostly trying to focus on that nugget of goodness and tune out the stressful upcoming stuff. xoxo ~ Courtneyhttp://sartorialsidelines.com

  12. Awww, FR!  How is he adjusting to his new home?  Isn't painting and decorating exciting?  I mean, it is until you're about halfway through and just want to be done.I'm sad these boots are going on hiatus – they always look so great!  This is a good last outfit for them to appear in at least.

  13. I went to a-conferencing last week and did 5 outfits off the same pair of beloved spectator pumps. It was their last mission and they completed it honorably and have no moved into retirement due to some damage that I don't think my cobbler can fully fix.Those boots are still special to me, and I covet them every time. Love the FR photo bomb!

  14. Ah! We have the same boots! Megan of Megan Mae Daily also has them, as does Kasmira (in green). We are boot twins!I have missed you, A-Dubs, but an IE upgrade means I can post on Disqus threads again, yee haw! You haven't seen the last of me, muahahaha!

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