Monday, Monday

Man, does it ever feel like November here (apart from the fact that I still can’t completely turn off the air-conditioning): I spent the weekend grading, it’s gray and blustery today, and I just want to stay in my pjs all day.  While I work out some way to dress today that’s basically pajamas but still teaching acceptable, here’s a couple of things I was wearing last week.

Black faux-wrap shirt: Joe
Black tank: Target
Jeggings: Old Navy
Gold flats: Nine West
Feather print scarf: France

Here’s an outfit built around the scarf I bought in France (detail shot below).  It’s silk and gorgeous, and subtly the colors of the tricolore.  The rest of the outfit didn’t photography well here but it’s really beside the point: it’s merely a background for feathery goodness.

Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: Gap
Gold flats: Nine West
Purple tights: Target
Scarf: Germany

I love this dress.  It’s the perfect piece for showing off things like scarfs or bright blue cardigans.  This is also my first foray into the colorful tights arena.  I love a dark purple so this seemed well within my comfort zone.  

Inspired by M. of An Epic Battle in High Heels, I went for a long overdue head suit alteration.  I didn’t get a shot of it when doing these outfit pictures, but one’s coming…  My hair’s the longest it’s been in years so I find that haircuts appear less significant but there’s something to be said for the psychological effect of having a tidied up head–even if just externally!  

9 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. Sweet scarfage indeed, E-Jo. Plus you're looking all effortlessly sophisticated. Awaiting headsuit shots. The bit I can see in the last photo looks really, really great.

  2. I think we're having similar Southern weird Fall season. Earlier this week it was "turn the heater on! I'm freezing!" but by Wednesday it was "turn the AC on I'm freaking hot!" Crazy southern weather.I've been busting out some jeggings too. I love them! Super comfy, but I really like how yours look more pant like than mine…I'm going to have to go in search of those.

  3. I seriously considered wearing the teal tights today, but knowing it was going to get really cold today (it's 36F now!), I opted for pants this morning. I think I have some kind of block on how to style these tights.

  4. You should definitely try out the teal ones — and preferably online so that I can see how they look and decide if I want to get them.  It would be helpful research for me.  I quite like the purple ones.  I was remembering that I had some patterned Target tights from last year that either bit it or have been lost.  I may need to make another trip to the Target tights aisle…I also third K. Bean's approval of the word "scarfage."  

  5. I think scarf-shopping in France is definitely the way to go.  I actually never wore them really, apart as a to & from neck warmer, until I moved somewhere where that job is almost entirely superfluous.  

  6. Aw, mini-FR is so cute in your first shot!Nice scarfage in both of these ensembles.  I love that second outfit!  And I've noticed Target has a lot of fun colored tights this season.  I have a teal pair that I haven't worn just yet, but you're making me think I should get some in purple too.  Or just, you know, wear my teal ones.And thanks for linking to M – I checked out her blog when she started it up and forgot to follow her, so I've been missing out on all of her beast slaying goodness.

  7. That scarf is gorgeous.  I never think of wearing scarves as anything other than a neck warmer to and from, but I'm going to have to re-think this policy.  And maybe go scarf-shopping in France.Also, the Mini FR cuteness is reaching a fever pitch.

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