Adventures in Pants

Ok.  So “adventures” is misleading.  Unless non-stop grading and emails about upcoming papers, and increasingly sloppy lectures count as adventures.  I thought not.  Today is the eve of a glorious near-week break for Thanksgiving, followed by my final two teaching days of the term.  I’ve got a ton to do in the next few weeks but the knowledge that I can do most of it in yoga pants or, even, my pjs with a certain naughty little dog curled up beside me makes all things possible.  As well, this is the first year in nearly 10 that I’m not traveling over the holidays so I’ve got nearly 10 days between my grades being due and family arriving which seems like a blissful period of working, baking, and watching ridiculous holiday fare.

For the time being, I’ve been wearing pants.  Or, more accurately, I did so a couple of weeks ago now.  This last week has been unseasonably warm so leg-covering tubes of fabric seemed unconscionable.

Blue cardigan: Gap
Black & white tie blouse: Old Navy
Jeggings: Old Navy
Gold flats: Nine West
Invisible, skinny patent black belt: Lane Bryant

This is one of my very favorite outfits from the last while.  Unfortunately, it didn’t photograph well — all my poses are weird and the belt refused to be visible.  This is what comes from trying to take outfits photos when I get home from class at 7:30 pm.

Navy & white cardigan: Gap outlet
Chartreuse tank: Target
Brown ponte pants: NY & Co.
Blue suede flats: Jessica Simpson
Multi-strand silver necklace: Loft Outlet

I don’t have much to say about this.  It was fine.  I like this cardigan.  I love the chartreuse-y-ness of this tank.  But, basically, meh.  

Are you traveling over the holidays, Style Nation?  Any tips for survival?  More importantly, what food/ drink I should be particularly indulging in while I stay grounded?

7 thoughts on “Adventures in Pants

  1. I've been sporting a lot of pants lately too. Both pairs look excellent on you. I just returned from my field's major conference so my travels for the holiday were tiring even if I didn't have to go far (my folks and my partner's folks live within an hour's drive). My survival strategy was to eat a lot of vitamin c rich foods so I didn't get sick but of course cause I was on many airplanes the week before seeing many family members, I got sick.

  2. Well not me personally, but yes, my friend infused it.  I think she said it was a whole can of pumpkin puree into a bottle of vodka overnight.  And the french kiss is a vanilla liquer.  Once I have a full recipe, I'll be posting it.  And recreating it.

  3. I really like the second ensemble!  I've been getting into that shade of green myself recently, and I love the cardigan you paired it with.I try to avoid traveling over the holidays – it's such a hassle.  I had a pumpkin pie martini on Thursday that was divine.  It was pumpkin-infused vodka (done the day before – you have to really work for this), french kiss vanilla and cream.  Amazing.

  4. The first outfit is one of my faves, too. I'm bookmarking for future copycattage. I wouldn't apply a "meh" to the second ensemble – those who can rock the chartreuse should celebrate their talents, and you are no exception to this rule, my alabaster friend. And I'm digging the multi-strand necklace and striped cardi you've added to the tank and pantal combo. Also, as Raquelita would say, "envy burns my soul" over your pending holiday, conclusion of term, and warm weather! Have a lovely holiday, ween.

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