Glamrock and Other Soothing Sounds of the Academic Season

GUTEN-FREAKING-TAG, StyleNation, and welcome once again to the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

E-Jo, Queen of Jewel Tones, Pantage, and Pencil Skirts, and D-Med, Armoured Duchess of Black Cardi‘s and Morning Surprise Hair, have clearly gone to ground in this maelstrom of marking. I, A-Dubs, will do the same shortly, having collected yet another zillion papers yesterday that MUST be returned Tuesday morning.

But first, an important announcement:

Next Wednesday marks the beautiful, beautiful conclusion of the teaching term in my faculty. I’ve no more lectures this term, just an in-class exam for one class, and an exam review for another. It is time to dance around (in pyjamas, in home offices, on breaks from marking papers and calculating final grades):

Academics, where are you at in the term? What’s left to do before you’re free? 
More well-adjusted/non-academic readers, are you counting down 
to anything awesome these days? 

16 thoughts on “Glamrock and Other Soothing Sounds of the Academic Season

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  2. Just finished a wild November of publishing deadlines: one copyedited MS., headnotes and questions for a composition book, two articles on schtyle for a lovely London magazine. Am avoiding grading as I write this, but am happy to note that copyeditor's eyeskip is alive and well, as I read your lead as GLUTEN-freaking-tag. Which is actually appropriate for the season, non?

  3. Dude. You're still a medievalist and a blogger. You don't have to do everything all the time to maintain these titles. And you do more than enough to deserve and retain this portions of your complex and multi-faceted identity!Also, obvy, I just skipped yoga because it seemed to late to go this morning. 

  4. Yes, those papers sound fascinating INDEED. And thoughtful, researched, and well-written papers provide the sweet spots that make the grading worth doing every time we do it!

  5. Write a review assignment, write an exam, one lecture (given by guest), exam review session, submit paper revisions, final, submit two grant proposals, commencement, "done".  And right after that my friend is coming down from Buffalo to work on the textbook we are supposed to be writing together.

  6. Those papers sound fascinating!  If only my indolent undergrads (and it's not every single one that's indolent) were putting as much thought and effort into their work as you are, instead of putting all of their thought and effort into crafting elaborate excuses for why the work isn't done.  It's such a gift to have time to write, but I guess only a few of us see it that way.  Happy writing!

  7. Well, if it makes you feel any better, this indolent and middle-aged undergrad spent the day analyzing (in French) the politico-religieux conflict between the Jansenists and the French State during the 17th and 18th centuries, and then she will spend the next two days analyzing the phenomenon of destructive nostalgia that was initiated by the US government after 9/11.  Writing papers, grading papers – there has to be some good in there somewhere, right?  (Well, I do know a lot about religion under the Ancien Regime in France, that may come in handy someday, who knows?)  Happy grading to you all!

  8. Yeah, I'm mostly done my marking until my exam practically on Christmas Eve and my honours seminar papers that are going be coming in mid-month (blergh).  Here's a secret: make final papers due Nov. 15 and then mark like a fiend while teaching the last two weeks.  Those last two weeks of term are hellish anyway so I figure I might as well go big or go home.  Oh yeah, and, awesomely, I'm on another committee from hell.  Seriously, I was on campus until 2am last night; plus I made graphs.  Graphs. Nonetheless, I lurve the violinist's outfit, especially her kicks, which I think I own in several colours. Remember when I used to blog …  That was when I used to be a medievalist instead of a fucking babysitter for indolent undergrads (aka adults).

  9. FYI, I now plan on greating everyone I meet in Germany this month with "Guten-Freaking-Tag!" And also, "Haifisch," which means shark. Totally all-purpose.

  10. I just have grading, grading, and more grading left to do, but I did celebrate teaching my last class yesterday with a run, pizza, and a couple of bottles of a delicious IPA. 

  11. You guys rock.  Sadly, I have another week and a half left before I join you in dancing in my bedclothes.  Then it will be time to buckle down on the writing, but I will be so pleased to do it.  Bring it, end of term!

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