Holy Crap – Distressed Denim Kills People!

We don’t pretend to be cutting edge here at IPF. This explanation/excuse is the only one I can offer for my only recently having discovered the following:

kills the workers who do it
Image via Clean Clothes Campaign
For more information, please follow this link
Obviously, killing workers so we can look awesome is unacceptable. 
If you haven’t done so already, StyleNation, 
let’s all vow here and now that 
we will not buy jeans from companies that kill workers. 
p.s. I, A-Dubs, solemnly swear that I will not buy jeans from any company that kills workers.   

7 thoughts on “Holy Crap – Distressed Denim Kills People!

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  2. Thanks for the B.A. post.  I avoid sandblasted/distressed jeans, as they often include "whiskers" which emphasize my already wide and thus naturally emphasized hip/crotch area.  Ugh, why do retailers promote trends that hurt people?

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