Stripes, Tights, and a Gratuitous Dog Picture

Wow, November & December is a swirling vortex, isn’t it?  I’m almost on the other side of it now — I’ve submitted grades for one class and will be done with the other on Thursday or so — so things seem suddenly, wonderfully manageable.  This is the first December in nearly 10 years where I haven’t jetted out the door as soon as exams were written so the rest of the month will be calmer in a very new way for me — for which I’m excited.

Striped cardigan: Gap Outlet
Tank (unseen): Target
Khaki skirt: Gap
Navy tights: Hue
Gold flats: Nine West

I wore this today to work in a coffee shop, and make a brief appearance on campus for the department’s winter lunch (can I just say that a winter lunch without alcohol is a somewhat poor substitute for the traditional holiday party?  Though this did feature a delicious 7 layer dip in the shape of the state I live in).  As I was getting dressed, I decided on the navy tights first and then wished that I had a navy, breton striped top to wear, forgetting about this sweater’s very existence.  Now, this hardly matches the Platonic ideal of the navy breton striped shirt that exists in my mind, but it worked as a substitute in a pinch.

Scarf: Gifted from a friend of my mom

This scarf, which I hardly ever wear (it’s slightly too upholstery-y for me), worked perfectly — tying together the blues, greens and golds.  Matching while pattern mixing FTW.

A gratuitous mini-FR shot, since he’s totally over the outfit photo shoots.  I’m biased, but, seriously, can you imagine a cuter face??
How is everyone feeling about the middle of December?  Academics, you surviving?  Non-academics, are sick of academic bloggers complaining about December yet?

Also, great blog alert: Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style.  Lots of fun and really thoughtful articles here about celebrity and gossip (like about why everyone loves Michael Fassbender, and Claire Dane’s return to television).

6 thoughts on “Stripes, Tights, and a Gratuitous Dog Picture

  1. I've just seen the Fassbender in the newest X Men movie and he's pretty good in it. He's supposed to be really amazing in "Hunger" and "Shame." I don't really understand the major fascination (though I do love how he's referred to as "The Fassbender") — but her post does a good job of thinking through some of the reasons. As for Claire Danes, I'm pretty indifferent to her but she's amazingly good on her new show. I'm not sure I see the Yelly Kitty similarity — but it's been ages since I saw her. She was still Hide-Under-Chairs Kitty then.

  2. The Fassbender is a friend of one of my colleagues.  For reals.  They grew up together.  I've never seen him in anything because, seriously, *another* Jane Eyre? so I kind of don't get it.  And Claire Danes is a homewrecker so I hate her in all the things.  (obviously I am also an academic-style celebrity gossip) Lurve the stripes and the puppy.  He sort of looks like Yelly Kitty.  I know that sounds crazy but I also know it's true (cue music).

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