Idealistic Decisions and Office Pyjamas

Ah, January! A time characterized for academics and non-academics alike by the idealistic determination to be better, to do better things, or to get better at things one is already doing.

For academics like myself, January seems regularly to involve the making of a series of idealistic decisions to do things that I soon come to regret having made. Case in point: in the early days of this month, I decided to entirely re-vamp one of my courses (you know: to make it better).

In principle, I know this is the right decision; it’s good to change things up once in a while. It helps to keep me and the material fresh, and it thwarts potential plagiarizers. Moreover, in this course in particular, this change will help to eliminate the smug “I’ve got all your slides from my buddy who took your course last year” expressions on the faces of the cadre of guffawing and disruptive buffoons who keep showing up in this class because the Faculty of Engineering says they need a writing credit but is unwilling to teach them to write like engineers.

Already, I regret the decision to change the course. I’ve sentenced myself to an entire term of writing new lectures and creating new digital slide presentations. As much as I enjoyed the panic of the buffoons (“Holy crap! We’re gonna have to do our own work in this course? WTF?!”), I enjoy carving my preparation time out of my sleep schedule much, much less.

There is, however, another decision I do NOT regret. Office pyjamas. The plan is as follows: on non-teaching days, I will not wear jeans, but I WILL wear outfits that come as close to the comfort of pyjamas as possible while still approximating professionalism.

Here for your consideration are my first two efforts:

Office Pyjamas – Episode 1:

Polyester jersey dress: Chapter One (remixed)
Acrylic knit cardigan: Joe Fresh (new to blog)
Necklace: gifted (remixed)
Fleece-lined winter leggings: Plush (new to blog)
Lined cognac leather boots: Rieker (remixed)

This ensemble was really, really comfortable, despite the abundance of unnatural fibres from which much of it is constructed. There was no squeezy tailoring, no stiff fabric, no confining belts or ties. Plus, that cardigan is from the sleepwear section of the grocery store clothing department (why, you ask? I have no bloody idea. Who wears cardigans to bed?)

Office Pyjamas – Episode 2:

Cotton jersey & polyester satin dress: I cut the scratchy tag out – but I found it on the sale rack at the Canadian designer store around the corner. (new to blog)
Metal and plastic purple fried egg necklace: crazy jewellery store in Florida
Draped cotton cardigan: Max Studio (via Winners)
Fleece-lined winter leggings: as above
Lined cognac leather boots: as above

And here’s a weird pose in which I am trying to show you the cool lines of the sweater. Mostly, it looks like I’m being arrested, or preparing for a pat-down at the airport. And this is yet another of the many, many reasons I am an academic, not a model.

Overall, I am excited about the office pyjama decision. I think this good decision will facilitate my survival of the bad decision to sentence myself to three months of sleeplessness due to new lecture prep.

What decisions are you making this month, StyleNation? 
Do you have any regrets, yet?

24 thoughts on “Idealistic Decisions and Office Pyjamas

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  3. I totally sympathize with the imposed simplicity, Sheila. But frankly, your simple is us simpletons' everyday. Very few of us have the skillz to do what you do!Also, I'm heading to your blog ASAP to check if you've posted those awesome sneaks, yet.. . .

  4. Oh Dude. Have you slept yet? Also, "concerted bitchiness" is what I live for. Especially in winter. Finally, I know, right? Who wouldn't end up wrapped in a straight jacket of sweaterosity while sporting a cardi in bed?

  5. Looking forward to your PJ stylingz. Especially if/when they come with alliterative awesomeness. Also, seminar stylez is totalz the way to go. See you in a week, wein!

  6. I love your office pyjamas, A-Dubs, and I love the mental picture of the buffoons being dumbfounded. Buahahaha!This month I am trying to simplify my outfits a bit while my physical surroundings are in chaos at work. It's hard. I want to wear complicated shoes and lots of jangly jewelry, but when lugging around computer equipment and hacking my way through a crowded and dusty storage locker, it's just not good.I did buy the most Comfy Shoes Ever. They're Uggs runners. And they're silver. And lined with that furry Ugg fur. 

  7. Office pajamas! You are a genius. Both these outfits are cute and way profesh, particularly the soft shade of the first cardigan against the black. As an aside, I have been known to sleep in a sweater, but not a cardigan. How would it not just wrap around you and make you wake up in Strangulation Panic? "Fried egg necklace" cracked me up and will now be my description for that type of pendant. Also, fleece-lined winter leggings? More genius. I'm tempted to score the course revamp thusly: plus ten for dismayed buffoons (side not to your uni's engineering department: hire someone to teach Technical Writing for Engineers and leave A-Dubs' class to people who are actually interested in it) versus minus five for less sleep. You can combat tiredness with caffeine but the satisfaction of shutting down obnoxious buffoonery is an even better buzz. Possibly my math system is skewed by my own sleeplessness (5 hours of interrupted sleep last night, woooo!) and concerted bitchiness.Your head suit is looking mighty fine, woman.

  8. Dude.  Nice work on the office pajamas.  They look awesome and un-pajama-y.  I shall plan to integrate a similar sartorial strategy this semester.  Also, I will alliterate more.  Bet you're pretty excited to come see me now…  I'm also LOVING your head suit.  And your posing.  I'm in a similar scenario with new class prep (though, full disclosure, this is my only class this term as I have some teaching release this term).  After a term of teaching two courses that I've done many times before and, thus, no need to write any lectures, I'm totally out of practice with lecture writing.  These students better get super prepared for everything to operate seminar stylez.  

  9. Gah! All new material that I am required to teach is my nightmare. However, you sound like you are making it work. How frustrating that you have to use the crappy stuff. 'Good thing you've got all that excellent stuff of your own!

  10. Thanks, Raquelita. Also, Gah! I'm sorry about your purgatorical term. Good idea to work ahead. I always plan to do that but my efforts fall off about three weeks into the term. This is fine, however, as it allows me to experience deeply the feelings of dread, guilt and self-loathing that fuel my working life.In other news, at least you'll have a whole new course all prepped by the time end-of-term releases you from purgatory.

  11. Hi Louise! Thanks for your feedback. Over the past couple of years (mostly since leggings came back into fashion), I've collected a small array of half slips that I wear under most tunics or dresses with tights or leggings. When that doesn't do the trick, I have a tiny can of static spray in a drawer in my office. I also keep a dryer sheet in my bag and duck into a bathroom stall to rub it over the staticky areas in emergencies. That said, in these dry winter months, sometimes there's just no taming this beast, as you say. On super-cold/dry days, I try to wear natural fibres and then pray to the clothing goddesses that a stray spark of static doesn't light me on fire!

  12. I really like seeing this much of your hair. I have a similar hair cut but, alas, not your youthful color and glossy shine. I am trying to wear "office pajamas" every day, even though I don't work in an office. I'm choosing comfy, stretchy, but stylish clothes to amp up my very casual lifestyle. I like soft skirts over leggings, but struggle with the whole static cling thang. How did you tame the static beast in these outfits?

  13. I have yet another entirely new prep this semester so I am in class prep purgatory at the moment. I'm hoping to get a lot done this weekend, so that I can avoid the feeling that I am on the verge of disaster. I kind of regret deciding to teach this course. I, however, do not regret coming over here to check out these excellently profesh yet comfy outfits. 

  14. I wear office pajamas all the time.  Good decision.  I am revamping my graduate genomics course this semester (and writing a book at the same time) so I know how you feel.

  15. I love the notion of office pajamas!  I'm not revamping anything this semester–though I find when I do that the course IS fresher, because it is as though I'm learning with my students.  I'm modeling what scholarly thinking could/should be.  One reason I haven't revamped anything is that for the second spring in a row, I'll be teaching a learning community with an anthropology colleague.  Currently we have 20 students who will collaborate on writing one novel.  Have my fingers crossed.

  16. There are so many reasons that I am an academic and not a model, but I never thought about my poses as adding to that. Bully for you for re-doing your course.  I'm thankful for a teaching reduction … so that I can crank out 2 chapters in 14 weeks. And I have a crush on your office pajamas.

  17. I feel your pain on the course revamp.  I teach high school science, and this year is the first year of all new textbooks.  For my bio class, we switched publishers AND authors, so all of my old stuff is fairly useless.  I say fairly because I am discovering that the publisher materials from the new textbook are pretty crappy, so I am supplementing the new stuff with my old stuff.Love the office pajamas concept – oh, if I could get away with it . . . I have been sneaking in leggings here and there with my new boots.  Considering it's south Florida, though, not much call for fleecy stuff.

  18. I want in on this office pjs scheme – it's genius. And good luck with the class prep – I'm teaching my own class for the first time ever this term and am just entering the nightmare of all the prep work that goes into that…Courtney ~

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