Ravings of a Sleep-deprived Boot-lover

Greetings, StyleNation, from the deep freeze that is IPF North. It is seriously, stupidly, horribly cold here. Also, I’m in the middle of a storm of writing and research deadlines, students keep emailing me questions that are answered in bold type on the course outline, the A-Dubs-Hubs is out of town, and the heat in my stupid/awesome house is messed up and makes terrifying clanking noises that jolt me out of what passes for sleep at 3am in these dark and busy times. I wake convinced a hobo has broken in to do laundry and is sitting bare-assed on my basement couch while his change clanks around with his pants in my dryer.

In more relaxing news, tomorrow I head out to do some conferencing after which I’m swinging by IPF South for some quality time with E-Jo and the Mini-FR. Probably we will take some photos of us being awesome.

Let’s move on to the outfit portion of this program:

Outfit #1. Cats, Fire Flowers, Winter Booties

Lecturing is sweaty work (thus the short sleeves and boots), but it is winter and I have to hike across campus to my classroom (thus the heavy tights and lining in the booties).

Faux-wrap Dress: Argenti (remixed)
Kitteh pendant & brooch: see below
Near-invisible cami: H&M
Tights: Hue
Wierdly comfortable winter booties: Hush Puppies (old)

Here’s a (really poor) close-up of the kittehs. I am not getting better with the camera:

Panther pendant necklace: stella & dot (local trunk show;better image here)
“Gold” Siamese kitteh brooch: thrifted (was supposed to be a gift for D-Med,
but I decided it wasn’t classy enough to give away.
Plus, D-Med said people shouldn’t keep buying her things with cats on them
just because she loves cats)
2. Non-Teaching, Office Pyjama Day: which boots? 
I’m trying the flappy lace-up boot trend. I like it mostly because it reminds me of stuff we wore in the ’90s. Plus, these boots are unexpectedly comfortable, and the fluffy lining goes all the way through. I’m not sure I’m doing so well with the styling, though. Be honest: which of these combinations works better, boot-wise? This one:
Blouse/tunic: ?? (tag is cut out because of scratchiness; Winners, remixed)
Black jersey cardigan: Kische (remixed)
Skinny trousers: Mexx (remixed)
Brown leather lace-up boots: Locale (via Feet First, new in the January sales)
Or this one?:
Pendant: stella & dot (same trunk show; better image here)
Lined cognac leather boots: Rieker (remixed)
That’s all I’ve got today. Well, that and a giant ball of fuzz where my brain used to live.
Stay fabulous, StyleNation.
Dubs, out.

15 thoughts on “Ravings of a Sleep-deprived Boot-lover

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  2. You're so right it would be awesome. Frankly, I'd love to meet up either of your great cities!Perhaps we should start fantasy planning and nail down dates when we can't stand the anticipation any longer.

  3. Thanks for the radiator trick. I shall see what can be done on that front. Also, I knew you'd like the 90s boots, even though I don't know how to style them yet. Finally, you know that Rinty plan you and I discussed earlier this month? It seems to be coming together!

  4. Looking fabulous, as usual. Sorry about the heater issues.  Home ownership seems so covetous until I think about reality.I'm loving these looks, especially the last one.  I dunno why i am such a sucker for those camel colored boots.  Can Anne and I tag along to said IPF meet up?  Because in Chicago, we were discussing how awesome it would be to meet you ladies.  That is all.  Hope you're loving the South.

  5. Oh, I like that dress. Again.We have a radiator that used to make weird Ping!Ping!Ping! noises that turned out to be easily fixed by elevating the valveless end of the radiator a teeny bit. Further evidence of widespread rad clanking: I was at a friend's house today and her heating system was clanging like mad. It could well have been a naked hobo drying his change-laden pants (an image that completely cracked me up, not that I wish such a scenario on anyone, least of all lovely you!).Boots #2 are better, though my 90s-loving self also really digs Boots #1.I'll meet you in IPF South next time you go. E-Jo, that okay with you?

  6. I know it would be awesome to hang with you, M! Also, I feel certain this will actually occur someday – probably we should start fantasy-strategizing conference plans. ..

  7. Too true about the layers, Anne! Also, I'm distressed to know the rad clanking is a more widespread problem than I originally thought. Does this means it's normal and thus cannot be stopped?

  8. So jealous of the mini-IPF meet-up!Like M., I have the same noisy heating problem.  And my odd radiator noises coupled with the neighbor's annoying yappy dog constantly barking makes for all kinds of sleep interruptions, so I can understand.I never considered the logistics of dressing for lectures as well as icy cold walks.  Layering is never more important than in the winter, is it?

  9. I would love to hang out with you and E-Jo because I'm sure it would be awesome. And my apartment clicks and clangs also to keep us warm. It actually sounds like someone hitting the radiator with a wrench.

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