Breaking in the New Blog

Welcome to our snazzy new space!  We recently decided to make the switch from Blogger to WordPress as we prefer the look of WordPress and had heard that it’s somewhat more straightforward.  Let the great experiment begin!

So, in honor of the new site, here are some outfit pictures from December!

I don’t have too much to say about this outfit, other than to, again, praise the glory that is ponte-knit fabrics.  For some reason I wear this dress infrequently.  This needs to change.  Also, I somehow failed to get a single photo that included shoes.


Dress: Lane Bryant; Cardigan: Old Navy; Tights: Hue

The main talking point for the following outfit is the skirt.  Which used to be a dress.  Which I altered all by myself.  Alright, based on this tutorial.  I don’t have a before shot of the dress — which I’m not sure that I ever actually wore.  But it was a classic case of “I love the print” and “it’s so cheap — I’m sure I’ll wear it.”  And, as is ALWAYS the case with those scenarios, I proceeded to never wear it.  Thing is, the only problem was the top portion, which just wasn’t flattering.  So, along comes the nifty sewing machine my sisters (and their significant others) got me for my birthday/ Christmas, $1 worth of elastic, and I’ve got a new skirt.

Cardigan: Gap; Tank: Target; Skirt: Formerly a Joe dress, altered by me; Necklace: LOFT; Shoes: Me Too
Here’s a better look at the skirt’s pattern and my awesome (new in December, no longer new because I wear them CONSTANTLY) flats.
So that addresses my ridiculously old photos.  I’m totally going to get on up-to-date photos soon.  I blame the “half way to tenure” review package that I had to put together in the mean time.  Also, Christmas.  And, yeah, last week A-Dubs and I had a totally awesome reunion.  Where not a single photo was taken.  We totally fail as fashion bloggers.
Thoughts on the new site?  Any tips from fellow WordPress users?  Also, you’ll notice that we’re using the WordPress comment feature for the time being, rather than Disqus.  Hopefully this will cause fewer problems for everyone!

14 thoughts on “Breaking in the New Blog

  1. Dude. The top look is hawt and the botton print with neutrals and beads proves you are a sewing genius.

    Also, you are awesome for breaking our wordpress cherry.

    • Thanks dude. I do what I can — I’m pretty pleased with the skirt though I slightly mis-measured the elastic so it’s a bit too big and I’m far too lazy to go back and fix it.

  2. Some bloggers delude themselves into thinking that a switch to WordPress might work… But it might work for you! 🙂

    Looking good, E-Jo! I especially love the dress in your first outfit!

    So bummed that there’s no evidence of the partial-IPF meet-up. But I seem to never take pictures when I meet up with other stylish bloggers, so I can understand that.

    • I am ashamed to note that it took me a couple of readings to catch the re-worked quotation in the first sentence. Clearly, I need to do some re-watching!

      We kept talking about needing to take pictures but then never got a chance as we were too busy consuming delicious wine and $2 beers. There’s a full IPF meet-up happening in just a couple of months so we’ll have to learn from our past mistakes and do better!

    • Oh no! This was totally an accident — creating the blog roll proved to be the most difficult part of the switch. I will try to rectify this right away!

    • Thanks! I kind of love that the print on the dress looks like some sort of psychological test. I feel that that keeps my students on their toes! I’ve worn the dress in the past with darker cardigans or jackets and I think I prefer the bright pink. As you say, it makes things pop.

  3. You can sew things?!? What are you, some kind of wizard? Nicely done with the skirt refashioning.

    And I love the pink cardi with the dress that you should totally wear more often. On a related note, what is ponte knit? Is it just a fancy term for jersey?

    • Yes, yes I am some sort of wizard. But of the “only sew straight lines, none of this crazy ‘curved’ stuff” variety. Mostly I’ve just made pillow covers since I got the sewing machine — including a super awesome one with my B.A. Johnston t-shirt. Also, you are clearly the wizard of awesome avatar photos.

      Ponte knit is a double knit so it’s got a similar feel to jersey but it’s heavier so it’s lies more nicely. It’s great for work stuff as it feels like jersey but looks like a nicer fabric.

  4. Yeay for the new address. This is indeed looking snazzy. And yes, you continue to rock the ponte knit, like a boss (tenured boss).

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