A Dress and a Dog

So glad you decided to join us over here at WordPress, StyleNation. Who doesn’t like a little more light in this, the dark month of February?

Things at IPF North are intense of late. My awesome visit to E-Jo and the Mini-FR at IPF South is but a beautiful, warm, wine-soaked, Mini-FR-rich dream. Also, teaching and research are totally kicking my a$$, of course. But there’s more:

Not only am I sitting in a purple dog fart haze as we speak, but the A-Dubs-Hubs and I got the Fuzzy Roommate his own dog. Thus far, however, the FR is really not doing his part in training and caring for his new puppy. So the Hubs and I have stepped up. (Oh goddess, StyleNation. How do people with human babies retain any semblance of sanity or self?)

Anywho, here’s the FR’s dog, and here’s what I wore today to teach twice, then to help host three guest speakers at my department:

Dress: BCBGMazazria, remixed; Cotton t-shirt: Missoni (via Target, purchased with E-Jo during The Beautiful Dream); Leggings: remixed, LOT; Boots: Blondo (via Browns Shoes, remixed)

Adorable hypoallergenic puppy: imported from Canada's east coast

(can you see the puppy’s hobo-clown beard?)

What’s up with you, SN?

Have you any survival strategies for this dark crappy month?

p.s. Please, teach me how to do links and lists of garment details like we did over at Blogger.

9 thoughts on “A Dress and a Dog

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  2. You got another dog! YAY! All the cool kids get second pets. FR’s new puppy is super adorbs, though I don’t envy you having to train a puppy. Jude and Meko were both past that stage (Jude was close at 1 year old, though I do really wish we had known him as a puppy), and are both a handful as it is. Good luck with that 🙂

    Cute dress too! I love the gold accent, and it reminds me of the reason I love dresses – you can pretty much throw them on and automatically have a sweet ensemble.

    • You are so right about dresses, Anne. And thanks for the good wishes for puppy training. Some days I think I might lose my mind – or freeze to death – standing around outside waiting for the stars to align so the puppy can drop a load.

  3. Just two things to say: OMG puppy!!!!
    That tunic is gorgeous and you are rocking it.
    (Also, my Mister put his foot down on my request that we get ourselves a Siberian Husky. Why does he have to kill my dreams. In 6 years, I will get one. Than I’ll have my own Furry Roommate).

    • Thanks Rad.

      Also, why indeed? Except hat huskies are really, really too smart. And there’s their whole giant fur explosion thing. But you’re in training for that already because of the kittehs. What changes in 6 years?

  4. OMG I love the FR’s dog already — especially since I never saw the FR in his mini stage. Though I also think that if the FR is merely shirking his duties, and not interfering with those duties’ very existence, things are probably going pretty well.

    Also, the outfit is great. I feel you need to add a comma between warm and wine-soaked or else I appear to be a host who heats up wine. And I don’t do that. Not even with delicious spices.

    • Good point. The FR is really only barking at his puppy, then shooting me doleful, or extremely resentful looks. It could be much worse.

      Also, ok. I’ll add a comma. In a minute. Or a day. Or another time when I’m not being really, really lazy.

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