Office Pyjamas, the series: Part Two

Top 3 Things that suck in February:

1. It is freezing cold.

2. The (seemingly inevitable) young male student who waits after class to challenge me on central points from the lecture.

3. It is February.

Top 3 Things that are Awesome in February:

1. Canadian university equivalent to Spring Break, a.k.a. Reading Week.

2. The honeymoon period before the slackers realize they have no chance of passing their courses. Instead, they’re busy not attending class, emailing fantastic and hilariously detailed excuses for missing deadlines, and otherwise screwing the pooch in places that are not near me.

3. Office pyjamas.

Outfit Post: Office Pyjamas, the slinky knitted dress edition:

I wore this ridiculously comfortable dress to my office where I revised a paper for publication, got caught up on email, and take a REALLY exciting phone call from an editor at the press to which I submitted The Project That Would Not End. In short, it was an on-campus day with no direct student contact and lots of delicious, delicious caffeine.

And here, just because I got all crazy and took two equally poor photos (OK, maybe this one is slightly poorer, since it basically eliminates my neck), is another angle on the PJ’s:

Slinky knit dress: Max Studio (new to blog), Belt: Mexx (remixed), Nearly invisible black cami: H&M, Completely invisible black leggings: remixed ad nauseum on this blog, Lined cognac boots: Rieker (remixed)

What’s sucking and/or awesome in your February, StyleNation?

9 thoughts on “Office Pyjamas, the series: Part Two

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  2. Dude. That dress is fantastic on you! Love love love.
    Things have been insane here, and not in a good way, but now that everything is much much better I will once again be able to read and comment and enjoy.

    February suckage: E gets a week off of preschool, which means I have to parent more. I am sick of all my winter clothes but cannot justify spring shopping.
    February awesome: It’s not January.

    • Ugh. I’m sorry to hear your February has sucked this hard. Spring fashions in all the magazines are not for those who live in winter. And yet they circulate through our spaces anyway. So Stupid.

      Also, thanks. That dress is probably going to fall apart pretty quickly given (a) how heavy it is, and (b) how stretchy it is. I’m pretty sure it will rip apart its own seams very, very soon. So I’m glad it’s working for me while it’s still in one piece.

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  4. Dude, you are the master of the photo prop — the ridiculously fuzzy dog might top the coffee cup… That dress looks gorge — glad to see that you’re continuing to rock the truly awesome office pjs. I agree that February is bad news — though so far it’s been really productive, work wise — as yours appears to be as well.

    • Dude. I realized after I posted it that this dress is a significantly less professional version of the dress you wore with the pink cardigan (you know, in your first post over here at WordPress).

      Also, I’m using props to counteract the “gentle hands” element of my new photo room. And in lieu of any kind of decor (in the room).

      Good to know you’re getting stuff done. Try not to make the rest of us look too bad.

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