February Madness

Happy Galentine’s Day everyone!  (My apologies to our non-U.S. readers but the Internet failed to provide me a non-Hulu clip from Parks & Rec).  I’m spending it writing at home, and hanging out with my dog and his bestie, a lovely and submissive golden retriever (submission is the only thing my dog is interested in in a best friend).

So even though A-Dubs was lamenting the double-edged knife that is February last week, I have to admit that, so far, February is behaving nicely.  It’s finally no longer stiflingly humid here; I heard some good news from a journal; I have a sixth of the students I normally have so the grading is remarkably lovely so far; inspired by M.’s and Raquelita’s super impressive writing pilgrimage, I’ve gotten a bunch of stuff done (though sadly not actually brand-new words: one of the weird things about being in the post-dissertation, pre-second project portion of an academic career is how little actual writing you get to do).  Here’s hoping that this streak can last…

In the meantime, I’ve worn clothes.

Dress: Lane Bryant; Cardigan: Old Navy; Tights: Hue; Belt: NY & Co.; Black flats: Me Too

This is the dress I wore to my sister’s engagement party over a year ago.  I’ve had trouble styling it since then as it was so linked to a fancier occasion that it seemed impossible to imagine it in my very casual life.  However, in a recent closet purge, I determined that I either had to wear it or get rid of it.  Apparently, I respond well to style self-ultimatums.  I’m pleased I’ve reclaimed it for teaching days as it is awesome.  Also, in this picture, it looks like the mini-FR is looking up my skirt.  What a naughty, smooth little guy!

Cardigan: Gap; Blouse: Old Navy; Pants: NY & Co.; Bracelets: World Market (pink) & gifted from my mom (silver)

Not too much to say about this outfit.  As I recall, though, this was one of the super humid days so the many artificial fibers in both the blouse & pants were distinctly ill-advised.  I did wear one of the awesome pairs of shoes I bought with A-Dubs when she was here.

Nude open toes: Me Too

While I regret the lack of pedicure, I’m pretty pleased with these shoes.  They’ve got a slight wedge so they’re very comfortable.  Plus patent nude shoes!  I love ’em.

Got any exciting Valentine’s plans?  More importantly, how about Galentine’s?  Also, how awesome is Leslie Knope?

13 thoughts on “February Madness

  1. Also, the nude shoes rock but when you come to do the five lectures you should know that I don’t allow open-toes in the classroom. I’m not sure what this sanction is about but I’m pretty sure it hearkens back to waitressing.

  2. Dude,
    Both of these outfits are great and I love what you’ve done with the engagement party dress but you could also wear it on its own and it would be classroom appropriate too, yes? Totally appropriate for my classroom anyway. Maybe you should come here and do a guest lecture. Or five.

  3. Kudos on work accomplishments! Sometimes I make To Do lists with absurdly minor things on them, just for the satisfaction of crossing things off said To Do lists.

    I too have closet blockage when it comes to items that I have decided are “fancy.” Your fancy dress remake is quite inspiring. The bare toes, however, I cannot possibly approve because I am too jealous. We’re having a mild winter here, but not _that_ mild!

  4. Because my upper level/grad class enrolled lower than normal (don’t get me started on the lack of interest in women’s history at my institution) and one of my surveys is quite small, I have only about 2/3 -1/2 the students I normally do. It’s making for much faster marking and a bit more time for research and writing.

    I love the Me Too wedges. I’m a big fan of that brand and have several pairs.

    • It’s an ambivalent situation, isn’t it? It’s frustrating when more students don’t want to take the awesome course you’ve developed, but wonderful to have less grading. Wait… I’m not sure I’m actually ambivalent…

      I love both pairs of Me Too shoes that I’ve acquired in the last couple of months. I’m definitely keeping my eye for others.

  5. I, too, am loving the fancy dress remix. Probably this could be a series. I would totally follow and comment on same.

    Also, you suck for being warm and having bare feet in shoes in February. Even though the pants ensemble is also great. I like how it’s all neutrals, too, and that makes the bright bracelet pop.

    And nice going with all your writing projects. I am inspired by your (and M’s, and Raquelita’s) getting things done. Except for tonight. Tonight I am not inspired. Tonight – after attending a local political event – I will sit on the couch and eat chips. All other projects be damned. I need a night.

    • I’m not sure that I have another fancy dress to remix. Perhaps this is a series that could expand to include other bloggers? I would similarly follow and comment on it.

      Man, if you hate my bare feet in shoes here, wait until to you see the pictures I took this week where I have bare legs.

      Nice work also on the couch & chips night. I’m super jealous.

      • Post those pictures of you with your bare legs hanging out. Go ahead. But prepare also for a serious pounding. My warm-weather envy knows no logic or bounds.

  6. Happy belated Galentine’s Day, E-Jo! Look, I’ve made you a pillow with your face on it and the lead news headline from the day you were born! I LOVE P&R so much 🙂 Between that and the Arrested Development references, I feel like you and I could have a pretty sweet (and stylish) TV watching party if we lived closer.

    I have a hard time styling things that I’ve worn specifically for something special too, so nice job on this dress. Since it’s two neutrals, it looks like you can get a lot of wear out of it while teaching. And I’m so envious of your ability to wear open-toed shoes in February. Though our winter has been pretty mild, it just snowed here overnight.

    • I agree, we would definitely a pretty sweet TV party — esp. if we throw in some Party Down & Archer (a show I watch based on, I believe, an Anne recommendation).

      It’s weird how sometimes we develop such an unmovable mental block about certain articles of clothes. The cardigan really helped for me. I’m going to have to try and wear it without one in just a few weeks as it warms up further here.

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