Black Month, Black Things, ‘Tocks of Pup

I can’t help worrying that our blogger followers haven’t found us over here. We were getting so close to 100 followers! It was going to be a modest, but exciting milestone for us!

As an academic working in the humanities, I cannot stress enough how awesome it is to have more than 2 people read what I write. This is especially true because I am an amateur – a fledgling, even – in this fashion genre/discipline (i.e. in the field in which I am a specialist, I dream of even 3 other specialists reading the stuff I sweat blood to produce).

In short, StyleNation, I miss you and your wonderful commentary. (And thank-you to those of you who have been commenting over here.) I hope the others will come back to talk with us, again, someday.

Let’s have a quick outfit photo to break up the relentless text here, shall we?

Outfit #1: For Teaching Last Week:

ImageMexx ruffle-front dress (as tunic): remixed; Max Studio bias-cut black short-sleeved cardigan: remixed; Cotton Mossimo t-shirt: Target (bought in Texas with E-Jo during the beautiful, warm, wine-soaked dream); Grey “pearl” stretchy bracelets: The Bay; Black leggings: remixed ad nauseum on this blog; Blondo lined riding boots: Browns (remixed)

Here’s another view – note my skillful change of pose:


In other news, February persists and continues to SUCK. This is in part because I am very close to being overwhelmed by marking responsibilities of late, and in part because, according to a not-at-all rigorous or even-close-to-clinical self-diagnosis on the internet, I may have a smidge of seasonal affective disorder. Also, the Hubs and I are living mostly in the basement of our new house because we’re having the kitchen renovated this winter. That’s right: I live underground, like a mole, and it is stupid.

‘Good thing we have the Fuzzy Roommate and His Puppy. The FR continues to avoid the camera, but His Puppy is a total publicity whore. Case in point:

Outfit #2: Worn for Office Hours and a Meeting with Two Women I Really, Really Admire


BcbgMaxazria Cardigan: new to blog (via Winners, January sales); Necklace: gifted; H&M t-shirt: new to blog (but old to me); Mexx pointe knit trousers: remixed; Nine West belt: remixed (via The Bay); Invisible Hush Puppy winter ankle boots: remixed; Prop: flappy, bumble bee puppy chew toy; The FR’s Dog: not into the bee just now

Something about this cardigan makes me think of Sal. She’s like the jedi master of long flowy cardigan wearing. Also, check out the FR’s Pup’s adorable ‘tocks:

Finally, just because I have it:

‘Got any survival strategies for February, StyleNation?

I’d sooo appreciate anything advice you’re willing to offer.

30 thoughts on “Black Month, Black Things, ‘Tocks of Pup

  1. I’ve been following your blog for quite awhile and so admire your outfits! Unfortunately as a “curvy academic” many of your pieces are not available to me. The dress and cardigan are perfect for stylish work days. Will have to look out for a long cardi myself.

    • Hi Curvy-A! I’ve been checking your stylingz, too, and have to say I love your style. It is one of the most ridiculous things, fashion-wise, that a lot of clothes come in a stupidly restricted range of sizes.

      • Thanks! It seems that times are changing – at least slightly. It’s probably a good thing, for my budget at least, that I can’t clothes shop from Anthro. πŸ™‚ Enables me to feel more creative with the resources I have.

  2. I’m a new reader and found my way here because someone linked to this blog in a group for academic on Ravelry (a knitting site – So maybe word is spreading! Right now I’m enjoying dreaming of the fashion overhaul I’d like to make for my (hopefully) bright, new shiny TT job for the fall. Right now my wardrobe screams grad student mixed with a little post-baby body that is not back to pre-baby shape (nor is it ever likely to be!), but has shrunk a little below the post-baby clothing I bought after I put away the maternity clothes. So my clothes are a little frumpy and ill-fitting. *sigh*

    I too love long, flow-y cardigans! That one rocks.

    • huzzah! Hi Marie! I’m heading over to Ravelry to check things out asap. In the mean time, I’m going to go ahead and assume you look pretty darn good. We are ALWAYS our own worst critics.

      • Gah! I can’t get in to Ravelry without creating an account. As I’m not a knitter (my grandma says I’ll never be any good unless I learn to do things with less tension. I quit learning instead), and have never gotten the hang of crocheting, I guess I’ll have to remain on the outside for now!

        That said, I love the political knitting and crocheting. Especially when people knit bridge-covers, or place giant knitted pieces in cityscapes. I ALWAYS attend the conference panels and read the papers of political knitters!

  3. I’m always reading, and almost always commenting! It seems like any sort of change will shift your readership somewhat, but obviously we important readers are still here πŸ™‚ Wish I could say the same for my new blog, but eh, I knew following would drop when I started writing instead of posting pictures of pretty clothes. But I do it for me, and I assume you gals do too.

    I’m fairly certain I have SAD too, though this winter hasn’t been quite as bad as others because I’ve had so much going on, and because the sun has been coming out fairly often. The key to surviving February, for me, has always been to get myself out of the house! I work from home a LOT in the winter, so if I don’t either get to my office, or go out and socialize, it’s pretty hard.

    Love the new cardigan! I used to have a couple long sweaters, but somehow never made them look as good as this.

    • Self-diagnosed-SAD solidarity, Anne. While you and E-Jo are some kind of sisters from another mister, I continue to think you and I are like this (I’m doing the fingers to eye thing that you will, someday, see D-Med and I do in real life).

      Also, I’m heading over to your writey blog right now!

  4. Those are some super fuzzy puppy ‘tocks. Adorbs.

    I love that ruffly tunic a LOT. Also, that long sweater!! And ponte knit pants!! Aren’t they the greatest thing ever? And, to agree with Kelly, you’re look like a super tall drink of water in these two outfits.

  5. I stopped commenting more or less when I stopped posting on my own blog. But I am here and I am reading. It has been a rough year, and I just have not had much to say. (One year gypsy scholar post, nothing lined up yet for next year, Herr Poopsie-Poo died, my father died. My best friend landed my dream job.) Hence the silence. But I read. I do.

    • Awww, AftK, I’m so sorry your year has been so awful. And I’m especially sorry that your personal heartaches are compounded by the wickedness of academic job hunting.

      Thinking of you.

      • Thank you. It is odd–I do not feel like blogging about the happenings of the past year at all, but I feel in some degree of community with you, D-Med, E-Jo, Kelly, and Cynthia of Be Fabulous Daily. And I have not known how to explain where I had gone.

    • I’m really sorry to hear this year has been so brutal.

      And, definitely, us blogging types are here for you — even when you aren’t up for commenting!

      • I too am sorry to hear that your year has been so hard. We’re here (sporadically in my case!) whenever you feel like reading, commenting, or just loitering around the inter tubes.

  6. Your faithful readers are still here! At least I am.

    I agree with Kelly that you are rocking the long cardi. Horizontal stripes over an all-black base? So. Classy. How do you keep the puppy fur off the inky blackness?

    • Hi Louise! Thanks for commenting. It looks like you guys are doing Vegas the right way!

      Also, the puppy doesn’t shed. This is only one of the magical qualities of my beloved wheaten terriers.

  7. I adore the long cardigan look, and not just because those photos feature adorable dog bum. You rock the long cardigans, which I will continue to enjoy vicariously through your sartorial swagger. Seriously, have you always been this tall?

    • Dude. No, I haven’t. It’s the new giant photo format. And the placing of the puppy waaayyyy in the foreground.

      Also, you rock.

      • No, you rock.

        February survival techniques: fresh fruit, sunshine whenever possible even if it’s cold and only for ten minutes, looking at sandals online, lots of hot drinks, grumbling. I am particularly keen on the grumbling, myself. Buying plane tickets works wonders as well.

        This is the first time ever that I’ve made a survival strategies list that does not include booze. Hmmmm.

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