Spring Break! Woot!

Oh my god, you guys, I could not be happier to see the arrival of spring break.  Ours seemed particularly slow to arrive this year and, as always, those weeks leading up to a break seem slooow.  (It seemed therefore pretty appropriate to lecture today on perceptions of private and public time in Mrs.Dalloway.)  I’ve got a bunch of non-teaching related work to get to in the next week but, for the next couple of days, I’m letting myself relax a bit.  To wit, when I got home from work today, I had an awesome (though accidentally 3 hour long) nap.

In addition to anticipating Spring Break, this week was also about enjoying some professorial outfits before next week’s parade of yoga pants and pajamas-as-daywear (though only within the boundaries of my home!).

First up, my first (photographed) wearing of the teal pencil skirt:

Black faux-wrap top: Joe; White t-shirt: Gap Outlet; Teal pencil skirt: Target; Gold flats: Nine West; Purple necklace: gift from brother-in-law

This outfit was clearly inspired by Janey-emm’s black and white pairing!  (Also, the mini-FR is totally over being part of the photo; here, he’s much more interested in retrieving his plush baked potato from its storage place: behind the couch.)  Rather than add in a bunch of color through clothing (apart from, you know, my teal skirt!), I decided to bring it through accessories and nail polish (a close up which comes below).

Nail polish: OPI Mod-ern Girl

I’m sort of in love with this color.  In the last six months or so, I’ve been much more consistent in doing my nails.  I like having my nails done because it’s a place for yet another burst of color but have a typically voided the work of it.  My sister introduced me to Sally Hansen Insta-dri top coat* and now I can do my nails in 10 minutes, usually while watching TV.

Today I wore the following:

Black cardigan, khaki tank, and coral pencil skirt: Target; Black flats: Me Too; Nail polish: Essie Mint Candy Apple

Again, note the dog’s total disinterest.  As we move into spring/ summer here, things are starting to both warm up and get super humid — a lovely combination to dress for, especially in buildings where the heat still seems to be on.  I suspect this cardigan will be an increasing workhorse as its drapey-ness is lovely and cool.

Two weeks until the start of spring, y’all!  

*This is a totally un-sponsored endorsement.

15 thoughts on “Spring Break! Woot!

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  3. Okay, the jewel tone pencil skirts are officially awesome and I want all of those things. Are they jersey? Can you wear them with tights or do they do that stick-to-the-tights-and-ride-north thing? Because I think I get to wear bare legs to class for possibly one week in September and that is all until, like, July. But I could wear a lot of jersey pencil skirts in one week …

  4. I love that teal pencil skirt even more than I expected to. Count me amongst the now-craving-pencil-skirt hordes. Like A-Dubs, I am taking notes.

    I miss doing my nails. I keep buying polish but never manage to put any on. (Fantasy shopping? Problem? Me?) This unsponsored insta-dry stuff may be my return ticket to nail polish land.


    p.s. When I come visit, I fully expect the Texas Forever tour, complete with Tim Riggins lookalikes if at all possible.

    • I read recently (I want to say on Lainey but I’m not positive) that Riggins is apparently building his dream house in Austin which is pretty exciting. So that tour might be even more complete than expected!

      The insta-dri stuff is great — though not entirely instant. Your nails are dry in 30 sec. but I find that they need a little long than that to actually harden a bit. I tend to do my nails while watching TV — a 40 min. episode is great as by the time it’s over it’s like my nails have been done for a couple of hours.

      • I may stalk him. It will be embarrassing. Also, I like this now-fermenting plan of mine to come visit you in IPF south.

        Must. Get. Insta-Dry.

        • I used to harden and quick dry my nail polish by sticking my fingers in a bowl of ice water after I painted them. I know it sounds counter-intuitive but it totally works.

          How long does a mani last, E-Jo? I find I chip my nail polish immediately which makes me look, according to my mother, “cheap”.

  5. Ok, you and janey are totally making me want a pencil skirt wardrobe. Currently, I’m kind of maxing out on black leggings and long things over top. Because it feels like pyjamas.

    But back to you. Seriously, the pencil skirt in all iterations showcased thus far is clearly your thing. I especially love the teal one, and I love it even more with the nail colour. Also, obvy, the pointy-toe flat is the perfect shoe for a pencil skirt-wearing campus-hiking prof. I am sooo taking notes.

    Finally, I’m trying and failing to get all sympathetic about the heat and humidity where you are. It’s warming up here, but it’s still snowy, sloppy, and all around embittering, self-preoccupying, dog-under-carriage-dirtying, awesome-shoe/boot-destroying weather. Here’s hoping you get some lovely warm spring days before it gets all hellish in IPF South. (There. That’s sort of sympathetic.)

    p.s. Dog buttocks totally count as “in” the photo. The Mini-FR is switching it up, like the FR’s puppy up here.

    • I know, re: the weather. Though, having done a couple of decades worth of prairie winters, I’m apparently the kind of person who prefers brutal winter to brutal summer.

      I feel like the dog buttock shot is totally a lesson learned from FR, original version. Though, nonetheless, the mini-FR is much more interested in the cats next door he can see through that window than in any photographic endeavors.

  6. You are doing nothing to help me address my pencil skirt problem. Now I need coloured ones. Oh well. At least they’ll go nicely with my neutral ones (four) and my patterned ones (three).

    • I think I spy another guest post topic! (Also, you’re relatively close to the border, right? Maybe a Target jaunt is in order!) You have me beat on both patterned and neutral pencil skirts (of which I have 1 and 3, respectively). I just find them to be so versatile — especially when, if like me, you’re not a big pants wearer. It’s often quite windy here at IPF South so floatier, rounder skirts are usually not a great option.

  7. You have inspired me to have my nails done–once someone has done something about my cuticles, perhaps I can keep them maintained. Instantly drying top coat, you say?

    • Oh god, my cuticles are a mess. In fact, everytime I get them professionally done (so, like, once every three years), the manicurist chastises me about them. I just paint right over the suckers which means the polish look ragged faster than it might otherwise but I change it up pretty frequently — if for no other reason than that years of piano lessons has trained me to be hyper-vigilant about the length of my nails and I prefer to chop ’em off without polish on.

  8. I have yet to get any colored pencil skirts, but I’m still pining for them. You should be the captain of Team Color with these looks!

    Love the Mrs. coach montage – I assume everyone there y’alls like that 🙂 Enjoy your spring break!

    • I don’t know about team captain — I’m bossy but I don’t like there to be any responsibility attached to it! — but I’m happily a member of Team Color!

      Also, they sure do! It’s sort of astonishing how realistic FNL is.

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