Office Pyjamas: Air of The Jedi

I feel like a Jedi in this ensemble. Not a master; more like the pre-Vadar Anakin Skywalker/Hayden Christensen. This pyjama-like combo carried me through an intense day of visiting speaker hosting and lecturing myself.

I know. Office pyjamas should, by definition, be worn exclusively for in-office days. But it’s March, the slackers have begun to torture me via inane and not-at-all persuasive reasons why they deserve to rewrite their terrible papers, and I recently got some very bad (personal) news (to be discussed here at a later date). More than ever, this month is about survival. Pyjama-like ensembles are key in this endeavour.

It’s a bonus if such clothes assist in battling metaphoric Sith:

Yes, I am eating breakfast in this photo. Somehow, I am always rushing through the morning meals.

Probably, you cannot see the floral pattern on the jedi cardigan, but this is not because I haven’t tried to photograph it. Someday, I’ll learn how to light and take photos, but that day is not today:

Draped jedi cardigan: Melanie Lyne (new to blog); Brushed silver necklace: Foxy (remixed, lengthened with another necklace at the top); Invisible black stretchy dress: Max Studio (new to blog, via Winners); Ubiquitous black pointe knit jedi leggings: Smart Set (remixed); Jedi bootage: Blondo (via Browns Shoes, remixed)

14 thoughts on “Office Pyjamas: Air of The Jedi

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  5. Dude. What E-Jo said. Your Star Wars Nerd Club card is in the mail.

    Also, this outfit is great; I love the boots. I think as long as things are not rumpled or scuffed or denim (for me) then it’s classroom appropriate. Unless it is actually pyjamas. Sometimes I am in the office on the weekend in clothes I slept in, but that is different. Plus I’m the only loser at the office on a weekend.

    • The interwebs are my fashion classroom, too! I’m pretty sure I learnt this trick from one of the following awesome bloggers: Sal at Already Pretty, or Sheila at Ephemera, or Anne at The Cohabiting Closet, or Cynthia at Be Fabulous Daily.

      Also, welcome to the comments section, Robin! Come back soon!

  6. (a) You look fantastic, thus rendering the office-pajamas-ness aspect of this outfit moot. No one else knows about the brilliant office pajamas plan; they just think you look hawt.

    (b) From the back pose? Kinda sexy, lady. Ahem.

    (c) I too am very sorry to hear about that March is sucking it. Relief will come soon: end of term awaits!

    (d) Remind me to tell you about the time I saw Episode II: Attack of the Clones while ragingly premenstrual, which led to a 4-day obsession with Hayden Christensen. Like, googling and fantasizing. Now I’ve outed myself as not only a nerd but a perv.

  7. I am sorry about the crappiness of your month. Please feel no pressure to share the personal news, but know that I care and am concerned and interested.

    I think the key with office pajamas is the question: does this outfit LOOK like office pajamas. In this case, the answer is definitely no and so you are good to go.

    Sometimes, for me the defining difference between office pajamas and not office pajamas is the question of whether or not there are leggings or stockings involved. But that distinction is likely lost on everyone looking at me…..

  8. Uhh… dude, I think you just revealed yourself to be a much bigger nerd than anyone knew.

    I think, when you’re office pajamas are awesome and bad ass as these are, you’re TOTALLY allowed to wear them outside the office. Really sorry to hear about the crapitude of your month. At least there’s only six weeks until some sweet, sweet hanging out!

    • Never underestimate my nerdiness. It’s easy to underestimate it, I know, because of how wickedly cool I am on the surface.

      Also, thanks.

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