First Week of Spring

These two outfits which flanked* Spring Break — making one of them quite old now — represent a strategy of all jersey knits, all the time that will, hopefully, get me through the next couple of weeks of the term.  Now that Spring Break is over, we’re in the downhill rush to the end of the term which means, in addition to all sorts of student anxiety, a counterintuitive ramping up in meetings and guest speakers.  Both of these things I find exponentially more exhausting than dealing with students.  When working with students — however frustrating it can be at moments (and to be fair, my students this term are lovely and no problem at all) — it feels like I’m doing my job.  Meetings and speakers, however, though similarly part of my job, produce a constant sense that I really should be doing something else.  Plus, I find the motives of students to be pretty transparent.  Let’s just say that that’s not always the case in other scenarios.  All this to say that this first week back from break has been both long and incredibly fast.  Fortunately, the weather has been lovely most of the week!

This dress, a purchase from the great Vegas trip of 2009, hasn’t got much wear in the last little while.  But the jersey is wonderfully soft and comfortable and a great color (though it’s actually starting to get a little washed out).

This shirt is the first time I’ve ever purchased something from one of the Target designer collections.  I often find those collections to be made of such cheap, polyester-heavy material that their cuteness is minimized.  I’m pretty pleased, however, with the construction of this shirt.  Typically shirts with bows like this leave the bow separate from the neckline, which, for those of who have a chest, leads to gaping and fussing.  This one, however, is secured all the way around which is excellent.

This might be my final wearing of long sleeves for a while.  As we move into what promises to be a long, hot summer, tubes of fabric on my arms and legs become an impossibility.  M. asked yesterday whether or not we go sleeveless in the classroom.  I have no particular problem wearing things without sleeves in the classroom, in no small part because temperatures here stay well into the 90s/ 30s into late October (in early September, it’s routinely in the 100s/ high 30s) and then start to heat up again in April.  Plus, academic buildings being what they are, they’re often over heated (that is, if they’re not freezing) — not helping the lecture sweatiness.  Any concerns about the need for sleeves to look professional are mitigated by the need to not pass out from heat stroke.  That said, I’m sad to be leaving my cardigans in the drawer for the next several months — fortunately I have a trip to Canada coming up in just over a month, and I’ll probably be able to wear them then!

Any tips for getting back in the groove, post-break?  

For those of you who enjoyed The Hunger Games, I read Veronica Roth’s Divergent over break and really recommend it.

* “Flanked” reminds me of a very awesome moment in the final episode of Party Down, which I can’t find on YouTube.  However, this will do the trick (from this awesome Tumblr).

7 thoughts on “First Week of Spring

  1. You look great in both these outfits. Way to rework that purple dress, which I continue to love. Looking forward to seeing you and your cardigans soon. SOON!

    (Sorry to yell.)

    (Not really that sorry.)

    No useful strategies for getting back into any sort of groove, as I am a world-class procrastinator these days. Sometimes I make To Do lists that include very simple and/or nearly done items just so that I can cross things off and feel more productive, which makes me less likely to just abandon all efforts to do anything other than sit on my couch.

  2. Every time you type “tubes of fabric” in reference to sleeve or pantlegs, it totally cracks me up.

    You look fab in both ensembles. I, too, will miss your cardigans on the blog. Fortunately, I’ll get to enjoy some of them in less than a month’s time. Yes! YES!!

    Is the Target t actually constructed from natural fibres, then?

    Finally, nope, no strategies for survival. Mostly, I just stalk around trying (a) to resist seasonal narcoleptic impulses, and (b) not to explode from rage as slackers and other a-holes really amp up the ridiculous requests and general harassment of professors.

    • I can’t believe that sweet hanging out time is so close. I managed today to be released from my fall service commitments alongside my teaching leave so the hanging out time will be an awesome time to celebrate the beginning of 8 glorious research months. Survival really just means, at this point, counting down the days.

      I don’t think the shirt’s all natural fabrics but it’s got a reasonably good percentage and, importantly, feels pretty close to natural. It doesn’t feel like it could survive a nuclear war, for instance.

  3. I keep seeing that Target shirt with the bow around the blogosphere, and think it’s really cute (and obviously since you have it, I should get one). I keep seeing it paired with pencil skirts, but I really love how you’ve paired it under a dress!

    Aww, and Party Down! Haven’t thought about that show in a while, even if their cast members do keep popping up all over the place. I keep hoping to see a Party Down reunion on Parks & Rec, since Adam Scott, Martin Starr and Megan Mullally have all been on. I think Children’s Hospital nearly had one too – have you watched that?

    • I initially got it to go with my many & various pencil skirts but so far haven’t worn it that way. Frankly, it’s probably a little sheer for that but, under a cardi, it’ll be great — it just has been increasingly too warm to do that.

      I haven’t watched Children’s Hospital yet — I totally should though. Party Down is totally my comfort viewing — I’ve watched it through a ludicrous number of times.

  4. Who are you wearing? (I’ve always wanted to ask that)

    That be-ribboned t-shirt is excellent, like a scarf that stays put. And I am on Team Sleeves but then again, I also live in a winter movie for most of the year. If you added tights to the second outfit, you would totally have my teaching armour, a version of which I wear daily. Team Sleeves!

    • I know! I’m super fancy with my quasi-designer wear. That description — a scarf that stays put — it totally right as the bow is much more scarf-like than it is really ribbon-y. Also, I totally knew you were Team Sleeves! Today I was sleeveless and bare-legged, though my shoes were closed toe — but I came pretty close to breaking the D-Med trifecta of classroom clothing rules!

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