Luke, I am your Marker.

Yeah, I know. But I couldn’t leave the Star Wars stuff alone.

What’s up, StyleNation? As it’s horrifically close – and yet so far away – to the The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, I’ll keep this short. Kind of like my fuse right now. Not with you, of course. With the students who’ve shown little interest all term in achieving more than the bare minimum to pass. And now, they “disagree” with their marks, they want to “discuss” their papers/grades, they want a meeting outside of regular office hours and it needs to be tomorrow between 1 and 1:15pm because they are super-busy and important and as their professor, I probably live in my office praying that yet another student will “drop by” and make my life meaningful.

‘Bitter and burnt out? Who me?

Outfit #1: Worn for a Teaching Day

There’s nothing like a big-ass skirt to make a rectangular person appear curvy-ish:

Top: Anne Klein (remixed); Belt: Mexx (remixed); Skirt: Tommy Hilfiger (via The Bay); Tights: Hue; Boots: Blondo (remixed); Wonder Woman Pose: all IPF, all the time

Outfit #2: Less is Much, Much More

The less you see of this dress, the better it looks. See? It looks pretty good this way (for a day of marking papers in my office, at least – it’s a little low cut for teaching):

Cardigan: Max Studio (remixed); Dress: Chapter One (via Winners, remixed); Bracelet: The Bay (remixed); Leggings: Smart Set (new-to-blog); Boots: Rieker (remixed)

I bought it because it reminded me of dress of Sheila’s. Without the cardigan, however, my dress is utterly cheap and silly looking. Case in point:

See the wing-like flaps? Not only is the lighter back of the polyester on display, but the flappy parts are unfinished. Seriously. The fabric’s just been cut into wingy shapes and sewn on with raw edges. It’s ridiculous.

What do you have to hide, sartorially speaking, StyleNation?

Come on – you can tell us! We won’t tell a soul!

10 thoughts on “Luke, I am your Marker.

  1. I don’t know how those students don’t appreciate what an awesome teacher they have. But you don’t just sit in your office waiting for one of them to drop by? Wow, I had the life of an academic pegged all wrong 🙂

    I love that green skirt! I’m also surprised it’s Hilfiger. Paired with some heels, I bet it’d be cute for a night out (or perhaps watching a new episode of Mad Men? The fabric reminds me a bit of that era). And what am I hiding? Oh, where to start! As you might imagine, cardigans have been my shield for years – they’ve helped cover up flabby arms lacking the benefit of pee push-ups and a slight muffin top, depending on the pants I might be wearing. They’re great armor.

    • Dude. Solidarity. We are all hiding flabby arms and muffin tops. Except that when you are cardigan free (at TCC), there’s nothing flapping around or piling up at all.

  2. I love love love that green skirt — and share Kelly’s surprise that it’s Tommy Hilfiger. It looks luxe in a way I really don’t associate with that brand. That dress also looks pretty awesome on you — despite its clear ridiculousness.

    I’m also super envious of your approaching end of term. I’ve still got a month to go. More importantly, though, only five weeks until some important hanging out is being done.

    • Hmm. Now I’m second-guessing the whole TH thing. If I weren’t trapped at work under a stack of as-yet-unmarked papers, I’d totally double-check that detail.

      Also, that’s right E-Jo. The countdown is ON.

  3. I have become braver in wearing lower-cut necklines to teach in (vast collection of Boden deep-v dresses, pinned when possible, worn with a “don’t even” look when not).

    • And does the look have the desired effect, then? Wrap dresses are so enticingly comfortable, no? Yet they come with such potentially revealing problems!

  4. Coveting that skirt from Long Island. Who do I have to hurt to get one? How about the student who plagiarized in my graduate course? Can I?

    • That seems like a plan worth trying. Plus, I bet even if it doesn’t get you a skirt, you’ll feel a wee bit better.

  5. ‘Totally checking that snark and hilarity as soon as term draws to its wonderful end. Also, the skirt was so deeply discounted that I convinced myself TH would get pretty much nothing from my purchase. Mostly I try to avoid him, too.

    In addition, yep. The dress is just stupid. I tell myself I saved some poor young thing the humiliation of buying it, wearing it to a club all on its own (probably with really uncomfortable sky-high heels from Payless), and realizing only then that she’d made a horrible mistake.

    Finally, Dude. I feel, however, that this bra situation will right itself when the time comes 😉 (ahem.)

  6. Keep the Star Wars stuff going. No, really, I absolutely love it. Might I suggest all of the Star Wars abridged scripts on The snark and hilarity might help with The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

    That skirt is gorgeous. SO gorgeous! It’s making me rethink my prejudice against Tommy Hilfiger. I don’t get how you’re a rectangle, though. Long and lean sure, but pleasantly curved. Ahem. (Typed because I know you love it!)

    The uncovering of that dress completely cracked me up.

    What am I hiding? The fact that I own exactly one non-nursing bra.

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