Decisions, Decisions

This outfit, from last week, is clearly my attempt at channeling A-Dubs’ and her wicked office pajamas.  I didn’t actually wear it to my office, but it did make an appearance at my office-away-from-office: Starbucks (there is a serious dearth of coffee shops in my college town — which is totally weird.  It makes me long for the coffee shop office in Steel Town).

Dress: Target; Belt: NY & Co.; Leggings: Lane Bryant; Blue shoes that read as black here: Jessica Simpson

I got this dress at Target last summer, inspired by Anne, but the lining of it shrunk after I washed it.  As a result, I haven’t worn it much because it feels too short with a good 3 inches of sheer, unlined skirt.  It’s been hanging in my closet, being all awesomely polka-dotted but unworn, when, finally, a lightbulb went on: leggings!  I think it’s going to get a lot more wear now as I’ve wanted to wear this exact outfit twice in the last week — though I’ve been foiled by laundry.

Semi-kicky pose: Inspired by A-Dubs

Also, I really needed a coffee mug in one of these pictures.

Finally, I need your help, Style Nation.  I’m trying to decide on shoes for Rinty the Crusher’s wedding.  I’m wearing this dress (the first one in the post).  I’ve bought the following shoes in both gold and bronze and can’t decide which ones to wear.

(The gold ones are shiner than this photo suggests.)


14 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

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  2. I like that dress. Linings, why must you be so ornery? So necessary yet so finicky. Leggings work it out, though, so high fives on that.

    I voted gold because of the whole disappearing on your porcelain-pale leg thing, but I love love love bronze shoes. I’m conflicted yet sure that either will work well. What jewelry are you wearing? That might help me resolve this not-really-a-conflict-because-both-are-awesome conflict.

    This whole discussion makes me want to a) figure out my travel plans for Rinty’s Wedding, b) photography my intended outfit, which come to think of it I haven’t actually tried on in well over a year, c) spend more time being very excited about seeing the IPF crew so soon!

    Finally: Pale Is The New Tan.

    • I feel like linings are really indicative of a dress’s quality: a good lining shows a well-made dress, an ornery lining reveals a poorly constructed one. Though it’s so hard to tell, pre-washing it.

      I haven’t sorted out jewelry yet so that’s still up in the air. I’ve got a clutch that’s mostly bronze but would probably work with the gold as well, and a gold necklace (that I wore to A-Dubs’ wedding, I’m SURE you remember) that’s considerably darker than the gold shoes so it would it also go with either. I think I’d like some sort of cuff bracelet but I only have a silver or turquoise one so I’ll need to get something sorted out.

  3. Tits! I forgot to say how much I love this ensemble.

    So, I really love this ensemble. I am in full support of all office pj’s. Even those worn to coffee shop offices.

  4. Hmm. I vote for the gold for the same reasons that Anne has voted for the bronze. On an alabaster person like you (and on a super pale-but-freckled person like me), I enjoy the way gold sandals can sparkle while also almost disappearing/appearing nude-ish and thus elongating and prettifying our legs. You know, not that you require either of these things, but Stacey and Clinton say we should all want them, regardless.

    Finally, I cannot decide who is paler: E-Jo or D-Med. Probably it is time for the pale-off to occur (finally!), so we can all get on with our lives.

    • I was initially planning on gold of some variety, but what brought the bronze into contention is that since the dress is so bright it required some sort of foot-region visual weight. The gold is quite pale so it definitely does the things nude shoes do. Gah.

      Also, I’m totally paler than D-Med. And you better love this outfit, as I feel like I’m stealing your identity in it a bit.

    • I believe there was a Pale-Off at the cottage one summer. I think A-Dubs-Hubs was the judge and it was decided that, while I was the colour of parchment, E-Jo was the colour of porcelain. I think Early Modern Cool Kid was also included in the proceedings but, as a Never-Nude, his pallor was less innate and I believe he was disqualified on these grounds.

      We lead busy and full lives here at IPF. The fullest.

      • I particularly like that A-Dubs-Hubs was the judge as you can’t determine these things without being a medical professional. We are very scientific about our pale-off. I also believe I beat out a certain red-headed tramp for overall paleness supremacy.

  5. I think E-Jo’s legs are even paler than mine and my family thinks I’m a vampire. They live in a balmier province though and spend their summers tanning–seriously, it’s like 1975 in my family. THM: E-Jo is paler than me. Like, the only person paler than me who is also alive. But I like the gold.

    E-Jo, remind me. Do you and I have the same size feet? I have a pair of gold and bronze t-straps that probably won’t fit you if you want to borrow them.

    Can’t wait for the Crusher’s wedding! I wish I knew what I were wearing!

    • I’m quite confident I have larger feet than you — I wear a 10 — but thanks for the offer!

      In addition to your paleness as evidence of vampirism, you also don’t sleep and you own the vampire kitty, so… Maybe your family’s onto something. Though I love that they live in 1975 — I’m envisioning all sorts of lovely cocktail parties while swanning about in floaty evening muumuus.

  6. So that’s what happened! My lining must have shrunk too. I just wear it with a black slip, but leggings seems like a pretty simple and cute solution.

    If it were me, I’d go with the bronze shoes. But it’s because my legs are SUPER pale, so that lighter gold just looks odd on me. Either would be a great buy, honestly, since they’re both super versatile.

    • That’s the only explanation that makes sense to me as I’m sure I wouldn’t have bought it when the lining was so short — but, who knows? My Target blinders are intense. A black slip is a really good idea but, because I’m clearly not a lady, I don’t actually own a slip of any sort.

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