The Watch That Ends the Night

Greetings StyleNation, from IPF North, where freedom is so close we can taste it. In fact, while I have in the past referred to end-of-term as The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, some colleagues and I recently agreed that May-August is really the MOST wonderful of times. As April deliciously and painfully anticipates the May-August stretch, we’ve re-named this fourth month The Watch That Ends the Night. We are nerdy, hopeful, and beset by seasonal insomnia.

In other news, all that Target talk in E-Jo’s previous post (see comments section, too) reminded me that I haven’t told you about this bag, purchased while visiting E-Jo in January:

Neon satchel: Target (new to blog); Puffer coat: January sale item at Winners (new to blog); Boots: Blondo (via Browns, remixed)

Yep: it’s trendy, cheap, plastic, and has a funky smell. But my tablet fits into it, and it only cost $30. The bag that inspired it is unacceptably pricey, in my humble opinion (I just can’t justify – or afford – that kind of money for what is clearly destined to be a very short-lived trend). The brightness requires a neutral backdrop; as such, there’s little else going on outfit-wise, in this shot. But I adore that the photo-shy Fuzzy Roommate decided to add his own neutral tones to the colour palette. He is modelling (poorly) his poison green leopard print collar. It is his favourite.

Finally, this is for all you academics out there, struggling towards the light of morning/May. Hold on, people! We’re almost there:

p.s. What cheap copies have you bought or would you buy?

28 thoughts on “The Watch That Ends the Night

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  4. Had you been to Target before? And while you were there did you get a wine cube or 3? I like the bright bag but agree, it’s better to go low cost on trends. I’m usually at least a year behind on trends so I don’t bother with the cheap copies. Though I might if I could coordinate with my dogs’ collars so well.

    • Nope. First time in Target. We did not get any wine cubes. This is not a sad thing (or it wasn’t at the time) as I’m fairly certain at least one of us had a giant wine-related hangover. This same person may or may not have been travelling back to Canada the next day with only a carry-on suitcase.

  5. Ugh. The book that lends this post it’s title was one of my most painful grad school reading experiences. Mostly ’cause that book is slooowww. So, in other words, I’m not sure that that term works for me.

    Also, I’m so glad you bought that satchel as it is awesome. I particularly like how it coordinates so well with the Fuzzy Roommate, original version.

    • Hmmph. Why does everyone remember that book differently than I do? Perhaps because it was the first thing I read when I went back to school after 3 years off. I was so excited to be back in school that EVERY SINGLE BOOK I read that year seemed like the sweetest thing ever.

      That said, I also fell in love with _The Faerie Queen_, and I’m fairly certain that is actually really, really awesome. Maybe you are the broken one.

      • The Faerie Queene is awesome! I can’t speak for Hugh MacLennan because I’ve never read that but I’m pretty sure FQ is more awesome than heart disease.

  6. I have the unacceptably pricey bag but in dark purple, which is a much less trendy colour (purple is my new black). The bag is excellent; I have a post about it somewhere on here but I’m too lazy/exhausted to find it. I use it everyday at work to transport lecture notes, marked papers, textbooks, etc. to class (previously I was just carrying all that stuff in my arms like a hobo clown) and I use it at conferences, where it inevitably gets a compliment. And, despite its heavy use, it still looks as good as it did when I bought it from the internet two years ago. I highly recommend it, though I agree that the neon is unavoidably trendy and I would not go for that colour. Neon is not the new black.

      • Dude. I totally agree that the purple satchel is sweet, sweet, sweet. I have paid as much for bags I use daily, too. It’s only the neon that makes the price redonk.

        Also, wtf wordpress?!

      • Dude, are you going to have that bag with you at super awesome hanging out time, as you’re en route to conferencing? I totally need a new, non-plastic school/ conference/ work bag and I want to check one of those bad boys out before turning over any cash.

        • Yes, I will have it with me so you can check it out. It’s not big enough for my laptop, but I don’t use it for that. It would definitely fit a tablet. I think they’ve gotten more pricey since I bought it, but it does seem pretty indestructible so think it’s worth it.

      • This is reminding me all too much of the Star Trek episode in whch Data disconnects his clone cyborg daughter’s system.

          • That’s right. Because it is too hilarous to refer only to men in baggy pants and greasepaint. Also, the pup version is so cute it makes you/me want to drink a wine cube in celebration. (Possibly I have had some wine right now.)

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