Neutral Tones

Freedom is still a little ways off here at IPF South.  It’s getting closer but there’s still a very busy couple of weeks left — including a conference trip.  But the promise of the very quickly approaching wedding of Rinty the Crusher, and the associated IPF meetup (along with Kelly), and a subsequent trip to Montreal is getting me through.  Having excellent things to look forward is crucial when you’re busy — especially when you’ve got a stupid cold to really make stressful times even better.

I wore this for a comprehensive exam defense: major exams that Ph.D. candidates take before they start their dissertations.  This was my fourth one of these so I’m starting to feel more comfortable with them — though it’s still weird to be on this side of things.  I tend to be more dressed up for these things than I typically I am — both to convey to the student an appropriate amount of respect for their work, and to shore up my own sense of authority.

Striped t: Target; Olive pencil skirt: Lane Bryant; Tan wedges: Aerosoles

This therefore called for heels and a pencil skirt.  I really like the pairing of the grey & black stripes, with the olive.  Even though I’m a firm member of Team Color, there’s something about rich neutrals that seems professional and authoritative.

Scarf: World Market

However, I couldn’t resist a pop of (relatively muted) color.  It also helped obscure the somewhat deep-v on the shirt.

Anyone got any tips for getting rid of a cold? 

10 thoughts on “Neutral Tones

  1. Dude. You look fantastic and full-on profesh, despite your stress-related illness. Is the weather also ridiculously humid and stupid there now?

    In other news, probably you and D-Med and Kelly need to teach me how to enjoy the scotch. I just don’t get it. But I am always willing to try new (boozy) things.

    Hey! Is there scotch in a hot toddy? Are you drinking those like they’re going out of style?

  2. Getting rid of a cold? Find someone to whom you can give it.

    I love these excellent neutrals, and I love that you dress up for this kind of academic duty since, as you well know, comps and their ilk are rather a big deal for grad students. It meant a lot to me that RG showed up at my defense wearing an excellent black suit and a crisp white shirt.

  3. I’m pretty sure that single malt scotch is the cure for the common cold.

    This outfit is excellent. It’s exactly my uniform if you swap out the scarf for a cardigan and add tights. And closed-toe shoes. Plus I can’t rock the olive like you. So, not exactly my uniform, but I approve. I know you’re relieved to hear it.

    • I’m pretty sure that single malt scotch is the cure for most things.

      If it had been slightly cooler here, there probably would have been a cardigan — though that probably wouldn’t have addressed the cleavage issue, so a scarf remains necessary. This is pretty uniform-y for me too, though. Isn’t it good we have such awesome uniforms?

  4. I hope you feel better soon, E-Jo! I don’t think anything really chases colds away, but I load up on chicken soup and orange juice and plenty of OTC cold meds.

    Having things to look forward to always helps! There’s no light at the end of the tunnel here in the corporate world, but I have lots of fun things coming up later this spring and summer, so it gets me through the week at least 🙂

    • Thanks Anne! I’m feeling a lot better today — I think getting a good night sleep helped. The cold is also clearly stress related so it’ll probably come and go for the next week or so but then kind of disappear. Nonetheless, I’ve been consuming vitamin C like there’s no tomorrow!

      Future fun things are definitely key. Once I get back from my jaunt north, I should be able to settle into more of a stress-free (ie. meeting-free) routine which I think is also key! The light at the end of the particular tunnel, for me, isn’t entirely about the end of the teaching term, but the end of, what’s been, a very meeting-heavy term.

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