Summer Patterns

So, um, wow.  It’s been a while.  I’d like to say that time flies when you’re having fun but, apart from an important summit and some subsequent time in Montreal, I’m not sure where the last month has gone at all.  All of a sudden it’s June and the “most wonderful time of the year” has kicked into high gear.  I find the first part of the summer to be a little bit difficult, work-wise, as I have to adapt to a self-directed schedule, which is lovely but also all too easily gets away from me.  I’m getting stuff done but it all feels a little aimless. Fortunately, I leave in exactly three weeks for a conference in Paris so that deadline will helpfully get things moving.

As evidence of time-slippage, here’s an outfit from the dog days of the end of term.

Everything but the shoes: Target; Nude peep-toes: Me Too

This outfit worked really well for me, in a way that I don’t think the photos quite capture.  I love the mix of coral and periwinkle blue (seriously, coral is totally the best).  The cardigan wasn’t particularly necessary, weather wise, but the top is sleeveless and I wanted a bit more arm coverage.

Again, with another slightly awful picture.  You should see the ones I deleted.  Yikes.  Something about the print was creating some horrifying optical illusions.

Black t-shirt: Gap Outlet; Blue & white maxi skirt: Joe; Silver pendant: H&M; Black patent sandals: Birkenstocks

I bought this excellent skirt on a wonderful excursion to Joe Fresh with A-Dubs, D-Med and Kelly during the IPF summit at the beginning of May.  Up until then, I hadn’t really found a way for the maxi trend to work for me but this skirt sealed the deal.  Somewhat unexpectedly, I find that a printed, rather than solid color, maxi skirt or dress feels much more inconspicuous to me.  It seems more casual, less like I’m wandering around in jersey evening wear.  This styling here isn’t my favorite but it was super comfortable and a good first wear of the skirt.

Any summer trends you’re trying out?  You can’t really see it in these pictures, but I also have neon pink fingernails in the last two.

23 thoughts on “Summer Patterns

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    • That necklace is pretty awesome — and basically free at H&M about 5 years ago. The funny thing is that I typically don’t like pendant style necklaces on me — I like something with a bit more oomph — but the length of the chain and the heft of the pendant on this one really works for me. It’s easily the accessory I wear the most of all that I own.

  2. You are SO right about coral. I always thought it was a pink and avoided it accordingly, but really coral is a magically wearable orange and therefore awesome. Love it with the blue!

    The maxi skirt is fantastic and is not helping me resist trying the maxi thing again, despite all previous evidence that I cannot maxi.

    Rocking both outfits in both sides of the Atlantic. Nice.

    • I know, right? I would never really have guessed how much I can pair with it. I probably need to stop buying it.

      I had to try on a lot of maxi skirt/ dresses to find one I liked so I think it’s a surprisingly tricky length. Though, sadly, I’m still just wearing them on one side of the Atlantic. In two weeks, though, things change!

    • Thanks Terri! I got a trio of colorful pencil skirts at Target and I’m surprised how much wear I’ve got out of them already. That said, I’ve barely worn them since the term ended…

      I know? Paris! I’m pretty excited — plus I’m doing a couple of days in Norway first which will be fun.

  3. Speaking of brightly colored pencil skirts! Love love LOVE the blue and coral together! I would never even think of that – way to represent Team Color!

    And as much as I was already envious of the IPF summit, you took a trip to Joe Fresh? So jealous. Why aren’t they in the States yet? And why didn’t I think to pop over to Windsor when I was in Detroit this weekend? Anyway, this is an awesome maxi skirt, and it looks great on you! I’ve never really been able to do maxis either, though I like the style on everyone else.

    Also, like A-Dubs, I appreciate the bigger pictures. But still post smaller ones myself.

    • That outfit is a particularly Team Color outfit, isn’t it? In addition to arm coverage, the black cardi also helped tone things down slightly. I’m finding that there seems to be no color I won’t pair coral with.

      Joe Fresh is pretty awesome — I came away with a decent haul. Some of which will have to wait until later as it’s a little warm from the summer heat. You should totally check it out, via some cross border shopping. That said, Joe can be a little hit or miss so sometimes things are great and sometimes things are a little meh.

      • I can cruise by Joe Fresh anytime I go to the grocery store. Or the gym. Or the bank. Because all of those necessities are in one place! (Yes, I bank, work out and shop at my grocery store, which is open 24 hours. I might just move in.) I can be your connection, yo. Though I agree that Joe Fresh can be hit or miss and they seem to be getting more expensive …

  4. Ha! “wandering around in jersey evening wear.” Totally true: it all just feels a little too “dressed” for daytime joe-jobbery.

    In other news, you are totally rocking that maxi skirt. Also, welcome to The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. I am gratified that you, too, are having difficulty with the self-directed schedule.

    Huh. I really wish I was going to Paris with you. (And I LOVE that cobalt pencil skirt with the bright top!)

    • Also, Dude, will you make your photos bigger? At least a notch or two? I feel that you are being too tentative, photo-size-wise, and I want to see your outfits more. Also (x2), I need to investigate the background. You are totally switching things up on that cool coral sideboard/dresser thingy – and the switches seem seasonal. Some of us decor-challenged folk need these lessons from those who know.

    • That said, I totally swan about my house in my jersey evening wear and it feels sort of awesome. I feel like it adds, roughly, 50% more glamour to doing laundry and keeping my ridiculous dog in line.

      I think probably the only way to fix the difficulty with the self-directed schedule is for you to get down here for some work dates.

      • I’ll go back in and see if I can change them — I thought they were too small but it’s been so long since I posted that I couldn’t remember the sizing stuff. I’m not actually changing things on the dresser — maybe more is visible than previously? I did totally buy & paint a craigslist chair for my bedroom that might have to make it into my next post, so, y’know, in like August.

  5. Very well done on the maxi skirt, which I cannot. make. work. My short friends keep forcing me into various maxi dresses, assuring me that they will look fantastic on me because I am tall. After several terrible dressing room incidents, I can confirm that height in no way predicts maxi dress success. It is strongly correlated with entertaining dressing room pictures, though.

    • You are EXACTLY right about thinking that maxi skirts will work just because you’re tall (though you’re a much taller drink of water than I am). What I’ve found, based on highly scientific methods, is that a narrower skirt works best for me — like a long pencil skirt. Once it starts to get too wide, it starts to look a little like I’m on my way to tell fortunes. Again, a simple, graphic pattern seems to go a long way to helping.

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