Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Dudes.  I bought a mullet skirt.

In related news, brightly colored, jersey skirts from Target continue to be my addiction of choice.

I also bought it in bright blue, because, really, why buy just one?  The sandals are also new and super comfortable — bought in advance of my big trip.  Things I learned while sandal shopping? It’s difficult to find sandals that are good for tromping around European capitals but aren’t also designed for an 80 year old, or someone with a far sportier aesthetic than I have.

Sandals: Ecco

Here’s the close up.  I don’t know why I didn’t fully do them up.  I think they’re pretty cute and will be a good pair to alternate with my Birkenstocks.

Top: Old Navy; Skirt: Target; Nail polish: Essie Tart Deco

This outfit could use some accessories but it’s in the 90s/ 30s here, I’m trying to get a bunch of things off my plate before I leave next week, and I was dog sitting an adorable, though somewhat needy, golden retriever so accessorizing slipped pretty low down on the priority list.

Got any longest day of the year plans?

12 thoughts on “Business in the Front, Party in the Back

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  3. Yup. I like the mullet skirt too. I have a couple of skirts that are very slightly reverse mullets (longer in the front [party]; shorter in the back [business]) that I love. I enjoy the asymmetrical.

    And those are cute sandals. I’ve also had good luck with Camper sandals and shoes that are like sandals (you know, airy but still a shoe, to wear with bare feet).

  4. I’ve got nothing new to add but have to chime in anyway to say how awesome the mullet skirt is. Also, I’ve got a VERY similar pair of Ecco sandals in an online shopping bag as we speak. Obvy, we share excellent and discerning tastes.

    • Obvy. I highly recommend them so far — they’re rubbing a little bit in the toe-al region but that’s to be expected and, since they’re leather, that’ll work itself out. Seriously, I can’t get over how comfortable the rubber sole is — it’s like walking on a very firm pillow. Probably you should pull the trigger. And probably you should also post pictures shortly of them.

  5. I love that you called it a mullet skirt! Is that actually a thing, or just something that I chuckle to myself and because we’re like this (I’m doing that pointing thing that A-Dubs does), you thought of it too. That’s probably more likely. Anyway, I agree with Kelly’s assessment of this particular mullet item of clothing. I keep seeing dresses that I think are super cute, until I realize they’re sporting a big time mullet. A subtle mullet, like this, would be doable, but usually it’s more along the lines of 1980’s baseball players’ mullets (by the way, I pulled this ranking from this awesome photo gallery:

    These sandals are so cute! I’m a fan of Chacos for comfort myself, but they do look a little on the athletic side. Privos are cute and comfortable too.

    The only accessorizing I typically do in the summer is big earrings, to go with my hair pulled back because of the heat. It’s 95 and humid here, so I can’t imagine the kind of weather you must be getting. Except probably less humidity, right?

    • Ha! That gallery of mullets is a thing of beauty! I’m not positive I came up with this all on my own — but I’m willing to believe that you and I are like this on coining this term! I agree, that often the mullet is too long in the back — there’s a dress at Target that I really like in all ways except the extreme difference in hem length. One of the things that helps with this skirt is that the front hem isn’t super short.

      I’m going to keep an eye out for those sandal brands as, given my location, sandals are, more or less, year round footwear.

      I WISH there was less humidity. It’s actually not too too bad yet but by the end of the summer we’ll be up at 85% humidity. And I will subsequently want to die.

      • I think Sheila at Ephemera is the originator of “mullet skirt” (she has an awesome Smokin’ Lily one) but it’s not impossible that there are multiple origins.

    • Thanks! They definitely do fill the bright colored shaped hole left by my pencil skirts which feel far too fussy and formal for working in a coffee shop in the summer. These are nice and kicky! Hopefully these sandals will do the trick — they’ve got a rubber sole so they’re super comfortable so far!

  6. Mullet skirt! I like the subtlety of the mullet, as some of the more dramatic mullet skirts I’ve seen make the wearer look as though she is always going uphill. This is cutecutecute and strongly urges me to go to Target.

    Superb sandals, E-Jo! I’ve mucked through the shoe store trenches enough to know how hard it is to find stylish comfortable sandals that are neither sportif nor gerontological. Plus these are metallic, which is awesome. Brava!

    • “Always going uphill.” Ha! It is a relatively subtle difference in hem length which I also appreciate as it doesn’t feel so conspicuous.

      Sandal shopping is kind of a chore, isn’t it? I don’t really understand why there only seems to be the two extremes in terms of comfortable sandals — and I feel pretty certain that I’m too old for the ones that are totally flat with only a small leather string holding them to your feet, no matter how cute they might seem.

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