Party in the Front

As a companion piece to E-Jo’s Mullet Skirt, I give you: the Reverse Mullet Skirt.

(Wow.  It turns out I own two of these.)

Navy jersey reverse mullet with large black dots: from a Scandinavian shop in London during the summer sales

Brown-and-brown brogues: Fluevog (my first pair!)

Grey pin-striped linen skirt with awkwardly-placed pocket: Comrags

Blue suede shoes: Hobbs

This way, admirers can gaze longingly at the backs of my knees as I swan out of the room, which I do a lot.

Do you iron linen? I don’t.

10 thoughts on “Party in the Front

  1. Eames rocker, Fluevogs, and two awesome skirts all in one post? Too much awesomeness. I have to go do something lame to balance the universe. Maybe I’ll iron some linen.

  2. While I totally agree that ironing linen is a fool’s game, I follow AFtK in foolishing ironing away and embracing the pissiness thereafter. I am complex.

    In other news, I had no idea the reverse mullet skirt existed. And I love it. LOVE IT.

    Other things I love: your brogues (huzzah and holy crap!), that rocker, and janey_em typing “NOTHING” in all caps.

  3. Very fashion forward, in a backward forward way, of course. (Oy; hope that pomo confusion makes sense.) I will iron my rustic Belgian linen table runners, but my favourite linen dress I store twisted up and tied in a ball in my closet. Heaven.

  4. These skirts are awesome — as is your Eames rocker which I covet a serious amount. They look amazing with your brogues. Your fabulous, fabulous brogues.

    I also don’t iron anything. If an article of clothing requires ironing, I never wear it and then it gets donated after a single wear.

    • I coveted that rocker forever too and I totally saved up for it and waited for a sale. I’m sort of bummed that they make them out of plastic now, instead of fibreglass, but it still rocks (see what I did there?).

      I actually love ironing–I find it relaxing–but ironing linen is, to me, a fool’s errand. Brogues are my new favourite footwear. My ballet flats are jealous.

  5. D-Med, congratulations on joining Team Fluevog. It is, I find, a sad, sad weakness for me. But my deepest congratulations.

    Do I iron linen? I do. And then I get all pissy about how, 5 minutes after I put it on, it looks like I ironed squat. So it seems like you are just saving yourself the ironing and the being pissy.

    Personally, I avoid the mullet skirt and the reverse mullet skirt, for fear of looking like an elementary school teacher of mine who wore unintentional mullet skirts. But intentionality is everything….

    • I love my new Fluevogs! I bought them when I was in Toronto for a conference last month because there are no Fluevogs in my town and I wanted to try them on since I’ve heard size can vary via style. They weren’t on sale but I was having a crap day and totally impulse-bought them. I am a cliche. With a very large credit card bill.

      I decided long ago that linen is meant to be wrinkly and if I don’t like the look of wrinkled linen then I don’t like linen. And I *love* linen. Come over to the laissez-faire side of linen! It is cool here.

      • I try to limit my buying to what is on sale, but the Academic Gay Boyfriend has moved to a town with a Fluevogs (granted, from a town with them as well) and so I see more potential impulse buying in my future. My current goal is to have fewer, better shoes. But I should get rid of more of them as part of that goal, I think…..

        I am not sure I own any linen at the moment, but I am trying to embrace the wrinkly side of cotton more completely!

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